Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1013 - 1013: Rogue

Long Chen was looking at Mingyu's door with a look full of dread as he hoped that he wasn't too late. This time, place, and position all seemed to be the same as what he had seen in his vision. It was making him uneasy. 

Clenching his fist, he Teleported insisted. 

As soon as he Teleported inside Mingyu's room, Long Chen's gaze immediately went to the place where Mingyu was lying last time. 

Fortunately, that spot was empty. Mingyu wasn't lying there. Breathing a sigh of relief, he looked around only to find Mingyu lying on her bed, sleeping. 

A gentle smile appeared on Long Chen's face as he saw Mingyu peacefully sleeping. His legs started moving on their own as he closed in on Mingyu. 

Standing before Mingyu, he sat on the bed as he reached out his hand towards her cheeks.

His fingers lightly brushed against Mingyu's baby-like cheeks as he gently said, "I am sorry for leaving you alone. And I'm so glad that you're safe. Stay safe forever."

"Also, I'm going to do something which might make you sad after you know. I'll ask for forgiveness in advance," he muttered before he stood up to leave. 

However, Long Chen couldn't move more than one step as he realized that a warm hand was holding onto his hand. 

He turned back as he gazed at Mingyu. Her innocent eyes were looking at Long Chen. 

"You're up," Long Chen said as he placed his other hand on top of Mingyu's hand that was holding onto him. 

"You're back. I thought you wouldn't come. Why did you leave me," Mingyu asked as her eyes started getting wet. 

Long Chen again walked and sat on the bed beside her. 

"You idiot. Why would I not come back?" he asked. "Did you really think I wouldn't return for you?"

"What are you doing to do that might make me sad?" Mingyu asked Long Chen. 

"You cheater, so you didn't wake up just now. You were already awake when I came, weren't you?" Long Chen asked as he smiled wryly. This girl, she was a bit too good at pretending.

"Un." Mingyu nodded her head. 

"Now tell me. What are you doing to do? What did you apologize for?" she asked. 

"I promised your mother that I wouldn't intentionally make you sad. But I need to do something that might make you sad. But it's fine. I did tell your mother that the promise won't apply when I need to make you sad to save your life," Long Chen told Mingyu. 

"What are you going to do?" Mingyu asked. 

"I'm going to kill a bad guy that is dangerous for you," Long Chen explained. 

"Which bad guy? And why will it make me sad if you kill a bad guy?" Mingyu asked, wondering why she was supposed to be sad for that?

"It's nothing. Don't think too much about it," Long Chen said as he lightly brushed off the topic. He didn't tell her that he actually wanted to kill her brother. 

"How's your mother now?" Long Chen asked, "You should stay with me if she's fine now. Enough staying here."

"I can't. Her condition should have improved by now, but it's still the same. Physicians are trying to make her better. But I can't leave before she is fine," Mingyu answered.

"She's still not fine?"

Mingyu shook her hand as she sighed. She knew that her mother was in bad condition. She was still downplaying it by not telling Long Chen that her condition was actually bad.

"Please stay here and forgive my father? I will again talk to him. I know you did nothing wrong. He is a bit angry about you running away last time, but he'll forgive you. Just apologize," Mingyu requested from Long Chen. 

"I will talk to him. You don't have to ask him. I'm sure he'll understand me better. Don't worry," Long Chen said as he stood up. "I'll go talk to him right now."

"Are you sure? Father might scold you a lot if I'm not there to calm him down," Mingyu told him.

"I'm sure. Don't worry. It's just a bit of scolding. You stay here and get some sleep. I can see that you haven't properly rested in a long time. I'll be right back after talking to him," Long Chen said as he stood up. 

He disappeared from the room. 

Mingyu was utterly unaware of Long Chen's true intentions. She didn't know that he was actually going to find her brother right now and not to talk to her father. 


Long Chen walked in the long corridor of the Palace, not knowing where Lu Wang's room was. He has only been in the palace for two days, and he never went to Lu Wang's room. So he didn't know. All he knew was that it was in the eastern part of the Palace.

"I need to ask the guards, I think. But they'll attack me as soon as they see me. I'll have to get a bit heavy-handed," Long Chen muttered as he reached near the turn in the corridor. 

He was sure that there were going to be a lot of guards after that turn, but he was prepared. He hasn't expected to be hiding while doing it. There was no benefit. 

He could sneakily get the answer of Lu Wang's room and try to kill him stealthily, but it was useless. 

Guards had seen him enter the palace already, in anger. If Lu Wang died now, only an idiot would believe that it wasn't his work. Moreover, the Emperor already knew about his illusion and his Teleportation. 

Since there was no benefit in hiding, he didn't bother doing it secretly, which was going to take more time. 

He turned to his left as he reached the end of the corridor. As he had expected, he landed in a hallway that was filled with guards.

Almost all the Guards noticed Long Chen. Unfortunately, for a moment, they went into a daze as they thought Long Chen was a Prince Consort, but soon enough, he remembered that he was a wanted fugitive too. 

"Stop right th-"

The closest guard to Long Chen opened his lips to warn him as his hand moved forward the hilt of his sword. 

Unfortunately for him, Long Chen's speed proved to be much faster than him. Before the guard's hand could land on the hilt of his sword, a cold palm landed on his face, smacking him on the ground. 

Cracks appeared on the floor as the man was smashed on it.