Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1291 - 1291: True Form Of Snow Beast King

He knew that Long Chen was right. He was certainly intimidated a bit by the thought of loss, but only after Long Chen mentioned it that he realized what he had done. 

Was he truly scared? He couldn't believe that a human had managed to scare him like that. 

He couldn't help but shake his head, smiling wryly. 

He waved his hand casually, making the massive shell disappear. 

The Snow Beast King looked towards Zhu Chang, his suspicions becoming even more clear. As soon as Long Chen told Zhu Chang something, he stopped his attack. Moreover, his face was red, as if his boss had scolded him.

"He's again inside the shield. I wonder if I can break it.. Should I wait until they come out? No, I can't afford to wait!" He exclaimed as he flew straight towards the shield. 

At the same time, Long Chen disappeared, appearing back in his original place that had just been vacated by Snow Beast King. 

The competition once again resumed, with Zhu Chang having another disadvantage. Now he couldn't use any skill that could end the battle in one stroke, all so he could save his face. 

The Snow Beast King noticed that Long Chen had once again disappeared. He wasn't inside the barrier now. Frowning, he looked all around, trying to find Long Chen. 

"Arghh! Is this man mocking me!" He exclaimed, watching Long Chen back in his original place.

The Snow Beast King felt like he was being toyed with. He didn't know that no one even cared about him. Everyone was too busy thinking about the competition. 

Moreover, he didn't have an odd ability like Snow Giants, making him even less threatening. 

"Enough!" The Snow Beast roared, angered. He couldn't believe he was being mocked like that.

His body started becoming bulkier as his muscles became bigger. His claws also became longer, and so did the horn on his head. 

The sky was covered with clouds as heavy snowfall began, intensifying. 

As the snow fell on Long Chen's skin, he felt a bone-chilling cold. Be hadn't felt this before. Since he was a powerful cultivator, his body has developed a resistance to extreme temperatures like heat and cold; not this was even more powerful. 

For some strange reason, the snow felt even colder now.

As more and more snow kept falling over his skin, he felt even worse. It was as if his hands and legs had started going numb.

Concerned about what might be happening, he hastily decided to avoid the snow as he cast the barrier above his head, but for some strange reason, the snow managed to pass through the barrier as well. 

Not only his Barrier, but the snow also passed through Zhu Chang's Barrier 

Zhu Chang's skin was touched by the snow, which even made him feel cold, but it wasn't extreme to this level. He had a Heavenly Beast's body. This much wasn't anything for him. Moreover, he was a Black Tortoise who had even better resistance in the first place 

Blood Dragon Emperor was in the worst position as he was the weakest here. His body started turning cold, becoming entirely numb. He hastily flew, finding a place to hide. 

Since the barriers were useless, he decided to hide under a body. 

Finding a nearby dead body of a Show Beast, he snuggled under it, taking a cover. Finally, as he went under the body, he started feeling better. Even though his body was still numb, it was much better than before. 

Seeing how Blood Dragon Emperor avoided the snow, Long Chen was amused. He didn't take the same route though. His body wasn't as small. Instead, he appeared near the rubble of the broken wall. He picked a thick piece of concrete and raised it above his head, protecting himself from the onslaught of Snow. 

He kept the massive concrete block in his right hand. At the same time, he used his left hand to hold his sword of time. 

In the sky, the transformation of the Snow Beast King still continued. His body only became bigger and bigger as time passed. 

Soon, he was twenty feet tall, flying in the sky. Not only Long Chen, but even Zhu Chang's eyes fell on the Snow Beast King. 

"Now that's interesting," Zhu Chang muttered, smiling. 

Two sharp fangs came out of the mouth of the Snow Beast King as he howled, looking towards the sky.

"You all mocked me enough! It's time you all die!" Snow Beast King yelled, glaring at Long Chen especially. 

"You seem fun! I want to play with you!" Zhu Chang exclaimed, taking the focus from Long Chen.

As far as his eyes could see, he only saw the Snow Dragon Beast to be the strongest. How Battle urges were at peak now that he saw the beast form of Snow Beast King. 

"Silence! I'm talking to your Leader! If you don't want to die, then stay out of it!" Snow Beast King yelled at Zhu Chang.

"Hmm? My leader? What the heck! The only reason I didn't let him attack first was so no one would think I'm his subordinate, and still, you all think that!" Zhu Chang grew upset as someone called him a subordinate of a mortal.

Leaving everything else behind, his figure flickered as he appeared in front of the Snow Beast King, punching his gut. He had stopped restricting his strength more than he needed to. 

His single punch made the Snow Beast King cough out a mouthful of blood as he flew back uncontrollably. 

The Snow Beast King was stronger in his beast form, but his defense still proved to be useless against a brute attack of Zhu Chang. 

Zhu Chang flew after the Snow Beast King at the same time. He had completely forgotten about the competition as his ego was hurt. 

Long Chen hadn't forgotten about it though. He was enjoying the fact that Zhu Chang was busy with someone else. In the meantime, he used his time to kill ordinary snow beasts to take a big lead. 

The competition wasn't about killing the strongest enemy. Instead, it was about defeating the most enemies.

He knew that he could achieve a victory as long as he managed to kill most of the enemies by the time Zhu Chang killed the Snow Beast King. That's what he did too. 

The illusory swords kept falling from the sky, killing the Snow Beasts left and right. Soon, all the beasts in the Arena were killed, leaving only Long Chen standing there. The snowfall also stopped at the same time.