Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1277 - 1277: No Trust

"Well, I doubt they got happiness in serving you. If they did, they wouldn't have gone after you. In your ego, you were so long that you couldn't see their plight."

" You forced them to listen to your commands and killed the ones that made mistakes, didn't you? Why do you think they wouldn't have betrayed you? For once, keep yourself in there once and then say, what would you have done in that situation?" 

Long Chen was amazed that this guy couldn't see why he was betrayed. He didn't know how wrong he was. 

"What would I do in their situation? I can't imagine since I'd never be in their position. I'm not a weakling like them. They were weak; I protected them from the world. I should've been thanked!" Blood Dragon Emperor replied. 

"Because of me, they had a strong leader! Because of me, no one dared to attack us Blood Dragons! Let alone be thanked; I was stabbed in the back! Just let me get my body back! I'll destroy all those who betrayed me!" he declared.

"Is that so? How will you destroy the ones who are already dead?" Long Chen asked.

"What do you mean?" 

"The humans that trapped you, they're already dead. As for the Blood Dragons, they're also dead. Only a rare few blood Dragons exist, and they are the ones that were born much after you were sealed," Long Chen replied. 

" So who will you have your revenge on?" he asked.

"I don't care! I'll destroy everyone! I'll destroy all the humans and Blood Dragons! So what if the ones from my time aren't alive? Younglings will pay for the sins of their Ancestors!" Blood Dragon Emperor firmly stated. 

"And then you say that you don't understand why you were betrayed," Long Chen let out, rolling his eyes. 

"Anyway, I'm done. I don't think you're going to change," Long Chen let out, taking a sip from the wine bottle.

He shifted his attention to the statue which was standing right beside him. 

"You said your creator had a world traveling stone?" Long Chen asked the statue. 

The statue didn't say anything. 

"Where was that statue kept?" Long Chen asked. 

"It was kept in the Ancient Treisi City in his home," the statue answered. 

"Treisi City?" Blood Dragon Emperor asked, frowning. 

"Have you heard of it?" Long Chen asked the Blood Dragon Emperor. "If it's true, we can try searching that place. Tell me where it is."

"It's useless. You can't find it there," the Blood Dragon Emperor replied. 

"How do you know that?" Long Chen asked. 

The Blood Dragon Emperor lazily sat on the table. "Because that's the one I had. That stone was already found."


"That's right. One of my servants found the world traveling stone there when they were passing through that place. They brought it back and gave it to me," Blood Dragon Emperor explained. 

"Then how did this end up in the Dark Spirit Island?" Long Chen asked. 

"I tossed it there. It's that simple," Blood Dragon Emperor replied. 

"Why would you do that? That was a precious thing!"

"Why wouldn't I do that? That thing was torturing me! The more I looked at that, the more I felt like using it to go back to the Dragon Realm once again. I knew if I had that thing, I would take this stupid decision one day or the other," the Blood Dragon Emperor explained 

"So I decided to send that stone far away from me! The next day, I sent one of my dragons to throw the stone on the Dark Spirit Island inside the Beast World," he continued. 

"Why on the Dark Spirit Island especially?" Long Chen asked, frowning. "There were other places too. Or you could've just commanded your Dragon to hide the stone somewhere and to never tell you? Did you really have to make it so difficult for me?"

"Why would I make it difficult for you? I didn't even know who you were," Blood Dragon Emperor retorted. 

"I just didn't want a human to find it. If my Dragon had hidden it in places where humans could reach, they would have found it one day or another."

"That's why I had it kept in the dark spirit island in the Beast World. Humans can't go to Beast World, and Beasts can't go to Dark Sprint Island. So it was the safest place to make sure no one ever found it." he continued. 

"Well, now you'll help me find it yourself. Let's see how difficult that place is," Long Chen let out, taking another sip of wine. He kept the statue back in his storage ring. 

"I'm going to sleep. It's time for you to sleep as well. I'll be sending you to a beautiful place. Don't roam around too much. When it's morning, I'll call you out," He told the Blood Dragon Emperor. 

"Are you scared that I'll kill you in your sleep if I stay here? Don't forget; I'm inside your Tamed Beast. If you die, I'll die too. You don't have to be so paranoid!"

"I know about that. But who knows what you might do when I'm not looking. Even if you're inside the Snake Monarch's body, you're still the Blood Dragon Emperor. You have millions of years of ancient knowledge," Long Chen answered. 

The Blood Dragon Emperor was too knowledgeable to be left alone. He also had the knowledge of formations. 

Long Chen didn't want him to carve some strange formation or use some trick to escape when Long Chen wasn't here to control him. 

"I can't leave my sleeping body near it. Enjoy the night in my Inner World. I'm sure you'll have fun there. I'll make it so that you get good weather to sleep," he added. 

Before the Blood Dragon Emperor could even say anything, Long Chen sent him to his Inner world. 

He didn't choose the Apocalypse World for him though. He sent him to his ordinary inner world, but he selected a place that was far away from his family. 

The Blood Dragon Emperor disappeared from the real world and appeared in the Inner World in a green field. There was no civilization as far as the Blood Dragon Emperor could see, but there was a pond nearby. 

Soothing winds were flying, making it a perfect atmosphere for him to sleep. 

"It's his Inner World? Something seems odd about this place. I don't know what it's about this place, but it's not ordinary.. There's some strange presence that I can feel here, and it's not his presence," he muttered.