Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 926 - 926: Fighting The Princess

While Long Chen answered Xun, the Qiandi Princess brought out her sword from her storage ring.

"You shouldn't be distracted when you're about to die," the Qiandi Princess let out as she gripped her sword firmly.

"I'm about to die? Not in your hands, at least. I'll not even allow death to kill me without my permission," Long Chen answered softly. 

He didn't know what weight his words held and if the future was going to allow him to keep his words. He didn't even know if he could even keep them, but he wasn't going to let his confidence drop because he didn't have faith in himself. Faith was the last thing he was ever going to lack. He was confident that this girl wasn't going to defeat him, at least.

"Bring out your sword. I don't want the world to say that I bullied an empty-handed man with my sword," The girl told Long Chen.

"Oh? So you aren't going to attack me if I don't bring out my sword. Awesome. You can take your leave then," Long Chen grinned mockingly as he turned back and walked over to the bed. He sat down on the bed with one of his feet above the other.

"You bastard! You dare mock me?" The girl raged as she flew towards Long Chen. She also hackled her sword towards his neck. As the room was not big, it didn't even take her a second to reach Long Chen; however, her sword only passed through empty air as Long Chen disappeared at the end moment. 

The girl's eyes opened wide in shock as she saw him disappear. He was certain that he didn't use any movement. It was impossible to use any movement that fast when he was sitting comfortably. It was certain that he disappeared, but how could he disappear like that?

"Surprise? There's more," Long Chen's voice fell in her ears. Before she could even react to the voice, a hand grabbed her by the back and pushed her down.

The girl was smashed on the ground. Her back hit the ground, creating a crater on the ground.


A cough came out of the girl's lips with blood as she was smashed on the ground.

"I'm not sure, but I feel like you're underestimating me a lot. See? It's the second time you're lying on the ground when you intended to have me in your position. I can only imagine how embarrassing it would be for you, but it's fun for me. I should feel bad, but I don't," Long Chen let out as he grinned while looking deep in the eyes of the girl. 


The girl's face was red, but it was unclear if it was because she was embarrassed after hearing Long Chen's words or if she was angry.

"Me what?" Long Chen asked mockingly. He was surprised that the girl was simply lying on the ground now and wasn't resisting.

Could it be because her sword had fallen off her hand after she was smashed on the ground? Her hand had no weapon now. Did she really give up after that? He thought.

'No. This can't be that simple. She couldn't have attacked us like that,' Long Chen thought as he sensed danger. He again used short-range Teleportation to appear in another corner of the room.

As he appeared there, he saw a sword pass through where he was standing previously.  The sword was flying on its own.

"A Spirit Sword?" Long Chen thought as he frowned. It was just like his Spirit Sword, which had a spirit and could attack on its own. So the girl also had the sword? Is that why she was lying peacefully? To distract him?

The girl stood up while her sword circled around her. She rubbed her neck gently where Long Chen had grabbed her previously. 

'This room is too small. I can't use most of my martial skills here. He, on the other hand, seems like a much better fighter in short range. He even knows about the Spirit Sword. His battle intent and sense of danger are really good as well," the girl thought as she gazed at Long Chen silently.

"Fine... I did want to use my Spirit Sword against you, but as I can't use other skills here, I will have to be a little unfair," The girl told Long Chen as she frowned.

Long Chen rubbed his forehead in frustration. "Fine. Try that as well."

The girl waves her finger. The Spirit Sword zoomed off towards Long Chen like a bullet; however, Long Chen once again disappeared before the sword could get to him. 

The girl had seen his tactics, so she knew it would happen. As she didn't need to control her spirit sword, she could keep her attention elsewhere. She was just waiting to see where Long Chen would appear; however, Long Chen didn't appear.

She looked around, growing increasingly confused as to what was happening. Where was Long Chen? Was he hiding in the room? Could he actually conceal his aura and disappear?

She spread out her Spiritual Sense to see her surroundings, but she couldn't find anything. She remained alert since she thought that Long Chen was hiding nearby. The Spiritual Sword returned to her and started circling around her. 

She didn't know that the Long Chen she was searching for wasn't in the room either.

Long Chen had Teleported outside the room. He had also activated the Heaven's Shroud to hide his aura. That was why the girl couldn't sense him, who was standing outside the room despite her Spiritual Sense covering more than the room itself. 

Long Chen started walking away as he covered his face with the Mask of Mischief. His body started growing and became bigger. His face also changed to become the face of the Royal Guard he was impersonating. 

'No one knows that I can change faces and my body shape. The girl only saw me in my real face. Even if she informed the Emperor, they would look for me with my real face. Honestly, why would I be walking with my real face if I could impersonate anyone? This should be something that prevents them from finding me in this form,' Long Chen thought as he walked away.

'Still, I need to find the Tricion Prince and make sure that I succeed,' he thought.

Soon, he reached the corner where he had almost clashed with the girl. He walked past that place and left.

The Qiandi Princess, on the other hand, remained in the room, waiting for the attack, wondering where it would come from.