Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 920 - 920: They're Coming

"Which other Empires are coming? And when will they be here?" Long Chen inquired. 

"How should I know when they will come. It's on them when they come. All I know is that they haven't come yet," Bing Lui answer Long Chen.

"As for the others, I believe the Tricion Empire will most probably send their Prince as well. It will either be a Prince from there or someone else, but more likely, it would be the Tricion Empire now that the Esteria Prince has disappeared. If Esteria Prince had not run away, I would be certain that he would have been sent since he was somewhat more talented," she continued.

'That should be Mingyu's brother. How can he even come? He is already long dead,' Long Chen thought as he heard her words.

The person who had a hand in his death, according to Mingyu, was none other than Tricion Prince. If he is coming here as well, it would be a good thing. He can get two preys with one stone.

'If he comes and he is the same person, it would be amazing. I can kill him and satiate the flames of revenge that are inside Mingyu since he is her brother's killer. As for what happens next, I can take his place and go to his world. It would be two birds in one arrow. I would be able to delay using my blood to advance my Space Law to get more advantage later,' he thought as a plan hatched in his head.

"The third person that's going to come is the one who most probably will take the first position. As for his identity, he-" the girl continued answering Long Chen, but as she was about to name the third person, the red-haired man stopped her. 

"Why do you even bother telling him, Sister Lui. It's not like he knows anyone from that place. He is just a guard here. Don't waste your breath on him," the red-haired man let out as he rolled his eyes.

In his eyes, her friend was just wasting her time to describe to a guard about things he possibly couldn't understand.

"You're right. I didn't think like that. I shouldn't wait my time telling him. He should be the one telling us about things. He's our escort here, not us!" The blue-haired girl let out as she agreed with the red-haired guy.

Long Chen gazed at them but didn't argue back. He had already received more helpful information than he possibly could have expected to receive. His target was coming here... This information was already worth more than he could have hoped to receive.

The girl stopped talking to him any longer, but that didn't matter. Now he knew that he didn't need to be in a hurry. He could simply wait for the right time. As for finding the portal, he could just follow the lead of other guys when leaving after he switched places. 

"You, stop asking me questions and start answering mine. It's been so long. We have seen most of the city already, but I didn't find the guy. At Least show me some other place where I can find more hot guys. Maybe I'll find one like him," the girl told Long Chen. 

"We are already getting late. I don't think we will find anyone. It's already dark. We should go back instead. I'll show you around tomorrow," Long Chen pointed out.

Since he had already received his answer, he didn't need to put up with them anymore. He could put this mission at an end. And it was night already. He wasn't lying about that. The streets started to look empty already as more and more people were going back to their houses now.

Even though his suggestion at such a time irritated the girl but the others supported this.

"He is right, Lui. We should go and rest. Tomorrow more teams will come. We should take proper rest so we can train properly tomorrow," the red-haired girl acknowledged.

The dark-haired guy and their guardian also seconded this opinion.

With no other choice, the girl also agreed. The people started going back to the Palace. 

Long Chen took them back to the Palace where he separated from them.

They happened to be the last ones to come back amongst the group that had left the palace. The girl and the others were collected by the maids whose responsibility it was to take them to their rooms.

Long Chen was left behind, not knowing where he could go. He didn't know where the room of the person he impersonated was inside the Palace, but he couldn't ask anyone. He decided to stay up all night and act as if he was guarding the palace out of the good of his heart instead of finding the room.

That was his plan, at least, which didn't come to fruition since someone who recognized him seemed to have found him.

"Hey, what are you doing here? Don't you want to sleep?" A middle-aged man asked Long Chen.

Long Chen could read his thoughts and realized that the man was none other than his supposed roommate. They lived in the same room. He was also assigned to escort one of the teams; however, he had returned faster.

"Where were you? How come you aren't back in the room yet? I thought you came back faster," Long Chen asked in return.

"Oh, it's nothing. I was just getting bored, so I came out to take a walk. I was just going back."

Long Chen nodded his head as he also gave an excuse. "I just came back with the team of Lightning World. I was coming back to my room. Let's go together."

Even though he talked about going together, he walked one step back since he didn't know where the room actually was.

With the man's help, he managed to reach the room.

It was a big room that had two beds for the two of them. 

Long Chen waited for the man to go to his bed first before he walked over to the other bed. He sat on the bed. 

The other man fell asleep while Long Chen remained awake, only pretending to sleep.

He didn't sleep the entire night; instead, he started Cultivating to not waste time. Even though he was sure that no one knew his real identity, he still couldn't sleep in peace inside the enemy's home.

The night passed away in Cultivation. He only stopped his Cultivation when he saw the other man waking up in the morning.