Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1179 - 1179: Best In Top

"Come on! You know sitting for hours makes me tired and bored. Don't be so stiff. We'll go down in the next Kingdom and relax a bit. That's final," the General further said, smiling. 

"Fine. We can only advise you after all," the members of the Dragon Squad told the Western General, who was also their captain. 

"Good decision. That's how it should be," the Western General said as he smiled.


King Lu advanced towards the Nightmare Cliff that was much farther from where they were. In fact, that place wasn't even in the Kingdom either. It was outside the Kingdom, far from even the border cities. 

The Golden Swan of the Emperor stopped at the bottom of the cliff. 

Long Chen and the others also stopped there. 

"Why are we stopping here and not the top?" Long Chen asked the King. 

"That's because this is where the battle will start from. The beasts that we can tame occupy the bottom of the mountain. The higher we go, the tougher they get. Let alone Taming them, even coming back alive is tough," the King explained. 

"I myself can only trek the bottom ten percent of the mountain. That's where my limitation is," he further said.

"As for the beasts on top, I don't even want to know. All I know is that whoever climbed higher never came back."

"Your limit is at the bottom ten percent? Stronger beasts on top? That's interesting," Long Chen muttered, smiling. 

'Maybe I can find a new addition to the family on top. The beast that occupies the top should really be special enough,' he thought as an idea came to his head. 

After the event was over, he was going to tell others to go back as he climbed up to go to the cliff. He was going to find a strong beast for himself. 

While he was at it, maybe Ji Shan could also find something for himself. As for his other family members, they could also get some beasts. He believed he could help them after learning the process of the people here. 

"How is this battle going to go then?" Long Chen asked the King.  

"We'll tell them to go up. They'll have twelve hours. The one who comes back with the strongest tamed beast within that time will win. The other ranks will be as per the strength of those beasts too," the King replied. 

"That's better. Let's start now. Also, I'll also follow any one random person at a time to see how you're doing. I hope you don't mind," Long Chen said. 

"Not at all.  That's a good idea. We can see how they are doing. I'll also join you," the King nodded, agreeing. 

"Since I don't want to be bored, let's only follow the one you think is the best beast tamer," Long Chen told the King, who agreed again. At this point, he seemed nothing more than the puppet of Long Chen. 

"Since Qian is the best beast tamer according to me, we'll start by following him then," the King agreed.

As the rest of the details were finalized, the Sect Masters started flying up the mountain. 

Long Chen and Ji Shan followed after the King, who himself was chasing after who he believed to be the best Beast Tamer of their Kingdom. 

Qian Yu stopped after flying to a certain height before he landed while observing the Silver Tiger he could see in the distance. 

"That Silver Tiger is pretty strong. In fact, I believe he is slightly stronger than Qian. I wonder if he can even do it. He really chose a high target," Standing even farther, the King commented. 

"I can see it's strong," Long Chen said, nodding his head. This was going to be an interesting learning experience. 

Even though he had also tamed so many beasts, he did that with the power of his bloodline. As for the others, they did that with the normal method. And that normal method was what Long Chen wanted to learn since he couldn't just help his family tame beasts otherwise. They didn't have a special bloodline.

Qian Yu walked closer to the beast and tossed what seemed like some alchemy pills.

The Silver Tiger glanced back and noticed the pills but he didn't notice Qian Yu, who was hiding behind a tree by now. 

He started walking towards the pills and ate them. 

Long Chen wondered what those pills were. 

"I can't see clearly from here. What pills are those?' Long Chen asked the King. 

"Those are Beast Calming Pills. They can calm the beast, so it doesn't attack him at sight. After that, he will approach the beast, and he'll try to get close to him. That's the first approach. You need to get close to him. There are two approaches. One is this, and others are by defeating him or poisoning him," the King explained. 

Just as he had mentioned, the Silver Tiger seemed to have calmed down after eating the pills. That's when Qian Yu got close to him and tamed him.

"Interesting approach," Long Chen muttered, understanding everything. 

"I think Gu Wang will use the method of poisoning. Let's see him too," the King said as he started flying in a different direction 

Long Chen once again followed him, and as expected, he got to see the entirely different approach as Gu Wang actually used poison before taming the Dark Rhino. 


As Long Chen understood everything, he decided to leave. It was time to put this knowledge to the test. He borrowed the pills that Qian Yu used while also borrowing the poison they Gu Wang used. 

"I'm ready now. I think I'll go to the top of the cliff to have some fun. I'll be back in a few hours too," Long Chen told the King as he decided that going in was better than wasting time here. He wanted the strongest beast here. 

"But Senior, the beast on top would be really powerful. What if something happens to you?" Gu Wang protested. He didn't want Long Chen to be hurt. 

"No what if. Nothing will happen to me," Long Chen replied. 

"That's right. Don't talk nonsense! The beast on top might be strong, but he's nothing in front of the Great Master. Have faith in him," King Lu chimed in, siding with Long Chen. 

He believed Long Chen was a General. He had no doubt in his abilities, even though he didn't know how strong the beast on top was. He agreed that Long Chen was going to be safe and victorious. 

He also wanted to see what beast on top was. The only way he could was if Long Chen tamed him.