Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 845 - 845: Torment

"He took from me. I will take from him," Xu Liang muttered gravely as he walked closer to Ming Lan. 

Ming Lan was unable to move. She couldn't even think of anything. The time had stopped for her. She didn't know that Xu Liang was walking towards her with a knife in his hand. 

"We're here," Long Chen said softly as he looked at the entrance of the hotel. 

"Yeah. Let's get out of here fast after taking the kid and Sister-in-law. If the people found them, we might be in trouble," Ji Shan replied, sighing. He walked ahead and entered the hotel first while Long Chen walked from behind.

As soon as Ji Shan stepped inside, he stopped as if he wasn't able to move. 

Long Chen stopped and asked, "Hmm? What happened?" 

He didn't get any response from Ji Shan.

"Is something wrong?" Long Chen called out as he moved ahead. 


Before he could step inside the hotel, he heard Xun's shout.

"What happened?" Long Chen asked as he stopped.

"Don't step inside. He is stuck in time. If I'm not wrong, someone who knows the Law of Time is inside the hotel. They had stopped the time inside. I felt the instability in time, but my suspicions became true after seeing the condition of your friend," Xun answered as she appeared near him.

"Someone with the Law of Time is inside? Why would he stop time? Heck, Ming Lan is upstairs as well. I don't feel good suddenly. Can I go inside if I cover myself with the Space Barrier? Space can counter time. If I'm in a different space as I walk, I shouldn't be affected," Long Chen asked as he frowned. He didn't want to leave the others who were inside at the mercy of the one who owned the Law of Time. 

"It can work, but I have a better way if you want to go inside. You can use that thing. It should protect you from the effects of time," Xun told Long Chen as she smiled.

Long Chen looked at her in confusion before he asked, "What thing?"

" The Sword that rules over Time. The Artifact that even gods lusted after and the one even Demons were ready to wage war for. Since you possess the Sword of Time, you can use that to safeguard yourself against these negative effects of time," Xun answered. 

"Alright. Let's see what the one inside is after," Long Chen muttered as he pulled out the Sword of Time. 

Holding the black rusted sword, he stepped inside. 

He walked closer to Ji Shan and looked at him. It was right. Ji Shan wasn't aware of anything. He was actually paused in time and not stuck in space.

Leaving Ji Shan behind, he walked towards the stairs since he wanted to make sure that Ming Lan and Xu Liang were safe or not. He was also wondering if this was because of Xu Liang.

Xu Liang was a strange kid who had a power that was way unorthodox. Even Long Chen didn't know what powers he had and up to what extent they spread out. 

It was possible that he had powers related to time as well. Maybe he lost control of his powers like last time? That could've been one of the reasons. 

If it was the truth, then Long Chen needed to get to him fast before he caused destruction like last time. 

Long Chen ran upstairs.


"Hmm? It looks like we have guests. Being able to move in my Time Domain. Not bad," Wu Lia muttered as he felt the movement inside the hotel. 

He didn't know who the person was, but since they were able to move so freely, it meant that they were strong. He had a vague idea about who the person might be.

"It's good that he's here. He can watch her dead body with his own eyes. It'll be fun. However, I am a bit curious. How is he able to move in my time domain?" he muttered as he glanced back.

"Do it! He's coming. If you do it now, you can watch his expressions as he watched yours when you were in pain because of him. Do it now!" Wu Lia insisted as he told Xu Liang to hurry.

Xu Liang took a deep breath as he held the knife firmly. He could remember the time he spent with Long Chen and the lady who took care of him like he was their own child. 

It was all fake. They all lied! It was all acting; he didn't as he thrust the knife towards Ming Lan's stomach.

"I smell blood."

The five men team that had come here from the Empire stopped in front of the Xie Clan. They were walking through the city. They had to pass through here on their trip; however, as soon as they got here, one of the five pointed out.

"That's true. It's like a slaughter had taken place here. It doesn't feel like minor bloodshed either," Lim Yi pointed out. 

"Could it be that it's the Xie Clan that guy talked about? He said his army was here to clear traitor," she continued.

"We don't have to income ourselves in the matters of insects. Let's continue walking," Du Lian said as she shook her head.

"Well, I have an idea. How about we step inside ourselves. We can have fun clearing the insects. We're getting bored anyway. Aren't the Traitors already going to die? It's like we have a license to kill them." Lim Yi nodded her head. 

"That's true. We can also finish them faster. The army of the Kingdom can be free fast. They can get to the task of searching for the traitor after that," Bo Xo agreed.

They all looked towards Fu Min since he was the leader. 

"Fine. We will do it. Let's have some fun," Fu Min let out as he smirked. 

The five stepped inside the Xie Clan and walked towards the center, where the trail of blood led them.

In no time, they were standing where the battle of Long Chen and the Heaven Realm Cultivators took place.

"So many Heaven Realm Cultivators have died. Most of them are wearing the Attire of the Royal Clan. Was the enemy really strong enough to deal with them so easily?" Gu Yan muttered as he saw the bodies on the ground.

"The King is so foolish. How could he not know the true strength of his enemy before sending the army? It's like they didn't even know who they were fighting," Lim Yi said as she shook her head.