Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1107 - 1107: Completion Of Inner World

After killing the guard, he kept the guard's body in his storage ring to make sure that no trace was left behind before he Teleported once again. 

Throughout his constant teleportation, there were a few times when he appeared right in front of the guards. Sometimes, he even appeared in front of a big group; fortunately, the Snake Monarch was fast and acted in response without wasting much time, preventing any attack from being made on Long Chen. 

After a long time, he finally appeared outside the Royal Palace.

"Isn't that the Third Prince? The guy who brought me inside the royal palace for the first time? Helping me so much. I guess he can't even recognize me with this face."

"In any case, it's lucky that there is only one Empire in this world. If there were more Empires, the fall of their Father would have meant the fall of this Empire as well."

The Third Prince also glanced at Long Chen once but didn't put much thought to it as Long Chen was looking different because of the Mask of Mischief. 

After a short glance, he looked elsewhere, but he hastily looked back at Long Chen as he felt like he had seen something strange. As he looked back, he found the place to be empty. That peculiar man couldn't be seen anywhere. 

"Was this my misconception?" The Third Prince thought as he shook his head, sighing before he walked back inside the Palace. 


"Did you manage to get his aura from the ring?" One of the Four Envoys of the Immortal asked the one that held the ring inside a box in his hand. 

"Wait a minute. This treasure takes a bit longer to work. Just wait. If Long Chen is indeed as per the woman says, we won't find a trace of his aura through this treasure, but if he is alive, within five minutes, we would have a trace," the Fourth Envoy said to the others who went silent after getting the answer. 

As a few more minutes passed, the silence was finally broken with an excited voice of the Fourth Envoy, "I found it! The trace indeed exists! That woman was most certainly lying!"

"That's better. We will follow the aura trace," the First Envoy said. 

The four Envoys once again departed, this time towards the Empire of Du with a trace that wasn't going to be lost. 

The only place where the trace could end was the place where Long Chen had left this world; unfortunately, that place happened to be right above the teleportation formation, which was once again going to bring these Envoys to the world where Long Chen had gone.

When the envoys were in the same world as Long Chen, it was going to be the same again as they were going to be in the same world again.


Long Chen left the Empire of Esteria of his world before he commanded for the Snake Monarch to get bigger. Finally, it was over, and he was free. 

The people who were after him couldn't get to him since he believed he was safe now that he was far away from that place.

As for this world, there was no one who could challenge him here, so he didn't care.

Sitting on top of the Snake Monarch, he left for the other end of the continent. 

"Little Snakey, can you cross the Ocean now that you're strong, or do I need to travel through the ship again?" Long Chen asked the Snake Monarch as he laid on his back, watching the clouded sky. 

"You're little Snakey! Your whole family is a little Snakey! Call me Snake Monarch!" The Snake Monarch insisted strongly. 

Hearing his response, Long Chen couldn't help but smile. "You'll never change."

"Alright, Lord Snakey, please answer my questions," he said. 

"Again, stop calling me Snakey! It makes me sound like your pet! If you want to call me by a nickname, call me by the name you gave me.  Or call me 'The Most Handsome Snake Monarch in the world.' That would be fine as well," the Snake Monarch responded. 

"Nah, Snakey is much better for you. Anyway, answer me. Can you cross the ocean now that you're stronger? I don't believe we need to worry about the Sea Monsters but still. I want to hear from you."

" Meh, I am plenty strong now. I believe I can easily cross through the ocean and get back. Don't worry about it. They don't call me the Heaven Enticing Strongest Monarch for no reason," the Snake Monarch proudly said.

"Hahaha, your self names keep getting grandiose, Snakey. But it's fine. In any case, by the time we reach the end of this continent, I should be healed as well, ready to fight. So no one can stop us," Long Chen said, agreeing. 

"Oh right, the girls. I should tell them that I'm out," he suddenly remembered as he realized that he hadn't contacted the girls after he had left. 

He brought out Mingyu and Zhiqing to inform them that he had safely left and now there was nothing to worry about. 

As he finished talking about himself, he started talking about Ji Shan. 

"Is he awake now? A lot of time has passed. How's his condition now?" 

"He seems stable, but he still hasn't woken up. Grandpa says that he might be up in a week or two since his condition is improving a lot with time," Mingyu answered. 

"That's better. I'm glad he's getting safe," Long Chen said, smiling in satisfaction, but suddenly his smile disappeared as his mouth opened slightly. 

"What happened?" Zhiqing inquired, seeing Long Chen's sudden reaction. 

"The Inner World is finished. I can shift you all there with the family now. You should go inside and tell them about it. Also, tell them to stay ready. I will directly send them from the Fake World to my Inner World before I come there as well to meet them," Long Chen said, giving them the news. 

The long process had finally been completed.

He sent Mingyu and Zhiqing back to the Fake World before he started looking inside his Inner World. 

It seemed like a normal world that had evolved for thousands of years before it was finally in a stable movement of time. 

The world was heavily populated, but it also had everything that was needed to facilitate the proper growth. There was greenery all around this world. Moreover, the water in this world seemed to be even purer than here. 

As for the Cultivation, that also existed in this world as per planned by Long Chen, but he had limited the cultivation growth a Cultivation could achieve in this world to the Earth Realm. Only the people favored by him were going to be allowed to have more breakthroughs.