Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1117 - 1117: Strange Creatures

"Nice to meet you. We heard a lot about you from Long Chen. We're glad to see you finally," Mingyu told Chu Miao respectfully. 

"Yeah, he praised your beauty a lot. And now I can see, he wasn't lying. You truly are beautiful, Miss Miao," Zhiqing chimed in with her praise. 

"Not at all. In front of your beauty, I'm nothing. But honestly, you're pretty lucky to be the wife of this guy. He really is special," Chu Miao replied to the ladies as a smile appeared on her face that hid her sorrows. 

"Chu Miao, come with me. I want to see the sect again and reignite some old memories of the sect. You should show me around," Long Chen said as he suggested Chu Miao to be his guide. 

"Of course, come with me," Chu Miao instantly agreed as she started walking with Long Chen.

"Long Chen, are you ignoring me? You should leave this place. You're not a disciple of this place, and this is not a tourist spot that you can visit. Please leave and don't bring more trouble to us," the Sect Master once again said as she saw Long Chen ignoring her and not leaving. 

Long Chen once again ignored her words and didn't pay any heed to them, but he didn't forget to reply though. 

"My dear sect master, I think you should stop worrying about future troubles and start worrying about current ones. Because I should remind you, that snake in the sky is a pervert, and he still wants to see you dance. So keep yourself in control, or I'll set him free. I don't think you'll want that."

'This Arrogant boy! Just because he has a strong beast now! Fine! I'll bear with it and let him do what he wants. This whole sect is his hostage now. I wish I hadn't used that precious lotus for my son. If it was here, I could have used it for the sect's defense. I could have killed this snake!' the Sect Master thought as she frowned, but she didn't say anything anymore. 


Long Chen was walking inside the sect, where he spent a decent amount of time. He already knew the places, so he didn't need much guidance. Most places were the same and hadn't changed much. 

It was less of a trip for him and more of a trip for Mingyu and Chu Zhiqing, who wanted to see this sect. 

They saw the Ranking Hall where Long Chen got the top rank and became a Demon Ranked Disciple. He also went to the medicine hall and the treasure halls, which didn't have any treasure of value to him. Even his worst treasures seemed better than the best treasures here. 

Soon, he started walking towards the Courtyard which was used by him previously. 

"Is that courtyard still empty, or was it given to another disciple?" Long Chen asked Chu Miao. 

"Don't worry, it's still empty," Chu Miao answered as she smiled. 

"That's better. By the way, what happened after I left? Did the major sects continue the search for me? Or have they stopped? I haven't asked much about it during my journey, but I'm still curious," Long Chen asked as he walked in the middle of the ladies.

They continued the search for a long time, and slowly, they searched the whole continent. But they didn't find you anywhere," Chu Miao answered. 

" They ultimately stopped the search while releasing the news that whoever gives the information about you will get an Earth Grade Treasure from them. I guess they are depending on the information from the public now since they failed to find you," she further alluded. 

"Meh, only Earth Grade Treasure in exchange for me? I must say, I'm disappointed," Long Chen said as he sighed.

He soon reached the courtyard where he had stayed during his time in this sect. Everything was just like he had left here for the most part.

"Where do you want to go next?" Chu Miao asked Long Chen after the trip to the courtyard was over. 

"Where to, huh. We've seen most of the sect except the prison, and I don't see any benefit in going there. Let's go back," Long Chen replied. 

"Prison?" Chu Miao muttered as she thought of something. 

"That's right! Prison! You're right! How could I forget the most important place! Come with me!' she said excitedly. 

"What's so special about that place? You're getting so excited," Long Chen asked, surprised at her response. 

"You don't know about it, but we have captured a strange creature," Chu Miao told Long Chen. 

"A strange creature? What do you mean?" Long Chen asked. 

"Some time after you had left, a strange creature barged inside the sect and was captured by the guards. Moreover, that was when I found out that something like this had happened long ago as well. We had one more being of that species captured long ago," Chu Miao said. "Now our prison has two of them."

"Interesting. What do these creatures look like?" Long Shen asked, curious. 

"They're pretty tall, but that's not the special part. The most distinguished feature of theirs is that they have a third eye on their forehead, which I never saw opened. Moreover, they can control plants and bring them out of Earth to attack. Now that they're imprisoned, that's useless," Chu Miao explained. 

'Tall? Eyes? Plants? This sounds an awful lot like the people in my first Bloodline Trial. When I had gone there, I met Terra, who was like this. He took me to his village, and that's where I found out everything about that world. The way she described them, it seems like them,' Long Chen thought.

" But that world wasn't real. There's no way they could be here. But what if that world is actually real?" He muttered as he started walking faster. 

"Chu Miao, I want to see those creatures now!" 

Long Chen brought out the Sun Destroying Condor so he could travel faster. Even though he could fly, Chu Miao couldn't. He didn't want to leave her behind, so he and the ladies climbed on the Sun Destroying Condor, which flew straight to the prison and landed right at the entrance. 

"Wait a minute! Who are you? You can't go in!"

As Long Chen approached the prison, the guards stopped him. They hadn't seen the giant snake and didn't know that stopping Long Chen was something that even their sect master didn't dare to go after seeing his tamed beast. 

"Step aside! Let him enter!" Chu Miao told the guards. 

"Miss Chu, you might be the Head Disciple of this sect, but we can't let anyone enter without an Elder's permission," the guards replied.