Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 948 - 948: Going Beyond

Long Chen felt like a breakthrough was near, and he couldn't wait. This was a big step, and there was an urge inside his body that was telling him to get this breakthrough fast.

He arranged for a cave inside the earth before he covered the entrance with a stone to make it difficult to see. He soon Teleported inside the cave, which was adequately sized to accommodate him. 

He had two days, and he needed to break through before that time was over, or he was going to be ejected from this space and into the open before others. Let alone losing the chance of getting a top rank, he also had the risk of being exposed for being an impersonator.

After Teleporting inside the cave, he immediately started the preparation. Even though he wanted to have Xin here as a backup to protect his body, she was busy in the mission he had given her, so he couldn't call her. 

He could only make way with Xun to awaken him from his trance if someone entered the cave. It was risky to come out of a breakthrough mid-way, but it was still better than being a sitting duck before others. 

"Now, the threads of my life are in your hands. Stay alert all the time and wake me up as soon as you see someone entering this cave," Long Chen told Xun. 

Only after he got the confirmation did he close his eyes and started the process of breakthrough. 

The space was filled with unique Qi, which he wanted to use as the base of the world he was creating. Not many people got the opportunity to break through to the heaven realm in a place like this which seemed perfect for this job.

The Qi was rich in this place, and he intentionally left some tiny holes in the ground to make sure that the flow of Qi from outside wasn't affected even though he didn't need to. 

He took a deep breath as he finally began absorbing the Qi through his pores as well as his nose. Each breath of his seemed to be in perfect sync with the harmony in nature as he used the process as described in his Cultivation Manuel. 

The Qi entered his body in large quantities with each breath only to get compressed in really tiny size as soon as it reached his Martial Space where his Martial Spirit, the Law Saplings as well as the Heart Demon was situated. 

His red core was blazing red as well, getting even redder as of welcoming the arrival of Qi. 

The law saplings of space present inside his Martial Space also started shining brightly as if trying to contribute to make it a smoother process. 

Usually, a Cultivator used a portion of their Martial Soul as a sacrifice to create the enclosed space in their Martial space where they were going to make their separate world, but Long Chen didn't need to do that. 

According to the Cultivation Manual, he was also supposed to do that, but as he noticed the change in the space law and its contribution in enclosed space, he felt like there was not a need. He could make do without this step and only use his Space Law.

Despite the fact that it was risky to diverge from the preplanned steps written in the Cultivation Manual, he felt like it was better than risking by splitting his Martial Soul as he did that once already when creating a close in the Spirit World. 

His entire journey has been abnormal; thus, he didn't want to move according to the standard procedure. His Martial Spirit was already incomplete, according to him. He didn't want to make it more incomplete. 

Long Chen skipped the step of using a portion of his Martial Spirit as a sacrifice as he intensified using his Law of Space.

An enclosed space was created inside his Martial Space that was in the shape of a world. Even though the space was tiny, it was much vaster on the inside than anyone could imagine.  It could encompass multiple worlds easily as it was made using the Supreme Law of Space. 

The people who followed normal methods to break through to the Heaven Realm did make an independent world inside their Martial Space, but their worlds were usually tiny. 

According to what Long Chen had heard, the world only had an area as big as a small kingdom at best while the others were smaller. 

Long Chen's world had the chance of being as big as an actual world because of using his Special Martial Soul as a sacrifice but using the Supreme Law of Space made his world even more extensive. 

A smile formed on his face as he saw his step succeeding. It seemed as if skipping the step of sacrificing his Martial Soul was not only successful, but it also gave him a lot of benefits. 

"What if I use illusion and darkness law as well? One is a High-Grade Law, while the other is also the Supreme Law of Darkness. It can make my world even better."

Seeing the use of Space Law becoming a success, Long Chen's ambitions only increased as he started thinking of using more unorthodox methods. 

Soon, a crazy idea popped into his head. "The universe has darkness. My space is big enough to have multiple worlds. Why don't I make a universe instead of a world? Making two worlds seem to be possible."

He decided to make space inside space instead, which he was going to fill with darkness before creating two worlds there. If someone were to hear his ideas, they would have called him a psychopath or crazy. Even Xun would not have approved.

Unfortunately, Xun was outside, keeping an eye on the cave. She also couldn't hear Long Chen's thoughts. She didn't know the craziness Long Chen was concocting. 

As he had already decided, he didn't back off. His aim was to be as strong as possible before awakening his complete bloodline, and this was one method to make him stronger than usual. 

While the space he created kept sucking the Qi, he was absorbing; greedily, Long Chen started another process. 

He started using his Law of Darkness to fill the space with Darkness. The entire space kept getting darker and darker. 

It took him close to an hour to fill the entire space with Darkness. Nothing but Darkness could be seen in the space.

The Qi that was being absorbed also kept working to form the worlds. He was creating two worlds simultaneously, each at a considerable distance from the other.