Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1318 - 1318: Help Me

When she saw Long Chen hurt Obuta, she didn't realize that he just wanted the stone which apparently belonged to him before it was tossed here.

Moreover, in a way, he was taking care of her too, since Obuta could have exposed her involvement and had her punished. She wondered if she was too hasty before. 

Unfortunately, she couldn't change the past now. All she could do was regret the way things went down. 

In the meantime, the old man returned, carrying a young man who was missing both his hands and one of his legs. 

"Is that the work of Long Chen?" Zhu Chang asked the Blood Dragon Emperor, noticing the condition of the young man. 

"That's right. He was interrogating him, but the boy refused to answer," The Blood Dragon Emperor replied.  .

"That explains it," Zhu Chang muttered, smiling. 

"So, where is the stone?" He asked the old man. 

"Obuta, tell them where the stone is. Give it to them," The old man told Obuta, who was looking down.

"T-the stone isn't with me. I threw it away," Obuta answered, stuttering. 

"Young man, you should stop with the excuses. Because we will either leave this place with the stone, or we'll leave this place with your head. Decide what you want to happen," Zhu Chang threatened the young boy, taking a step forward. 

Three illusory knives appeared near the young man, resting on his neck. 

"I-i am not lying!" Obuta replied, scared. "B-but I know where I tossed it! I can take you there! That stone should be there."

"Fine. Take us there. And for your sake, you better pray that the stone is that," Zhu Chang lazily stated.

The old man started flying, carrying Obuta, following his directions. He also carried the young girl with him. 

Zhu Chang and the Blood Dragon Emperor followed after them.

After a short flight, everyone landed on the ground in the middle of the forest. 

"Hmm? This place?" Seeing the place, Zhu Chang couldn't help but smile wryly. He recognized this place as the one where he flew in search of the stone. 

If the stone was here, it was going to mean that she ignored the stone which was right under his nose and flew past it. That meant he was the reason that Long Chen had to interrogate Obuta and the reason Long Chen faced the old man?

So the cause of Long Chen's imprisonment was Zhu Chang indirectly? That's what he believed, at least. If he had seen the stone, he could have informed Long Chen, and everything would have been avoided. 

At this point, Zhu Chang was praying that the stone wasn't here because if it was, then it was going to mean that he was to blame here for everything.

"Ah, there it is! I found it!"

Unfortunately, Zhu Chang's prayers weren't heard as Obuta found the stone not far from there. It wasn't even that hard to see. It was just that Zhu Chang was that careless when he flew past this place because he was bored. 

Zhu Chang scratched the back of his head in embarrassment. Fortunately, no one knew he had flown past this place, or it would've been even more embarrassing. 

"Ah, so here it is. Unfortunately, I flew from all the way over there, so I couldn't find it. If I had flown from here, I would have seen it, no doubt!" Zhu Chang exclaimed, ridding himself of all responsibility. 

He claimed that he was never here as he walked to the bushes. He picked up the world traveling stone. 

"Good. Now I have the stone, you can leave," he declared lazily. 

"Thank you, Your Highness. Thank you for the mercy!" The old man turned around.


The old man was just about to fly when he stopped as he heard the voice of Zhu Chang. 

"Yes, My Lord?" He asked, turning around. 

"Here, feed this pill to that boy in your arms. His wounds would heal," Zhu Chang said, tossing a pill. 

Now that he knew that it was all his fault, he wanted to make up for it to some extent. 

"Thank you so much," The old man bowed in respect as he gave the pill to Obuta. 

Obuta ate the pill, finding its effects to be miraculous. His arms and his legs grew within seconds. 

"Godly effects," He muttered in amazement. 

"As expected of a Heavenly Pill," The old man also complimented. 

He again thanked Zhu Chang before he flew away. 

As the old man and the two youngsters with him left, only Zhu Chang and the Blood Dragon Emperor were left behind 

"So, are we going to the Heavenly Realm now?" Blood Dragon Emperor asked Zhu Chang. 

Even though he wanted to leave Long Chen behind and get back to his real body, he knew that he had to act loyal to Long Chen. 

"That's right. But I'm still wondering how I'll handle it. I can't let Heavenly Emperor know that I'm there, but I still want to bring Long Chen out. I wonder how I can achieve it." 

"That's tough indeed. Without Heavenly Emperor's support, we can't do anything," The Blood Dragon Emperor let out. "I mean, it's not as if we can break inside the prison and help Long Chen escape."

"A prison break?" Zhu Chang muttered. His eyes shone as an idea popped in his head. A smirk formed on his face. "That's right! Why didn't I think of this before! We don't need Heavenly Emperor's permission to break inside the prison and take Long Chen with us."

"By the time the Heavenly Emperor would know about this, we would be out of the Heavenly Realm!" he continued. "It's just perfect!"

"W-what? Are you serious?"

"Hahaha! Of course, I am! Why won't I be?" Zhu Chang said, laughing. 

"But won't that upset the Heavenly Emperor? He will blame you!" Blood Dragon Emperor exclaimed. 

"So?" Zhu Chang asked, smiling. "Heavenly Emperor can raise the issue with my old man. That doesn't matter. In any case, I'm on the right here. When I'm in the mood to go back, I can just go back and tell father everything."

"I must say, you're really brave," The Blood Dragon Emperor let out, shaking his head. "But before we go there, I have a suggestion."

"What suggestion?" Zhu Chang asked. 

"Since we'll be going to the Heavenly Realm, it would be better if I was stronger. This weak body of mine would be a disadvantage!" Blood Dragon Emperor exclaimed. 

"So? Do you want me to help you get stronger?" Zhu Chang asked. "We don't have that much time."

"No, you don't need to do anything. Just help me get to my real body!" Blood Dragon Emperor replied.