Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 826 - 826: Deception

After Ji Shan agreed, it was decided that the two of them would go back to the Xie Clan.

Long Chen went to the neighboring room and decided to tell Ming Lan before he left with Ji Shan.


In a different part of the continent, two people were sitting under a tree near a pond.

One of them seemed like a young kid. Judging by his appearance, no one could have guessed that the person was not a kid but someone who was way older than even an adult.

The young-looking man had a necklace around his neck, which had a beautiful coin-like token. It was the same token of appreciation that Long Chen had used to gain entry into the Divine Heaven Sect. It was the missing token that the boy carried with himself everywhere he went.

There was another person sitting beside him who happened to be the same person that Long Chen had become friends within the Port City before he left for this continent—the Young Master of the Mu Clan.

The Mu Clan held a prominent position in the True Dao Sect that was the strongest righteous sect in that continent. And Mu Fan was the young heir of the clan that was given the responsibility of staying in the Port City.

Despite having such a powerful position in that continent, he still left with his master without asking a second question.

"Master, how long?" Mu Fan asked the young boy who was sitting near him.

"You're already tired? Continue. Don't stop until I tell you to," The Young boy replied as a faint smile covered his face.

"Hmm?" he suddenly started frowning. 

"Wait a minute. I'll be right back. It looks like an old friend is calling for me," the Young boy said as he stood up.

He waved his hand gently and disappeared.

He appeared in a different place.

There, he saw a young man who was wearing a broken mask that covered only half his face.

The young man was also carrying an old book in his hand.

"Why do you always carry the Book of Destiny? Keep it somewhere safe and enjoy the life," the Young Boy laughed as he gazed at the man.

"The day I finally die shall be the day this book separates from me. Till then, it's my responsibility to carry this burden," the man answered as he gazed at the book.

"You're still just as boring. Anyway, why did you call me here?" The young boy asked as he sighed.

"Something has changed. I don't know what exactly, but it's related to the boy. You're the closest to him, so I want you to solve it," the man told the boy.

"Solve what? What happened?" the boy asked in confusion.

He couldn't understand what the man was talking about, but the tone of the man-made it seems like something serious had happened.

"I don't know. The Book of Destiny isn't clear about it. Darkness is Manipulating light. The ones that couldn't be on the same side are together. Deception is filling this world, and the end is near," the man muttered as he closed his eyes.

"What? Deception? If it's about that boy, does this mean someone is manipulating him, or he's manipulating someone? I hadn't paid much attention to him since I was busy with something else, but it looks like I'll need to get involved," The Young boy let out as he sighed.

"As I said, I'm not sure, but whatever is happening is not in their destiny. You should go and make sure that nothing changes. It must be the way it is intended to be," the man told the boy. "You know we can't understand his destiny. This is only what I got about his surroundings."

"Don't worry. I know how to handle things," the young boy replied before he disappeared.

"You will owe me one for this."

Even though he disappeared, his voice still echoed in the atmosphere.

"The path of peace isn't for him, and the path of destruction is something we can't let him pursue. His death is also not possible at this time. It's so difficult," the man muttered as he sighed. 

He was the same person that had given Mingyu the destiny crystal when her life was in danger. The crystal was what brought Mingyu to Long Chen, which started this whole journey. Even the man himself didn't know that the crystal she gave Mingyu would make so many things happen.

He couldn't read the destiny of certain people, and Long Chen happened to be one of them. 


Long Chen and Ji Shan left the hotel and went back to the Xie clan on foot since Long Chen had already used his Spatial Portal two times already today.

They reached the clan and noticed that it was already surrounded by the guards that were in the uniforms of the Royal Clan.

"Interesting. They're pretty fast. I don't think anyone could've gotten a chance to escape. Not even twenty minutes have passed, and there are given thirty minutes to prepare," Long Chen muttered as he gazed at all the guards.

"I don't see the Princess. How can we accompany the guards without her help?" Ji Shan asked Long Chen.

"Sigh, I thought she would come here personally to see the destruction of the clan that had her imprisoned for so long. It looks like I was wrong," Long Chen replied as he smiled wryly.

" I can easily go inside before the army attacks, but I can't bring you with me. So it's tough to see what we can do now. Let's wait for them to enter. We'll sneak inside after them," he continued.

He wondered why the army still didn't enter the clan. It seemed like they were waiting for someone. 

"I think they are waiting," Ji Shan observed.

"I think the same, but what are they waiting for? For the Xie Clan members to run?" Long Chen muttered as he looked around, that's when he noticed a luxurious carriage coming towards them from a distance.

"The Carriage? I guess we don't have to worry. The symbols on the carriage are of the Royal Clan. Someone from the Royal Clan is coming. It must be the Princess with her family. This must be the reason that the army still hasn't attacked. They were waiting for them," he let out as he smiled.

The carriage stopped, and a young woman and a man stepped out of the carriage.

"Is the guy her brother?" Long Chen asked Ji Shan.

"Yes. He's the prince who was supposed to be engaged to my..." Ji Shan muttered, but he didn't finish.