Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 962 - 962: Defeated

"I am prepared. Let's start so I can be done faster. I already wasted so many days because of you," Long Chen told Qian Yu as he stood with the Sword of Time in his hand. 

He was somewhat upset that he had to stay for five more days just so they could fight in this room. They could so easily have fought in a desert as well. Unfortunately for him, the girl kept insisting. Finally, it was time to finish, and the girl was still concerned with the locking the door. He wanted to facepalm himself. 

"It's the first time I'm seeing someone so eager to get their bones broken. You're a special case, aren't you?" Qian Yu asked Long Chen lazily. 

Long Chen took a deep breath before shook his head. "If this is what you think, then sure. But please act faster. I don't want to waste any longer. If you don't act now, I promise I'll take action first. And if you delay, even more, I might even forget about my promise altogether and leave. So don't play around!"

"Don't worry. I'm done. I just wanted to make sure that no one will disturb us during the battle. It's the first time I'm so excited for a battle as well. You're the first person to leave me defeated. That's making my blood boil. I can't let anyone disturb our fight," Qian Yu explained as she started stepping forward. 

She took her position before she also brought her sword out. 

Her Sword was light and nimble. It was completely opposite to Long Chen's heavy sword, which was heavy and thick. While her sword focused on speed and sharpness, his Sword focused on breaking every defense of the enemy. 

"Are you ready? Once I start, there is no going back before I break all your bones to feel satisfaction. I'll only start when you're completely ready. So I'm asking one last time," the girl asked Long Chen. "Can we start?"

"I've been ready since I promised you. You're the only one who is delaying it. So stop talking and come at me!" Long Chen declared, his tone getting unusually loud the more he spoke. 


Qian Yu finally moved as she shot straight towards Long Chen with his sword pointing towards his chest. 

Long Chen raised his heavy sword above his head before he hackled down. A red arc of light followed wherever the sword passed through, ultimately leaving the sword this arc of light shot towards Qian Yu. 

"This won't work!" Qian Yu thundered as she slashed with her sword. A blue arc of light left her sword that clashed with the red light. 

As soon as the two lights clashed, a powerful impact took shape, which forced both Long Chen and Qian Yu back. 

While Qian Yu was forced back ten steps before she managed to gain her balance, Long Chen was only pushed back a few steps. 

He gained his balance faster and decided to use this little bit of time that he had received for this clash to his advantage. 

He used the short-range Teleportation and disappeared. He disappeared so fast that she didn't even have the time to blink. Long Chen appeared behind the girl and slashed with his sword. 


His sword was about to hit the back of Qian Yu, but right at that moment, a flying sword intercepted his attack. 

"This Spirit Sword, it's making me jealous now," Long Chen let out as he jumped back before Qian Yu could attack him. 

Qian Yu had a light sword in her hand. Her Spirit Sword floated near her, which shot out towards Long Chen.

He also had a Spirit Sword inside his Ancient Ring. Unfortunately for him, his Spirit Sword was already on its last breaths. It was able to fly not most of it was already destroyed. He could not even use it now without the risk of completely losing it. 

He had decided not to use it before he recreated his Spirit Sword anew. As he watched Qian Yu's spirit sword zoom in towards him, a strange reminiscent feeling was up in his heart as he felt the urge to use that too. 

Unfortunately, he couldn't. He had to fight one against two. The Spirit Sword reached Long Chen, who once again used the Teleportation. 

Strange enough, as soon as he appeared near Qian Yu, she attacked him. It was as if she was ready and she knew that he was going to appear there. 

"This Teleportation trick is very good. But a person only needs to know your fighting style to make it useless. It's not going to be useful against me now," Qian Yu declared proudly. 

Long Chen teleported once again. He hadn't expected Qian Yu to be so fast. If he had delayed for even a second before teleporting, his head would have been rolling on the ground. 

"Hey, wasn't this a spar? Why are you trying to slice my neck?" Long Chen asked as he frowned after he appeared ten meters away from her. 

He had seen death from so close that he couldn't help but rub his neck. A feeling was still inside his heart about how risky it was. 

'Teleporting near this girl is risky. I need to be unorthodox if I'm trying to do it,' he thought to himself as he held the heavy sword tighter. 

'Wait, I'm not in that place anymore. No one thinks of me as Saint Killer Heir here. I can use the Sword of Saint King Xianwu here,' he suddenly thought as he realized how he could be unorthodox here. 

His entire approach in front of Qian Yu had been to use strength since he couldn't use King's Sword. He only used Heavy Sword of Time in front of her, which made his speed slower.

Qian Yu hadn't seen how fast he could be with the King's Sword. This was something he felt like could throw her off. 

"I never said it would be a child-like battle. Who told you that the attacks would be mild? How do you expect me to use my full strength if I don't see it as a real battle?" Qian Yu asked Long Chen. She didn't stop attacking even when she talked. 

The Spirit Sword kept flying throughout the arena. The more Long Chen Teleported, the faster Qian Yu's spirit sword got in chasing after him 

"Fine. If it's like that, then I'll play with you! Don't blame me!" Long Chen declared 

He also pulled out the King's Sword before he once again Teleported near Qian Yu. 

It was as if she once again knew where he was going to appear. Her blue sword found its way to him. 

Unfortunately, her sword was intercepted by Long Chen's heavy sword. He stopped her sword with his heavy sword, which he was holding in his left hand. 

In his right hand, he was holding the King's Sword. Using the King's Sword, he slashed towards her beck. 

Qian Yu's eyes opened wide in shock as she saw him using two swords. Her lighter sword flashed towards her neck as fast as lightning. 

She pushed forward with her sword that was clashing with Long Chen's heavy Sword. She used the impact of this push to push herself back. 

She flew back like a broken kite and landed on the ground ten meters away from him. Unfortunately, Long Chen was already waiting for her there. 


A scream left Qian Yu's soft lips as the King's Sword slashed through her back. 

"You!" She roared in anger as she turned back, but Long Chen wasn't there. 

She looked all around, but he wasn't anywhere.

She waited patiently for a few seconds, but Long Chen didn't appear anywhere. 

"You bastard! You once again ran away!" She roared furiously. It was the same trick that Long Chen had used last time. 

He had disappeared. She kept thinking he used Teleportation and he will appear when he had run away. She thought that it was the same now. Unfortunately, she was wrong. 

Long Chen was still standing behind her. The problem was that he was using the Law of Illusion which had become stronger after his breakthrough. He simultaneously used the Heaven's Shroud to remove his aura. 

With the combination of Heaven's Shroud and the Law of Illusion, he was actually like a ghost— especially against the girl who didn't have too much of a higher Cultivation compared to him. 

It was unclear how effective this illusion would be against a Saint Realm Cultivator, but it was really effective against Qian Yu. 

Qian Yu had already thought that Long Chen ran away. She was about to lower her weapon. Unfortunately, before she could, she saw Long Chen appear before her. 

The tip of his sword was resting on Qian Yu's neck. A little thrust and Qian Yu would have died.

"Should I consider this your defeat?" He asked casually as a smile formed on his face.

Qian Yu's eyes opened wide in disbelief. He tricked her?