Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1147 - 1147: Prince

"Huh, did you even need to ask that? Of Course, I'll treat them well. I'll make sure they get the same dignity as our other members," Ling said, nodding her head.

"That's better. That's all I want," Long Chen told Ling. "See? Now I also got my farewell gift from you. I can't take anything else, or it'll be unfair."

Ling looked at Long Chen blankly, understanding clearly. It was his trick. He didn't want her coin. Could it be that he really wanted her to keep her heirloom? 

'It couldn't be because he really hated the coin or didn't want it? If that were the case, he would've taken it and tossed it in some corner when I wasn't looking,' Ling thought, understanding Long Chen's intentions. 

She couldn't help but smile as she said, "Fine, I'll keep it."

Long Chen and Ling kept walking towards the Yu Clan when both of them noticed a Royal Carriage coming towards them. It seemed to be the Royal Clan of your Second Rank Kingdom.

The carriage stopped before Long Chen and Ling, from which a young man stepped out. 

The man seemed to be as young as Long Chen, and he seemed pretty handsome too. 

He approached Ling and stopped before her. 

"Ling, I was just coming to meet you," he told Ling. 

"Prince Ding, what do you need?" Ling asked. "I'm in a hurry. Can you please finish fast?"

"Actually, I wanted to invite you to dinner. Would you like to come with me tonight? It's in the palace," the Prince asked Ling. 

"I'm sorry, but I'll have to decline. I have something important to do," Ling said, refusing. 

"Oh, alright,"  the Prince sighed. "I'm sorry for disturbing you. I'll ask some other day."

He turned to look at Long Chen, who stood near Ling. 

"I think I saw you before," he said, rubbing his chin. 

"Yeah. My posters are everywhere," Long Chen replied as he smiled wryly. "So I don't doubt it."

"I'm the person who killed the Elders of the Supreme Sect," he added as he pointed towards a poster that was on the nearby wall. "See? They even placed a reward on me. You can contact them if you want."

"Y-you..." As the Prince noticed the obscure poster in the distance, he realized. It was Long Chen who was wanted by the Supreme Sects. 

He couldn't understand what he could even do at this point. It wasn't as if he could arrest Long Chen. Long Chen had killed the Elders of the Supreme Sects. He was too strong for his Kingdom. Even the Empires wouldn't be able to do anything against Long Chen. 

On the other hand, if he informed the Supreme Sects, he might get the rewards, but the Yu Clan will be punished for having relation to Long Chen. 

He couldn't watch the Yu Clan get punished. He was in love with Ling. Watching her be hurt was the last thing he wanted to do.

"Don't tell it so openly. Keep yourself hidden and leave this Kingdom as fast as you can. For the time being, I won't contact the Supreme Sects, but others might. So don't show off. You'll put Ling in danger too," the Prince told Long Chen as he turned back.

He walked back to his carriage, which started leaving. 

"Was he the Prince of the Kingdom?" Long Chen asked Ling, confused. 

"That's right. He's the Crown Prince," Ling answered. 

"I like that guy. He is a nice guy. He loves you, and he's even ready to put his Kingdom in danger to keep your Clan safe. Not bad. I think you should give him a try in the future. He's one you should keep an eye on," Long Chen told Ling as he chuckled. 

After how many arrogant princes he had met that treated others like slaves, meeting this guy was like a breath of fresh air. 

Ling didn't say anything and just gazed at the Carriage that was moving away. 


Long Chen and Ling returned to the Yu Clan.

Long Chen walked to the courtyard of Yu Tianhao alone, leaving Ling behind. 

He didn't want their parents to see them together, giving them a second thought.

As he entered the room, he found his Father, Grandfather, and Yu Tianhao drinking beer as they laughed. 

"Father, we need to leave too." Long Chen reminded Long Jun.

"I remember. Just give me an hour. Who knows, when I'll see him again," Long Jun told Long Chen, who also took a chair and sat down. 

Time kept passing as the conversation continued. An hour passed, and that also happened to be when the bottle of alcohol finished. 

"Alright, Tianhao. I think we should leave now. Before my son started throwing tantrums," Long Jun laughed as he stood up.  

"How about you spend the night here?" Yu Tianhao asked Long Jun, who swiftly refused. 

"We can't. Thank you for hosting us. And it felt really good to meet you again," Long Jun told Yu Tianhao. 

"Oh right, I completely forgot. I didn't even see your daughter. Before I leave, let me meet. Where is that girl?" He asked as if he suddenly remembered. 

"She should be outside. Come let me show you," Yu Tianhao said as he escorted everyone outside. 

As they stepped outside, they realized that Ling was standing right outside the door.

"Ah, Ling. Come, greet your Uncle Jun and Grandpa Ren," Yu Tianhao told Yu Ling.

Ling was standing stunned as she heard her father. Long Jun? Wasn't he Long Chen's father? He was alive?

"Why are you standing in a daze? Did you forget matters?" Yu Tianhao asked as he smiled wryly, bringing Ling out of her daze. 

Ling greeted Ling Jun and Long Ren properly. 

"Ling, huh. This is my first time seeing you, but I must say, you really are pretty," Long Jun said, praising Ling. He turned to look at Long Chen as he asked, "Are you sure you two don't want to get married?"

"Father, are you looking to get me killed by Mingyu and others?" Long Chen asked as he glared at his father. 

"I was only asking. I know you kids don't want to be married anyway," Long Jun told Long Chen.

He brought a treasure bracelet out of his storage ring, which he gave to Ling. 

Ling hesitated initially, but after Long Jun's insistence, she took the gift. 

The farewell was finished before Long Chen finally sent Long Jun and Long Ren back to his inner world. 

He looked at Yu Tianhao. "Bye, Uncle Tianhao."

"Bye Ling," he even bid farewell to Ling before he called out the Snake Monarch to leave, shocking the entire Yu Clan.