Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1208 - 1208: Ghost Town Requirements

" Do you know anything more about your home? Like who actually destroyed it, and for what reason? Do you have any ideas? I mean, I don't think anyone would destroy it for no reason at all," Long Chen asked, frowning. 

"Ah, that. I don't know why. I just think they felt like it and did it. Or maybe they wanted something? Who knows, certainly not me. In any case, I guess they would have gotten what they wanted anyway. I didn't stay behind to see what they did later," the Snake Monarch answered.  ​​

"That's understandable. I think we should go to that place in the future too. After we're done with the things here, let's go and see your home," Long Chen suggested. 

"There's actually nothing there. I don't think it'll be beneficial to go there. It's not like those people will still be there. All you'll find is the remnant of destruction," Snake Monarch said, shaking his head. 

"But if you want to go, we can certainly do that," he further added. 

"I do. We also have many more places to visit, but all of that will have to wait until we take out the Northern Emperor," Long Chen let out. 

The Snake Monarch stayed silent for some time before he actually asked, "Do you think Ghost Town will be dangerous?"

"Dangerous? It certainly will be. But I'll be safe. Ghosts can't harm me because of my Bloodline. That's what I've learned so far. So that's the safest place for me. But yeah, it would certainly be hard for you, maybe even dangerous," Long Chen explained. 

" Meh, no ghost can possess me. I'll beat them black and blue before they come close," the Snake Monarch said, rolling his eyes.

"Don't worry; you won't be out at that time. I can't afford you being possessed by some spirit. You'll stay safe in the Ancient Ring. I'll be the only one going alone," Long Chen let out, reminding the Snake Monarch that it was a solo mission. 

" So I won't be out? That's unfair! I protest! I also want to be with you. I've never seen a Ghost Town. I can't miss this opportunity! Come on! I'll even protect you! You can't always send me back when things get hard!" The Snake Monarch said, frowning. 

" Alright. I have a condition for you. If you can break through to the Saint Realm before we get there, I'll let you stay with me. If you don't, you can't stay with me, you understand?" Long Chen asked, putting forth a condition. 

"Why this condition?" The Snake Monarch asked, not understanding. 

"It's because a person needs to be in the Saint Realm to go inside the Ghost Town. That's not my condition but an old requirement of the ghost town. It's said that anyone weaker than Saint Realm can't survive there," Long Chen replied. 

"That's why I can only bring you to the entrance and not take you inside unless you break through to the Saint Realm. So break through to Saint Realm before that, and you can come. How's that?" he asked.

"Hah, that's nothing! I'm going to achieve a breakthrough in a few days. I was already close to that!" the Snake Monarch said, scoffing. 

"You are?" Long Chen asked, surprised. He didn't know the Snake Monarch was so close. Even though Saint Realm cultivation was nothing in front of him now, he was still surprised. 

He didn't consider any of his beasts weak despite the fact that all of them had a weak cultivation. Only the Blood Dragon was someone who was comparable to him. 

As for the other beasts, they were of no use in battles because of their Mortal Realm cultivation. He already realized that it wasn't the fault of his beasts either. 

If he didn't have his bloodline and the cheat Sword of Time, he would have been just as weak if not weaker. For him, his beasts were just as important. 

"That's good news. Congrats in advance," Long Chen said, congratulating the Snake Monarch. 

"Hah, that's nothing. I will achieve even more breakthroughs in the future. So this is the least. I  just relaxed a little," the Snake Monarch answered. 

"Anyway, how long are we going to wait here for? I mean, who the heck bathes for so long?" he further asked, excited for leaving. 

Long Chen looked at the Snake Monarch, not commenting anything. He wasn't going to comment on his wives being as slow as turtles when it came to certain things. 

"They should be ready soon. I gave them half an hour of time. We still have ten minutes left," Long Chen said. 

"Half an hour? Someone can dig a whole pond in half an hour, let alone take a bath. Aish, whatever, since you're my right hand man, I'll ignore this," Snake Monarch said, sighing. 

"Thank you, I suppose?" Long Chen asked sarcastically. 

Another ten minutes passed before Long Chen actually stood up. 

"It should be time," he said as he teleported inside the cave and walked towards the pond. As for the Snake Monarch, he was left outside for the moment. 

As Long Chen reached the pond, he was able to see all the ladies that had finished getting dressed. 

"How was the effect?" Long Chen asked the women even though he could see the effect for himself. Not only did everyone look prettier, but they even looked younger. 

"It was amazing. Miraculous if I were to use the correct word. I still can't believe how effective it was. Your father is going to be really shocked when he sees me," Sima Ziyi said, chuckling. 

" Make sure to savor his surprise, in that case," Long Chen replied. "So, should I send you back?"

"Can we take the water from here?" Sima Ziyi asked. 

"You can't. Even if you took it, it would lose its effectiveness. In any case, it can only be used once in a person's lifetime. Even if you bathe here the next time, it won't have any effect. So it's useless," Long Chen explained. 

"Ah, that's disappointing," Sima Ziyi muttered, sighing. "Alright, send us back."

Long Chen sent his mother back. As for his wives, he spent a long time with them, taking a note of their progress. 

"Alright. I'll see you in my inner world soon.  Since I'm done with my stabilization, I can come more often now," he said before he sent the ladies back.

After he sent everyone back, he took a glance at the pond that still looked just as ordinary. He turned around and left. 

He appeared outside the cave and climbed on the Snake Monarch, who was ready to leave already.