Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 299 - 299: Meeting The Emperor

Ji Shan, Mingyu, and Zhiqing were standing just outside the Blazing Sun Empire.

They had traveled day and night just to get to the Blazing Sun Empire as fast as they could.

Fortunately, throughout the journey, they didn't face any major trouble.

Although they did face a few bandit groups, those were easily taken care of.

They kept their faces hidden under their cloaks throughout the journey since Ji Shan was that target of a few assassins.

Although Ji Shan didn't face the assassins after the first attack on him, before he met Long Chen, he still decided to keep caution.

After the long journey, they finally reached the Blazing Sun Empire, though it still wasn't their destination.

Ji Shan didn't consider himself safe from the enemies until he entered the Royal Capital of the Blazing Sun Empire.

They entered the Blazing Sun Empire and moved at full speed.

Even though they traveled without any break, it still took them 6 hours to get to the Royal Capital of the Empire.

Ji Shan was on his Soul Devouring Wolf while Mingyu and Zhiqing were on the dark horse. They had to stop right before the entrance of the city as there were carriages in front of him that were going through checking.

It was a known fact that the Royal Capital had a stricter security since the Royal Family and the sects were there.

The carriages entered the city after the checking was completed.

The Soul Devouring Wolf and the Dark Horse carried Ji Shan and others forward and stopped right before the guards.

The Royal guards were a little surprised as they saw the Soul Devouring Wolf since their Royal Prince also had a similar Beast 

"Who are you? And what reason do you have to enter the Royal Capital?" The Royal Guard asked.

"I'm the Second Prince Ji Shan. I just came back from my adventures with my friends. Also, Do I really need a reason to enter my own city?" Ji Shan said with a smile as he revealed his face.

He even showed the Royal Seal of the Second Prince.

"Your Highness!" The Guards let out as they got down on one knee and greeted Ji Shan.

"Alright. Now move aside and let me enter. I have more important business to attend to."Ji Shan ordered.

The Royal Guards hurriedly moved aside as they allowed them to enter.

Ji Shan and the Soul Devouring Wolf took the lead while the girls on the Darkhorse followed.

After a few more minutes, they had finally reached the Royal Palace.

They all got off the beasts and Ji Shan sent them back inside his beast bag.

They entered the Royal Palace with Ji Shan in the lead and the girls in the back.

All the servants recognized their Second Prince and saluted him as soon as they saw him.

Ji Shan nodded his head in appreciation as he continued ahead.

They walked through the long hallways of the Royal Palace.

"Hmm...? If it isn't little Brother Shan? You're back quite soon brother?" 

A man who looked like he was in his mid-20s had just come out of his room when he noticed Ji Shan.

He was the first Prince of the Empire, Ji Shen.

The Empire had no crown Prince at the moment since the 4th Prince who was declared as the Crown Prince had died.

"Were you hoping that I wouldn't come back, brother?" Ji Shan said without a hint of a smile.

Previously, he would have behaved more courteously, but he was pretty sure that Ji Shen had poisoned him before he left. He had lost what basic respect he had for Ji Shen.

"Your mood seems bad, Did something happen on the journey?" Ji Shen didn't mind his rude tone. He still acted kind and generous.

"Who are the beautiful girls being you? Did you already find concubines for you?" Ji Shen further said as he looked at the girls.

"They are my sisters. Also, I don't have time to waste at the moment. I need to meet the Royal father. So, please excuse me, brother." Ji Shan said as he walked past Ji Shen, with Mingyu and Zhiqing.

As they left, the smile on Ji Shen's face immediately disappeared. His previously kind face was now looking quite ruthless.

He walked back to his room.


Ji Shan knocked on the door of his father's room.

His father's condition wasn't great, thus he spent most of his time inside his room.

"Come inside." A voice came from inside.

Ji Shan opened the door and entered.

"Father," He greeted as he got down to one knee. Mingyu and Zhiqing also bowed slightly.

There was a man lying on the bed in front of him.

The man was quite fat unlike the athletic First Prince and the Second Prince. His face was chubby as well.

Although the man looked physically healthy, there was a weakness that could only be seen in his eyes.

"Little Shan... you're back quite early. How was your adventure outside?" The man said with a smile.

"It was not good, father. That's what I need to talk to you about." Ji Shan said as he shook his head in denial.

"First let me introduce them. She is Mingyu and this is Zhiqing. They are both like my sisters. I hope you won't mind them being here. Anyways, back to the topic..."

Ji Shan started describing everything that happened with him since the moment he left the Empire. He talked about the assassination attempt on him, his journey after that.

The Emperor kept getting surprised the more he heard it. Fortunately, he didn't get much worried since he could see that Ji Shan was standing safe in front of him.

"I can't believe that someone dared to attack you right outside the empire. I'll send someone to investigate and find out the culprit." The Emperor let out with a furious expression on his face.

The Prince getting attacked right outside the Empire was a serious matter.