Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1183 - 1183: Trapping A Dragon

"How could that be? A dragon that strong won't exist in this small kingdom. What kind of Dragon was it?" The Western General asked King Lu. 

"We were too far from it, but it seemed like a Blood-Red Dragon that breathed fire. And his fires swallowed Master Long," the King replied, sighing.

"Doesn't that sound like the Blood Dragon?" Western General asked his men as his frown deepened. 

"It does seem that way. But how can one exist here? Blood Dragons only exist in the Ruins of Dragons. Neither are we allowed to go in there, nor are they allowed to come out. Because it's as dangerous for us as it is for that. So how did this guy manage to come out?" The Dragon Squad member asked, curious. 

"I have no idea. But it seems like something big has happened in the Ruins of Dragons. Something should have changed," the Western General said as he frowned. "We need to check ourselves. If it's actually the work of his, then it could be true that the Southern General is dead."

"Shouldn't we inform His Majesty before approaching the Blood Dragon?" One of the Dragons asked. 

"We should but don't you think we need to see from our own eyes if it's actually a Blood Dragon or not? We must confirm that with our own eyes," the Western General said, shaking his head. 

"You! You're coming with us. Take us to that place!" He told the King as he brought out the Dragon he was riding on. 

"More Dragons?" King Lu exclaimed in shock. 

"Dragons aren't that rare. Only the Royal Dragons that are comparable to Heavenly Warriors are the ones that you can never see in Immortal World. As for these half-blood Dragons, you'll find a lot of them in the Immortal World. It looks like your world view is too small if you're shocked from just that," the Western General said as he pulled King Lu on top of the Dragon. 

"That red dragon is also normal then?" King Lu asked.

"Nah. They are different. They are like the Royalty of Immortal World, but when compared to the universe, they are not even close to the Royal Dragons. Still, they're thousands of times better than these half-bloods since they are real Dragons," the Western General responded. 

"Now enough nonsense and get me to that place," he said as he got serious. 

"Straight in that direction," King Lu said, pointing in a certain direction. 

The Entire Dragon Squad started moving towards the Nightmare Cliff. 


Long Chen was advancing towards the Blood Dragon when he saw the massive wave of fire coming towards him. 

Surprised, he decided to send the Snake Monarch back to keep him safe since Snake Monarch was weaker than him and without treasures. Long Chen at least had things that could protect him.

As he sent the Snake Monarch back, the flames caught him. But that's also when the pendant in his neck started shining bright. His entire skin was covered in what seemed like a mysterious light which protected him from the Flames. 

The pendant was something he had received in the storage ring of the Saint King. It was one of his high ranking treasures. Long Chen went through the Tribulations without any protected treasures. But as soon as he passed them, he started using as many defensive treasures as he could. 

The pendant was one of them and became useful only now as it protected him against the blood red flames. 

Even though Long Chen believed that the pendant could keep him safe against the flame, he still didn't test the limit as he teleported behind the Blood Dragon. 

In the distance, the ones who had accompanied him thought that he was killed by flames as they didn't see him after the flames disappeared. 

They hastily left in fear, not knowing that the only reason they couldn't see Long Chen was because he was flying behind the Blood Dragon.

The King and the others ran away, not noticing that the Dragon had turned back instead of coming after him. His focus was still on Long Chen. 

Turning around, the Blood Dragon again shot the flames.

"Sorry little guy, but I don't have any baggage anymore. You can literally forget about hitting me now," Long Chen said calmly as he once again teleported,  appearing behind the Dragon.

The Dragon mightily roared as if he was getting upset that Long Chen was playing with him.

"I think if there's anything that can help you against the Blood Dragon is your Law of Space. Throughout the years, not many people had managed to face the Blood Dragons. Only the ones who managed were the rare few that knew a Supreme Law," Xun told Long Chen. 

"And the Law of Space is particularly useful against the Blood Dragons. But be careful, don't dodge too much. If you annoyed it too much, it'd enter into Blood Rage. That won't be good for you," she further said, warning him.

Long Chen again teleported behind the Dragon as he finally pulled out the King's sword from its sheath as he asked, "What's the Blood Rage thing?"

As soon as the King's Sword was taken out, Long Chen was surprised. This sword... He really felt like it was different now. It was very different from before. The aura of the Sword seemed to be as sharp as it could possibly be.

In fact, the sharp aura of the Sword even cut his skin slightly even though it wasn't attacking him. 

"Think of that as the Battle Form of the Blood Dragons. They only use that when they are faced with the strongest of the enemies," Xun told Long Chen, still talking about the Blood Dragon. 

"Don't worry. I'll try to finish it fast!" Long Chen said as he raised the Saint Sword in the sky. 

"Sword Cage!" Long Chen roared as he slashed down with the sword. No attack came from the sword. 

It seemed like Long Chen had made a normal slash, but if one was to look in the sky, thousands of bright white swords had appeared in the sky that had caged the Blood Dragon inside, keeping it in place. 

"Ah, Long Chen... I don't think that comes under the category of not annoying him!" Xun told Long Chen, concern. 

"Don't worry. I know what I'm doing," Long Chen let out, smirking. 

The Blood Dragon was trapped in a cage made of thousands of Swords. And the cage was so small that the more this Dragon tried to move, the more he found himself slashed because of the Cage. 

The Dragon roared even louder.