Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1307 - 1307: Treasure

Zhu Chang kept the leaf in his storage ring before he started flying in the direction of Long Chen. 


Long Chen was standing before the old man. He had just issued a warning to hand over the information about the stone. 

Unfortunately, the old man didn't seem like he was going to hand over the information. Instead, he let Long Chen continue the count as he waited while observing him. 

Long Chen finally finished the count, but he wasn't surprised. He had already guessed that the man wasn't going to find it so easy.. He was strong, and he was certainly going to show off. 

"Fine. If that's how it's going to be, then so be it. Just remember I didn't want this," Long and informed the old man, sighing. 

He slowly raised his King's Sword, aiming at the old man. 

"You will hurt Patriarch too?"The young girl asked Long Chen, shaken. 

The Patriarch was like the strongest person she knew, but she also knew that these foreigners were scary. Not only did they use her, but they also defeated Obuta so easily. 

She didn't know if it was possible for Long Chen to kill the Patriarch, but if he could all, responsibility was going to fall on her shoulders. Her entire clan was going to blame her for bringing an enemy to their doors. 

"I will if I don't get the thing I want." Long Chen responded. 

"Patriarch, please give this evil man the stone. I don't want my toy. Let him heal Obuta. I don't wasn't anyone else to get hurt because of my stone," The girl hesitantly told the Patriarch. "I don't want you to die."

"This thing isn't about your toy anymore. It's about more than just that, and I'm not going to let you man escape after what he did. As for my life, don't worry. A person like him isn't enough to defeat me," The old man responded, not listening to her. 

Instead, he waved his hand, making the girl and Obuta disappear. 

"You send them back to the clan?" Long Chen asked, easily guessing what the old man did. "So you can also use Space. Is that how you defeated all the Dark Spirits here?"

"I don't feel the need to answer your question. Today, I don't care if you are from the Immortal World or the Heaven itself. Today, you're going to d-" 


The man seemed to be warning Long Chen when he suddenly noticed something. He could see heavy clouds in the distance. A powerful Lightning bolt also fell, following a loud crackling of the thunder. 

"That's where I keep the Dark Spirits. Someone is attacking that place? But who?" The old man couldn't believe someone had attacked his Dark Spirit Farm. "Who could be the person?"

"You! It must be someone you brought! It's all your doing?" he glared at Long Chen, yelling while pointing his finger. 

"Well, I think I do have an idea as to who that might be. I'm glad that he found something to play with. I was starting to get worried that he was going to destroy this whole island because he didn't find anything to play with," Long Chen muttered, glancing towards the cloud.

"Snakey, it looks like you're safe now. Congrats," He further added, smiling.

"Enough! You evil beings? First, you come here and attack my youngsters, and then you attack our food source? Do you have no brain? Why do you want to destroy the lives we created for ourselves on this small island, far away from the Heavenly Warriors!" the old man yelled at Long Chen. 

"Hmm? Heavenly Warriors? How do you know about them? Don't tell me that you...?" Stunned, Blood Dragon Emperor's eyes opened wide. 

"That's right! I was a slave of Heavenly Warriors in Heavenly Realm! Just to get a little freedom, I spent my entire life serving them! After a lot of struggle, they finally allowed me to leave and make a life of my own in Mortal World!"

"I didn't trouble anyone and came to this abandoned island which didn't have a single life form living here, including humans or animals. All it had were the Spirits which we could feed from! We didn't disturb anyone and made a life of our own, but even that wasn't enough for you guys?!"

"You couldn't even let us live safely here, could you? Attacking my family, destroying our food? It's enough! I don't care if you're from the Immortal World! Today you'll die!"

The old man was so furious that his skin also started turning red. He tapped his foot on the ground, making a spatial portal appear under his feet. A small box came out from the Spatial Portal, landing in the old man's hand.

The small box had a Sun Symbol carved on it, which was shining as if it was the real sun. The small box was completely square and small enough to fit in the palm of the old man completely. 

It was also as light as a feather, having barely any weight. With the box in his hand, the old man's aura changed. From a calm yet serene aura, his aura changed to hostile, filled with Bloodlust. 

Long Chen wasn't concerned about his aura though. Instead, he was more concerned about the small box in the old man's hands. 

As soon as Long Chen's eyes fell on the box, he realized that it was a high grade treasure that couldn't be found even in the Immoral World. 

Its grade was even higher than his highest grade treasure that he received from the Saint King. The only artifact that he had seen which had a higher grade than the box was his Sword of Time. 

It all pointed towards only one thing. It was that the box was from the Immortal World, which made sense since the old man claimed to live there in the past. It wasn't odd for him to possess a treasure like this. 

Maybe he found it, or perhaps he stole it, or perhaps he was gifted this treasure, but it didn't matter. What mattered was that this treasure in the hands of an enemy was dangerous. 

Without thinking twice, Long Chen decided to take the box away from the old man before it could be used against him. 

He instantly teleported besides the old man showing him that he wasn't the only person here who could use the power of space. 

As soon as Long Chen appeared near the old man, he slashed with his sword, intending to slice the hands of the old man who was holding the box. 

Albeit, he was slightly late. As soon as he appeared near the man, the man had disappeared as well.