Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1276 - 1276: I Was Their God

"Nope. We're not getting your body. That's final. If we need to wait for the morning, we'll do that. But only after returning shall we go to your body," Long Chen refused, not falling for his trick. 

"Did I mention how stubborn you are?"  Blood Dragon Emperor asked, frowning.

"Only like a hundred times," Long Chen rolled his eyes. 

"Well, it's really true. You are too stubborn. Sigh, I never expected that one day I'd have to plead to a human to help me. It's all because of that bastard who trapped me in that statue. If only he hadn't done it, I wouldn't see this day today," Blood Dragon Emperor sighed. 

"But at all. The problem was that you targeted my friend. If only you had selected another person, we wouldn't have this problem today. It's all because you targeted the wrong person,' Long Chen retorted. 

"I mean, there are billions of people in this city. You could have literally chosen anyone else, and you wouldn't end up in this situation," he continued, shaking his head. "You can't blame anyone but yourself for what happened."

"It's because you talked about taming me! As soon as I came out of the palace, I heard you talk about this. That's why I came after you. How would I have known that you were a half-blood?" Blood Dragon Emperor fired back.

"At least I can have solace in the thought that you are not really a human but a half-blood. I'm not really stuck with those pesky humans," he continued. "So, what's your side? Are you half demon or half god?"

"I don't think I'm half of anyone," Long Chen answered. "I'm a hundred percent human."

"Nope. If you were a human, I wouldn't have had such a hard time possessing you with the strength you had. That's not possible. You're certainly something more," Blood Dragon Emperor retorted. 

"Tell me the truth. I did have a fairly decent relationship with both sides, so you don't have to worry about anything. Just tell me who you are?" he asked. 

"You know something? You talk too much," Long Chen let out lazily. "Anyway, follow after me. Stay close to me if you don't want to suffer."

"Where are you going now?" Blood Dragon Emperor asked. 

"To find a place to stay. We can't stay here, can we? There is a hut nearby. It should be empty, I believe, unless that guy is still staying there," Long Chen explained as he continued flying. 

Blood Dragon Emperor flew behind Long Chen, still in Snake Monarch's body. 

The two of them soon reached what seemed like an ordinary worn-out hut. 

Pushing the door open, Long Chen stepped inside. 

"No one is here. It seems like he really left, didn't he?" Long Chen commented. He picked up a chair and sat down.

"What place is this? You stay here?" Blood Dragon Emperor asked. 

"I don't, but someone I know stays here. I met him only recently. He's a pretty strong person, actually. I was thinking that I would be able to meet him if he's here," Long Chen explained. "Since he's not here, let's just spend the night here."

"Since we have nothing to do tonight, I can also try something that I wanted to do."

"What is it?" Blood Dragon Emperor asked. 

"Interrogating someone," Long Chen replied. 

"Are you talking about me?" Blood Dragon Emperor, frowning. 

"Not at all. I'm talking about someone else who might also know about a world traveling stone. Who knows, things might be easier than expected," Long Chen replied. 

"Since you lived for so long, you should probably know more about this world. You can decipher what that guy is saying," he continued. 

As the Blood Dragon Emperor wondered who Long Chen was talking about, Long Chen brought a statue out of his storage ring. 

"Ah, this statue. I remember it. I used to own it. How did you get it?" Blood Dragon Emperor asked, surprised. He recognized the statue.

"Hmm? You had it too?" Long Chen asked. 

"What do you mean I had it too? It is the same that I had. Did you take it from my palace?" Blood Dragon Emperor asked.

"I didn't take it from your Palace. I took it from the Palace where your body is buried. I think the Northern Emperor gifted this to his family. Which was why it was there."

"Who is this Northern Emperor? Is he the current ruler of the Immortal World?" Blood Dragon Emperor asked, confused. 

"Not exactly. He only rules a fraction of the Immortal World. There are now four Emperors, all ruling an equal part of Immortal Would," Long Chen explained. 

"The Northern Emperor rules the Northern side; Western Emperor rules the Western Side, and the Southern Emperor rules the southern side. And similarly, Eastern Emperor rules the Eastern side," he added.

"So there are four Emperors now? Strange..." Blood Dragon Emperor muttered, shaking his head.

"Actually they only had one Emperor until the last generation, but the Last Emperor thought that it was better for people if there were four Emperors. Each Emperor had less area to cover, and thus, they could take care of their citizens more. But it backfired on him," Long Chen explained, getting up. 

He walked to the cupboard and brought a Wine bottle out. 

"What backfire?" Blood Dragon Emperor asked.

"The Four Emperors ultimately betrayed the Last Emperor. They not only killed his family but even mortally wounded him. The Last Emperor died," Long Chen said. 

"Huh. That's not surprising actually. It's in the blood of humans to betray and backstab. They even backstabbed me once, and now they are backstabbing their own. It doesn't change," Blood Dragon Emperor said casually. 

"Do you really not think there's a difference? They had to scheme against you because you were evil. You treated everyone like a slave! Of course, they got fed up with it."

"It was different with Saint Emperor. He was nice to all, but he still got betrayed. As far as I can see, he didn't deserve it at all," Long Chen said, sighing. 

"And I deserved it?" Blood Dragon Emperor asked, upset. 

"Well, from the stories I heard, you kinda did," Long Chen let out, rolling his eyes. 

"You! The stories are wrong! I never treated them like slaves! I treated them as they deserved to be treated," Blood Dragon Emperor declared. 

"And how did they deserve to be treated?" Long Chen asked, gazing at the Blood Dragon Emperor. 

"Well, I was their God.. They got happiness in serving me, and I let them experience that happiness and allowed them to serve me," Blood Dragon Emperor replied.