Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1212 - 1212: Take Him

Long Chen grabbed the wrist of Gu Wan, who was about to grab the Snake Monarch. 

Gu Wan was stunned to see Long Chen catch him. He couldn't even see his movements which were too fast for his eyes. That wasn't all either. ​​

He could feel that Long Chen was strong. No matter how much he tried to free his hand, he wasn't even able to move it. It was clear that Long Chen was at least stronger than him. 

"That's right. You need to pass through my bodyguard to get to this Emperor," The Snake Monarch said proudly, making Long Chen glare at him. 

"I changed my mind. Take him with you," Long Chen lazily said as he freed the wrist of Gu Wan. 

Gu Wan had been trying to pull his wrist with all his strength, not expecting that Long Chen would free him so suddenly. 

As Long Chen freed him, Gu Wan failed to control himself as he fell on the ground. 

"Hahaha, isn't that Gu Wan from the Dark Moon Sect? Even a kid can make him fall?"

A burst of laughter echoed in the place, making everyone look in that direction to see a new group of youngsters that were coming down the stairs.

The new group had a lotus symbol on their chest. They seemed to be from a different Sect altogether. 

Gu Wan stood up as he rubbed his wrist while looking at Long Chen. 

Long Chen had shifted his attention to the receptionist. "Can I get my keys?"


The receptionist gave Long Chen the keys while standing in a daze.

"What do you mean he can take me?" The Snake Monarch argued.

"Where is the room?" Long Chen asked the receptionist. 

"F-first floor," the receptionist answered. 

Long Chen nodded as he started leaving, ignoring the words of the Snake Monarch. 

"Fine. Ignore me. It's not like I needed help. This Monarch can take care of himself," Snake Monarch snorted, but he still followed behind Long Chen. 

 While flying away, he didn't forget to turn back. 

"Next time, don't mess with your father. I don't want your mother to come crying to me that I beat up his son," he told Gu Wan, whose face was already red in embarrassment and shame. 

"I'll kill you both!" He roared as he brought his treasure Sword and ran toward Long Chen. However, instead of targeting the Snake Monarch, he was targeting Long Chen. 

Long Chen calmly turned back and watched the sword coming towards his chest. He moved his right hand to protect himself. 

His movements this time were clear and swift. Everyone could see them clearly, but somehow he was still faster than the sword that was coming towards him. 

Long Chen used two of his fingers as he caught the tip of the Sword. 

The sword stopped a few inches away from his chest, unable to move forward. 

It seemed like the same event that had previously taken place with his fist. No matter how much he tried, he couldn't move his Sword. Let alone pushing forward; Gu Wan wasn't even able to pull it back.

It seems like Long Chen was toying with him. 

He realized that Long Chen was stronger than him and was able to hold his fist, but how was he able to hold his sword! This didn't make sense to him. It was a treasure sword. It wasn't something that could so easily be caught like it was nothing. 

"I told you that you could take this shameless snake. Not that you could attack me. Are you really looking to be slaughtered?" Long Chen asked, frowning. 

Even the people from the other sect were stunned. They thought that Gu Wan was defeated by a weak person, but it was only now, when they saw with their own eyes, that they realized that they were wrong. Even they couldn't win against Long Chen. 

"Young Friend, I understand you are stronger than the other youngsters, but a man should never be arrogant. You might be strong, but you're still without a backing. Don't create trouble for yourself by offending the Dark Moon Sect."

This time, the person who had chimed in was an old man that had been sitting at a nearby table all this time. He seemed to be drinking his tea. It was only now that he was interfering. 

Long Chen turned to look at the old man as he subtly observed his strength. 

'Interesting. This old man isn't weak at all. He's slightly stronger than even the Elders that are accompanying the Sect youngsters. Albeit, his cultivation is still nothing in front of mine. It looks like he is trying to show off while acting as a mysterious expert,' Long Chen thought, smiling. 

" May I ask who you are?" Long Chen asked.

"This old man is nothing but an ordinary man who owns this hotel," the old man answered. 

"Is that so? So what do you think I should do?" Long Chen asked, amused. He knew the old man couldn't see his strength. As Long Chen hadn't released his aura, he was sure no one here knew that he was as strong as a General in the Immortal World. 

After the four Emperors, the Four Generals were the strongest in the Immortal World. Unfortunately, only three of the Generals were left as Long Chen had already killed one of the four Generals inside the dragon temple. 

The old man was nowhere close to being as strong as the Generals, but he was sufficiently strong enough for this place. Maybe that's why he acted like this. 

"I think you should apologize to the Dark Moon Sect and let them have your room as an apology. I'll arrange a different place for you," the old man said calmly. 

"Is that so? And if I don't?" Long Chen asked, curious. 

"If you don't, then I'll have to throw you out of my hotel before they kill you," the old man answered, pointing towards the Elders of the Dark Moon Sect. 

"What if they try to kill me outside?' Long Chen asked. 

"I'll ask them to forgive you too. But if you don't listen to me, I will let them do what they want. You hurt them; they'll hurt you. And this old man will just sit and watch, unfortunately. Don't let the situation deteriorate to that level," the old man told Long Chen calmly. 

Long Chen couldn't help but laugh as he heard all this. 

"Is that so? The way you are talking, let me guess a few things. I think you'll be surprised at how close I can be," Long Chen said.