Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 911 - 911: Childish

The Emperor of Esteria allowed the Beastkins to come to his world. He not only allowed them to come, but he also gave them a faraway continent to populate. He didn't care about the citizens of that continent.

The Beastkins created their home in this new continent and started ruling that place. They used the humans of that continent as slaves, which they ruled over. The Esteria Emperor didn't care about this and let them do as they pleased.

Their rule lasted for a long time until the appearance of the Saint King, who not only defeated them but even Defeated the Emperor of Esteria.

They were once again forced to leave the world. That's when they found the world, which they started calling the Beast World. 

Thus, the Beast World had the original enmity with the Lightning World, which they had to live with since they couldn't openly wage war. There had been many short arguments and battles between the two after that but never a full-on war like the first time.

As the new generation was taught the history, they inherited this enmity as well.

"You can't wait for the ranking battles before looking for death, can you?" The Tiger-clawed girl asked as she stopped to look at the red-haired man.

The female companion of the red-haired man from the Lightning World tried to suppress her giggling, but ended up bursting into loud laughter as she heard the threat. The girl had blue hair and crystal clear eyes. Her blue dress made her seem like a princess from the Lightning World. 

"Hahaha, you guys have too much attitude for someone who was tossed out of their home twice with their tails between their mouth," she said in a mocking tone.

"You bitch! Let me show you my attitude!" The tiger-clawed woman roared in anger as she ran towards the blue-haired girl. 

"Sure! It's not like I'm scared!" The Blue-haired girl's smile completely enveloped her face as she ran towards the tiger-clawed woman to match her attack.


A middle-aged man appeared in front of the Tiger Clawed woman, stopping her. The man was none other than the person that had come with the Beastkin Youngsters from the Beast World as their guardian 

Similarly, the Guardian of Lightning World team appeared before the blue-haired girl, stopping her as well. 

"We are guests here. Don't create disturbance here. It's not our job," both of these men said the same thing to stop the battle.

"You will have your chance to show your prowess soon. Don't create trouble now. We don't need to be blamed for any mishap that would happen to their team. It must prevent us from taking part in the rankings. Be sensible..." The middle-aged man with pointed ears told the tiger-clawed woman.

"Yes, Master." The woman nodded her head as she clenched her fist.

The man from the lightning world also told her to be careful.

"Hehehe, sorry," the blue-haired girl pulled out her tongue as she apologized to her guardian.

The other teams were also there, but they only laughed at the commotion which was being created by these two teams.

"Hmph, kids."

"They are only destroying their own reputation. I can't believe these immature kids are going to be our opponents in the rankings. However bad we do, we definitely aren't going to perform any worse than these people in the rankings that I'm sure of."

"These jokers were never our opponents. Our opponents are the Half Demons and the people from the three great worlds. These jokers are only the cannon fodder."

The Beastkins grew even more angry as they heard the mocking, which was even worse. These guys were comparing them to trash who had no right being here.

If the Beastkins weren't stopped by their guardian, they seriously would have attacked these people with the intent to kill in rage. But they could only glare at them in anger for now. 

"Forget them for now. Only strength isn't important for a beast warrior. Patience and self-control are crucial too. What better opportunity to show it than it is now," the middle-aged man with pointed ears told the young beastkins who looked eager to fight to shut the mouth of the youngsters.


The teams that were here to participate in the rankings were openly arguing in the middle of the streets for the whole city to watch. They didn't care for anything as these people were nothing more than ants for them that they didn't care about.

The guides from the Empire were also standing behind them, but they didn't intervene in the argument of the guests. They were only supposed to intervene if the problem was created by their citizens.

The back and forth between the teams continued, unaware of the fact that there was someone in the distance who was watching them with great interest.

A middle-aged man was standing in a distant corner, watching the people argue in the middle of the streets.

"Pair of three Youngsters... If I'm not wrong, these must be the people who are here to take part in the rankings. Those must be the Beastkins that I read about... It's a good opportunity to study them so I can impersonate them better in the future. It's lucky that these idiots are giving me the content of my own," the middle-aged man mumbled under his breath.

The man had an old-looking ring in his hand, which was the same ring that Long Chen had been wearing. It was all because the man was none other than Long Chen, who had changed his looks to a middle-aged man to hide better in the crowd.

He was waiting near the Empire itself to make sure that he would know when the people from the other worlds arrived.

His wait didn't turn out to be a wasted effort since he was able to see the people. He had been hoping that they would leave the Royal Palace instead of staying inside. If they hadn't left today, he might have had to sneak inside the Royal Palace to see them himself.

The conflict between the various groups was soon solved as they all continued ahead.

"It would be tough. I don't believe they'll leave the side of their guardian, but that doesn't matter since I don't wish to kill them. I just need the whole empire to know who they are today. Keep doing as you are. Let them see you. Let them recognize you, so I can use your face..." Long Chen muttered as a subtle smirk formed on his face.