Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 880 - 880: Prince?

After a short uneventful journey, Long Chen and Ming Lan soon reached the Royal City of the Esteria Empire.

Along the way, they passed through many cities, but in no city did they face any problems. The cities and the guards of the city seemed to be uncaring of new faces as if they saw many news faces often. The guards had stopped being as alert since they were a part of the Esteria Empire.

They believed no one was going to create trouble for them.

They only kept an eye for certain wanted people whose faces were on the posters given to them by the higher-ups. So they didn't bother anyone else who didn't cover their face and didn't match the posters.

They did have Long Chen's poster, but it was of a different face. The team of the Esteria Empire who had not seen the current face of Long Chen hadn't returned yet to update the Emperor about the new discovery of him using a different face.

As Long Chen and Ming Lan weren't on the posters, they didn't face any problems.

"Hm? The Royal City looks to be more guarded. It's completely surrounded. The only entrance I can see is also covered with guards," Ming Lan pointed out as they reached near the Royal City. "None of the previous cities were as guarded."

"That's to be expected.  It's the capital, after all. No matter how easy it looks, the Empire would have enemies. They would definitely keep the Royal City more secure," Long Chen explained.

"Let's go down. It's better if we enter the city through the main entrance."

The Sun Destroying Condor started going down as it reached near the giant doors that were closed.

Tens of guards were standing outside the door.

They were all gazing at the flying beast that was coming towards them.

The Sun Destroying Condor landed near the entrance.

'Peak Sky Realm Cultivators are guards here? As expected of the Royal City. Heaven Realm Cultivators must be quite common inside,' Long Chen thought as he observed the guards while he walked down the Sun Destroying Condor.

He sent the Sun Destroying Condor back in the Beast Region inside the ring. There was a beast bag hanging on his waist as a diversion to make people believe that he carried his beasts there.

Holding Ming Lan's hands, he walked towards the girls.

Amongst the guards, there was a dark-haired man who was the leader. He stepped forward, leaving the other guards two steps back.

"Who might you be. What is your reason for approaching the city?" The guard asked strictly.

There was a white robe on his clothes which didn't have any pattern on it. There was, however, a badge on his chest that had the symbol of the mountain. 

He was carrying a sword on his waist. 

Long Chen reached out a badge from his pocket that he gave to the guard.

"We are from the Wushei Kingdom," he said.

"This badge... You are the Prince of Wushei Kingdom?" The Guard exclaimed in surprise as he observed the badge. He seemed surprised.

Even though Wushei Kingdom wasn't the strongest Kingdom, it wasn't the weakest kingdom either. It was odd to see the Prince of a Kingdom traveling without any guards.

The badge proved he was a Prince. In this continent, a strict pattern was followed. Each Kingdom was allowed to create badges to signify their royalty, so it was easy to recognize them.

Only the Kings were given the method to create such methods, and it was impossible to duplicate them. 

All Kingdoms created the same badge with the same colors. The only difference was the carvings of the Kingdom names on the badges.

The badge that the man was holding was undoubtedly one that only the Prince of Wushei Kingdom was supposed to hold.

Hearing the words of Long Chen, even Ming Lan was stunned. How could he pretend to be the Prince m? Was it so easy? She thought. 

How did he even get the badge? Did he fake it? There were many questions in her head.

"Yeah. I am the Prince of Wushei Kingdom. This here is my wife. We are here to see the Royal City. My father has always been telling me to get some experience and roam the Continent before I take over the throne. He pushes me to get more knowledge through experience. So I thought that I should start from the most important city in the continent anyway," Long Chen answered, faking a story.

It was faster to get an entry since he didn't want to bring out Mingyu yet.  He believed that if he did, the guards would recognize her, and there would be a commotion. He didn't want to create commotion in the entire city. 

There was also another reason which was even more important. It was that he wanted to surprise her by bringing her out right in front of the Palace. He could see an even excited look on her face since she could simply run inside and hug her father and mother. 

"Why don't you have any guards? A prince was allowed to leave without guards?" The Guard asked suspiciously.

"It's not an official trip. It's more to gain experience. I can't gain that if I have guards all around me. Also, outside the Kingdom, not many people know me. Since I'm not out to create trouble, why should I need safety," Long Chen let out as he laughed carefreely.

"Hmm," the dark-haired guard observed Long Chen. He soon shifted his gaze at Ming Lan. 

Even though he found her attractive, he kept his glance short and maintained his professionalism.

'The man does seem like a Prince. The girl is also pretty enough to be the wife of a prince. Their badge is also legitimate. It also seems like they are telling the truth,' he thought.

"Alright. You may enter," the guard agreed. He turned back and commanded his men, "Open the doors! Let them enter."

He gave the badge back to Long Chen.

The giant doors slowly started opening with a clearly audible noise. 

Long Chen nodded his head as he walked towards the entrance. Holding Ming Lan's hand, he stepped inside.

The doors once again closed after the two of them entered inside.

Another guard walked closer to the leader. "What's happening? He's the Second Prince that has entered today. Why are Princes of Kingdoms coming here? All with different excuses."

"What can we even do? It's the orders of the Emperor. We can't stop the Royalties even if they are from the trashiest of kingdoms," the leader answered, shaking his head.