Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1111 - 1111: Origin Energy Skills

"The other possibility is also related to being able to use the origin energy. Do you remember the first time the sword was activated?" Xun asked Long Chen.

"When it absorbed the attack of Mingyu's father." Long Chen said.

"That's right. And I told you that time; the attack contained origin energy which was why the Sword of Time most probably absorbed it and even became a little less rusted."

"Also, in the battle against these two people last time, I believe they were from Immortal World too, so there is a high chance that their attack contained the Origin Energy as well. If that's the case, the few times the sword activated was all against Origin Energy attacks."

"If that's the case, the solution is simple. You need to fight people in the Immortal World where more Origin Energy exists to test it," Xun explained to Long Chen.

"So it's useless to test it here. We need to go back to Fengshu to test the theory about the worlds, and if we fail, we need to go to the Immortal World to test the second theory," Long Chen said, frowning. 

"That's right. But if you were to ask me, I would say that the second theory has the highest chance of being true. So you can try another trick. Make your girls reach a high Cultivation realm and make them learn the Origin Energy attacks. If you do that, you can have the cheat you were talking about," Xun said, telling him that there was an easy way out. 

"Didn't you say Mortals can't absorb Origin Energy? I don't understand that. How did the Emperor use the Origin Energy attack? As for the two guys, they might be from Immortal World, but they were still humans. How could they use Origin Energy attacks? Does this mean that humans can use the Origin Energy?" He asked Xun. 

"I don't lie. Humans actually can't cultivate with Origin Energy. But they can use the Origin Stones to help them use the Origin Energy. What they do is mix their Qi attacks with a bit of Origin Energy from the nature or from the Origin Energy stones that they wear on their bodies," Xun answered Long Chen. 

"Since Origin Energy is a superior energy, the humans have always been trying to learn the art of using it."

"Some high ranking worlds have even come up with some rare cultivation skills that let them use a small bit of origin energy of nature in attacks even though they can't absorb the energy in their body. It's like channeling the outside energy instead of using inner energy," she further explained. 

"So I need to find those skills for the girls to use this trick," Long Chen said. "Where can I find it?"

Zhiqing and Mingyu looked at each other, wondering who Long Chen was talking to. 

"Is he talking to a ghost?" Mingyu asked Zhiqing.

"I don't know, but I saw him doing this before as well," Zhiqing said, smiling wryly. "At the time, I thought it was because he was upset and his mind was making him see hallucinations, but now I believe that it's possible that he can see a ghost."

"I don't think you can find the Origin Energy skills here since this world doesn't have any Origin Energy. In high ranking worlds, these skills would be a bit too rare. In the Immortal World, these skills would be a bit more common so you can plan for yourself," Xun answered. "Other than that, I can't help you much with these since I don't have this skill either."

"I'll plan accordingly then. But I will find the skill," Long Chen said. "Who knows, maybe the Tomb of Saint King will have one such skill?"

He still wasn't aware that the girls were looking at him weirdly. 

As he finished all his questions and his curiosity was satisfied, he finally moved to leave. It was when he noticed Mingyu and Zhiqing staring weirdly at him. 

"What?" He asked, confused. 

"Can you talk to ghosts?" Mingyu asked Long Chen directly. Unlike Zhiqing, she wasn't going to take a roundabout way of asking. 

"I can see ghosts, that's right. I saw a few Spirits before, and I even killed one. What about it?" Long Chen asked. 

"Not like that. I mean, can you see a ghost now? Were you talking to one?" Mingyu asked, clarifying. 

"That way? No, I wasn't talking to the ghost. Actually, I should've told you all before. I was talking to my Treasure Spirit called Xun. You can't see or hear her. Only I can interact with her. She has been with me for a long time," Long Chen informed the lady as he stepped back on the Snake Monarch. 

"Treasure Spirit? Is she pretty?" Zhiqing asked suspiciously. 

"Don't tell me you have one more pretty thing around you," she asked jokingly.

"Hmph, of course, I'm pretty," Xun said, rolling her eyes, but no one could hear her other than Long Chen. 

"Not at all. She looks like a Seventy Year old grandma. Don't worry," Long Chen said as he subtly glanced at Xun, who puffed her cheeks at his reply.

"Little Snakey, let's leave. Time to break the barrier and get out of this place," Long Chen said to the Snake Monarch after the two ladies sat down as well. 

Xun kept scolding Long Chen throughout the way for calling her old, but he didn't listen to her as he focused more on the incoming battle as he stood tall with his Sword of Time. He was sure that he was going to be attacked if they left without permission. 

Last time he was weak, and he had to sneak inside, but this time, he was sure to leave openly and proudly since not a single person in this world was a threat to him anymore. 

The Snake Monarch soon reached the barrier where he saw the camps of the Guards. 

Seeing the giant beast coming towards them, the Guards sat on their flying beasts and flew up to stop Long Chen. 

Unfortunately, as they started flying, lightning bolts started falling on their heads, killing them. 

Dark Clouds had covered the surroundings. It was much faster this time since Long Chen had become more proficient in his Thunder Blade. 

This time, even Mingyu and Zhiqing didn't stay behind as they showed the growth in strength and cultivation that they had made throughout these months. 

Long Chen's training and skill sharing had also helped them make strong attacks. 

Even Snake Monarch chimed in with his powerful ability to freeze enemies in place. 

Instead of looking like a battle between a group and an army, it seemed like a group who was toying with others and making target practice.