Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1009 - 1009: New Skill

Long Chen looked around in confusion. This time it was different. Was he wrong? But he had heard the noise. Who could it be then? Wondering, he started looking around. 

As he was searching, he heard the noise again, but it was coming from the guest room this time. He walked to the guest room. The room was already opened a bit. 

'That guy must be inside,' he thought as he slowly pushed the gate more to make enough space for him to enter. 

Stepping inside, Long Chen saw the face of the person who was inside the room. 

It was a man who was none other than the previous thief. His assumption was correct. 

The thief had also seen Long Chen by now. 

"God, it's you again. Why are you here this time?" Long Chen asked. "Let me guess. Things are different this time. You're here to rob instead of killing me this time."

He had already understood a few things now. There was just no escaping it in my last life. Even if he hadn't been killed by the thief right away and had managed to stop him, this guy would have come to kill him for revenge. 

On the other hand, if he hadn't stopped the thief, this guy would still coincidentally come to his house to steal tonight. 

The noise would have woken Long Chen up in the previous life as well. He would have seen the thief and would have tried stopping him, resulting in his death. 

In any case, he wouldn't have survived in his last life since it was in his destiny to die and transmigrate to another body. 

The destiny was pretty amazing that even Long Chen wondered how intricate this thing was. The destiny was really after him here.

"Too bad for you, but I'm not dying today. The years of training and Cultivation has given me some knowledge. I'll have to be a real idiot to be killed by a thief this time," Long Chen mumbled under his breath as he cracked his knuckles while walking towards the thief. 

The battle didn't even last for a minute as the thief found himself lying on the ground, unconscious. 

Not intending to ask any questions, Long Chen called the police right away who took the thief. Since he didn't need to stay up with this man until the morning, he could finally take some good sleep. 


Leaving the house after getting dressed, Long Chen noticed that the run was still high in the sky. Fortunately, he had left half an hour later than he did last time. 

Even if the hammer was to fall, it couldn't fall on his head. Still, he remained alert as he walked closer to that building. 

Reaching near the building, he saw a big crowd. A person dressed in a suit could be seen apologizing to the crowd and saying that it was an accident. A hammer was lying nearby. 

"You should be more careful! Do you know how risky it was? If it had hit someone, it might have taken a life! Is this how you work?"

Some people scolded the man.

'If? It literally did. And I must say, it's not a good feeling to die that death,' Long Chen thought as he smiled wryly while walking past the crowd.

He stayed alert as he traveled the rest of the path, not letting Destiny control him more. 

He was sure that he would survive as long as he was careful. 

Reaching the house of Lin, he greeted her before he left with her towards the amusement part where their first date was going to be.

They stepped inside the park and stepped inside the first ride, which was the most popular in this place. 

Unfortunately, the ride didn't even start before a bomb blew up, killing them all. 


"Ahhhhhhh! Seriously! What the f*ck is wrong with this place! What is with this destiny! F*uck you! F*ck you all! You gotta be kidding me! A terrorist attack? To kill me, you used a freaking attack! Ahhh! I want to kill you, destiny! Just come in my hand once! I'll show you what death really means!"

Waking up in the same corridor again, Long Chen felt like he had lost his mind in rage. He was so irritated that he couldn't even control himself. It was a madhouse. Why was this whole world after his death?

The students once again looked at Long Chen like he was mad, but Long Chen ignored them. This time, he even left Hu Lia, ignoring him as he left the place alone. 

"Destiny is ruthless. It's freaking annoying! It makes me helpless! Is this what destiny is? Something that no one can change, no matter how hard we try? Was I always wrong about Destiny?" Long Chen thought as he blankly walked back home.

It was as if he was understanding something. No matter how much he tried to resist destiny, there was just no way. This thing was brutal. 

"Destiny is not physical, but it's everywhere. It's not imaginary, but it's nowhere. That's why it can't be controlled. It exists, but it doesn't. No amount of strength can resist something like this," he muttered as he sat down on the side of the street, feeling like his comprehension about Destiny was finally taking place. A small amount of knowledge was filling his head. 

Even though he wasn't entirely right about destiny, it was enough for him to form his law seed. 

The law of destiny seed started taking shape inside his real body while this world starts becoming illusory. 

Soon, everything turned dark. 

Long Chen opened his eyes slowly, noticing Zhiqing sitting in the distance. 

Xia was still standing. 

He gazed inside his Martial space only to see a semi-transparent law seed there. It was the Law of Destiny. 

He had finally gained it. 

"You did it. Congrats," Xun was the first person to compliment him. 

"Zhiqing, are you sleeping?" Long Chen asked Zhiqing, who was sleeping in the distance with her eyes closed. 

"Huh?" Zhiqing suddenly opened her eyes as she heard a familiar voice. "You're up?"

"How long has it been?" Long Chen inquired. 

"Three months," Zhiqing answered.

"It felt like only a few days had passed but three months here. At Least it's not as long as it could have been," Long Chen muttered as he nodded. 

"Did you succeed?" Zhiqing asked him, curious.

"Yeah. I got a new skill as well. Apparently, I can see the future now," Long Chen told her as he smiled wryly.

"You can? Wow. Tell me my future then," Zhiqing insisted.