Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1173 - 1173: Alchemy

Everyone took their seats, even the Clan Members that had come here to take part in the event.

As for Ji Shan and Gu Lin, Long Chen got two seats arranged for them right behind him so that he could be close to them and talk to them when needed. 

As for the Snake Monarch, he was resting on Long Chen's shoulder like a scarf. He was keeping his promise and not saying anything.

"Great Senior, did Gu Wang tell you about today's event and what happens?" The King asked Long Chen. 

"He told me some vague things like it's for the distribution of resources and that there are many kinds of competition between young and old. Also, that you decide what those events are going to be," Long Chen replied casually. 

"Well, that's the gist of it," the King answered. 

"There are two tiers in this competition. First is where the youngsters who are younger than twenty-five take part. Second where the slightly older generation competes. And third where the Clan Masters compete," The King further explained. 

"As you already may have guessed, the first tier is for smaller resources like the right to do business in parts of the Kingdom. The Second Tier is slightly important as it decides who gets which pieces of land like forests, ponds, and more."

"And the third tier is the most important one as it is what decides who can take access to the gold mines, the Herb Mountain, and other places."

The King didn't take long to explain. 

"I understand that. You can start the first tier then," Long Chen replied. He was excited to see the skills of the youngsters of the Immortal World. 

"I want to give this opportunity to you. Please decide on what they'll compete on," The King told Long Chen, fawning.

The one sentence had stunned all Clan Masters, even Gu Wang. 

The other Clan Masters thought that Long Chen was certainly going to select something like Poison Making, which Gu Clan was a master of. They believed Long Chen already knew that, and he was going to help Gu Clan. They had already lost hopes of winning the first round. 

On the other hand, even Gu Wang was shocked. He couldn't believe that Long Chen had this opportunity. 

If he knew this was going to happen, he would have told Long Chen in advance what Gu Clan was good at so he could select those. He was turning green in regret that he had lost such a great opportunity. 

In the meanwhile, Long Chen seemed pleased at this opportunity. He had decided to test everyone on something he was really interested in. 

"I want the first test to be on Alchemy and pill concoction," Long Chen explained. 

Hearing that, one of the Clan Masters excitedly stood up. "That's perfect!"

Gu Wang looked at the man who was the Patriarch of the Du Clan. His clan was great at alchemy. 

Gu Wang couldn't help but sigh. 

'Even though it's not Poison Making, Lin'er should be able to do good. She's good at alchemy too. It's not perfect but better than it could have been,' Gu Wang thought as he nodded. 

As for the clans that socialized in other fields, they were also upset. But they were glad too. It seemed like Long Chen didn't cheat to give an advantage to the Gu Clan. 

The King glared at the Clan Master that had stood up, making him sit down before he looked at Long Chen. 

"Alchemy it will be. The first trial is Alchemy. Everyone, get your cauldrons ready. In my storage ring, I have the herbs needed to make Beast Diversion Pills.  Whoever can make that pill faster with the highest purity will win," the King declared as he flicked his hand. 

Hundreds of different herbs appeared in front of him. 

"These are herbs that are enough for twenty-four people. So each clan can send two participants who will concoct separately. 

"Lin, Ren, you two will go from Gu Clan," Gu Wang declared without taking long to think. Even though he sent two people, the only one he had hopes for was Gu Lin. As for Gu Wang, he was a better artificer, but when it came to alchemy, he wasn't as good as Gu Lin. 

The others also sent two members each.

Instead of focusing on the participants, Long Chen was focusing on the herms. Every single Herb that was placed before him was impossible to find back home. Each of them seemed like a treasure, and here they were being used so commonly.


'Xun, what's the Beast Diversion Pill, though? My alchemy knowledge is limited to the knowledge of Mortal World. So I have no idea. I can't ask others too since I'm pretending to be a great master.' Long Chen told Xun in his thoughts. 

"They're nothing special. As the name suggests, they're used to distract strong beasts. Imagine you're being chased by powerful beasts who are much much stronger than you. You simply throw these pills at them."

"The Pill will attract them. They'll be busy eating them, and they'll stop chasing. That's why these pills are used mostly by beast tamers," Xun explained. 

'Ah, so that's what it was,' Long Chen thought. 

"Are you a beast tamer and an Alchemist? You're carrying the herbs of Beast Diversion Pill?" Long Chen asked the King, amused. He couldn't help but wonder why the King would have so many in his ring. 

"That's right. I'm also an Alchemist, but I'm not a beast tamer. My daughter is a beast tamer. I was going to make these for her, but if they're used in tests, it's not bad either," the King said, pointing towards his chubby daughter. 

"By the way, my daughter is still single. Do you want to get to know her?" He further asked, wondering if there was any hope for an established relationship. 

"Not interested," Long Chen straight away refused, understanding his intentions.

The King didn't brood over it. He could force anyone in the Kingdom except Long Chen.

He shifted his attention to the participants. 

There were twenty-four of them who were standing at some distance from the King. All of them had brought their cauldrons. That had also taken the herbs, and now they were prepared. 

"All of you will have only thirty minutes to concoct the pill. No extra minute will be given, so use your time to the best. You understand?" The King asked. 

"Yes, Your Majesty!" The participants replied.

The King glanced at Long Chen as he said, "You can start the competition any time you want."

"No need for delay. You can all begin!" Long Chen directly said to the participants.