Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 211 - 211:Wind Essence

"Such a good opportunity to train myself and my skills." Long Chen said as a smile appeared in his face. One after another, thunderbolts kept falling according to Long Chen's wishes.

Less than a minute had passed before all the winged panthers were killed.

Two more minutes passed before a beast appeared. It was still a winged panther. The winged panther had the cultivation of the 1st stage of Earth Realm which was one strange higher than Long Chen who was at the 10th stage of the Gold Core Realm.

Long Chen still didn't move as he kept using his Thunder Blade. His mastery of the thunder blade improved even further as he finally achieved the Mid-level mastery of the thunder blade. He was now able to make two thunderbolts fall at the same time.

Beasts kept appearing and kept dying as fast as they appeared. Less than half an hour had passed and Long Chen had already killed over 44 beasts combined.

Long Chen was now facing a beast with the cultivation of the 4th stage of Earth Realm.

"Finally a different beast appeared. I was starting to get bored from the winged panthers." Long Chen muttered with a relieved look on his face.

He now faced a 4th stage Earth Realm Profound Blood Ape. Although it was called an ape, it looked just like a gorilla from Long Chen's world.

Profound Blood Apes were said to possess immense physical strength. They also had high agility. Although they looked big and heavy, they were as fast as wind.

"Enough practicing Thunder Blade. Time to stretch my arms." Long Chen smiled as he disappeared from his spot. A large crater appeared where he was just standing as the Profound Blood Ape's fist landed on the place where he was just standing.

"Looking for someone?" Long Chen said softly as he appeared behind the Profound Blood Ape like a ghost. He punched at its head. Before the Profound Demon Beast could turn back, Long Chen's fist landed on his head. His skull broke as he fell to the ground.

Before he could rest, 10 Profound Blood Apes appeared in front of him. They all disappeared like Wind as they used their agility.

Long Chen smiled as he packed a fist and closed his eyes. He abruptly punched to his right. A Profound  Blood Ape had just appeared there and was hit by Long Chen's fist. The Profound Blood Ape managed to survive as the fist landed on his chest and not on his head. A few of his chest bones broke as he flew back like a broken kite, but before he could crash on the ground, Long Chen disappeared from his spot and appeared behind the Profound Blood Beast.

Another fist landed on the back of the profound blood beast, finally killing it.

Long Chen beautifully danced with the winds as he kept killing the beasts one after another.

Stronger beasts kept appearing but none of them was enough to make Long Chen use his king's sword. Long Chen only used his mountain destroyer as he kept practicing the Seven Forms of Saint Sword.

As of now, Long Chen had only managed to comprehend the 5th form of the seven forms of sword saint. He had been trying to comprehend the 6th form but he felt as if something was missing.

Long Chen faced ten 5th stage Earth Realm Profound Blood Apes. The apes were much faster and stronger. Their defenses har also managed to ward off Long Chen's physical attacks.

They become one with the wind. The 6th form of the seven forms of Saint Sword talked about the same principle.

"Only when the sword is one with the wind, can the wind slay the enemies." Long Chen muttered as he remembered a phrase from the description of the 6th form from the 7 forms of the Saint Sword.

"Although I can still keep up to the Profound Blood Apes, it's all because of the Earthly Monarch Effect. Every time I use my movement skills, I am able to feel the resistance of the wind. If I could ignore the resistance like the Profound Blood Ape, my speed would have been much faster." Long Chen muttered as he fell in deep thought. Although he was lost in thoughts, he still didn't forget about the Profound Blood Ape. He kept dodging the attacks of the beasts as he thought about improving.

"Let's try it once more." Long Chen muttered as he gripped his mountain destroyer tightly in his hand.

"Seven Forms of Saint Sword: Sixth Form Armageddon! " Long Chen muttered as he got into a stance. He swung his sword in a circular motion as he spun around at 360 degrees.

A bright arc of light escaped from his sword as it moved outwards. From the top, it looked like a beautiful circle that was extending in diameter with Long Chen at the center. All the Profound Blood Apes that had disappeared in the wind were cut apart as the circle of light kept getting bigger until it completely disappeared from his view.

"It was better than before, but still not as effortless as it could have been. Although there was still some resistance, it wasn't as bad as before." Long Chen said lightly as a smile appeared on his face.

"Good work. I never expected you to master the 6th form before finding the wind orb" A voice came in Long Chen's mind.

"Xun, What are you talking about? Why would I need the wind orb to comprehend the 6th form in the seven forms of Saint Sword?" Long Chen asked with a confused look on his hand.

"You don't realize what you have done, did you?" Xun chuckled as she said to Long Chen.

"What did I do?" He said as he still couldn't understand what she was talking about.

" You remember the phrase ...' Only when the sword is one with the wind, can the wind slay the enemies.'. It means that you need to comprehend the wind element to master the 6th form! I thought you would master the 6th Form after you comprehend the Law of Wind from the orb, but you turned out to be faster than I had assumed." Xun said in a happy tone as she praised Long Chen.

"Are you implying that I learned the Law of Wind? Nope, I don't feel any such thing."Long Chen shook his head as he responded.

"You didn't learn the Law of Wind as you haven't formed the Law Seed, but successfully managed to comprehend the Wind Essence. That's the first step in the path of self-learning a law. Although the law of wind is a basic law and not a supreme law, it's still quite difficult to comprehend. Even learning the essence of the law takes a few years." Xun further said as she chuckled.

"Looks like you're going to be busy. I'll talk to you later. Keep practicing the 6th form. It will further help with your comprehension." Xun said before she went silent.

"Hah... never expected to see you here," Long Chen muttered as he gazed at the 6th stage Earth Realm Devil Hunter Beast in front of him.

He placed his mountain destroyer back in his storage ring and brought out the King's Sword.

"Time to get serious." Long Chen gazed at the devil Hunter Beast with a serious look on his face.

He moved from his sword as he advanced towards the Devil Hunter Beast like a valiant warrior. He swung his sword towards the beast but the beast disappeared from his spot and appeared behind him as it swung its claws.

Long Chen hurriedly turned back as he brought his sword between him and the claws. Despite using his strength, Long Chen was pushed back a few steps.

"6th stage Earth Realm Devil Hunter beast is really strong. Can't wait to see Orion get this strong" Long club muttered with a smile as he attacked the beast again.


Back at the Trial Formation Hall, Everyone was waiting eagerly for the last three participants to come out.

After some time, one of the doors opened and the first person came out. It was a blue-haired girl. She was the Princess of the Shui Kingdom, Yue Fei.

Most of them had already expected her to be the first person to come out.

"You can stand at the back. I will announce the final results when the other two come out." The Elder in charge said as he gazed at her.

"Hmm..." She nodded as she walked back towards Yue Luan.

"What was your score?" Yue Luan Asked with a smile as he gazed at Yue Fei.

Yue Fei smiled in an embarrassed manner as she showed Yue Luan the back of her badge.

"This.... this...." Yue Luan stuttered as soon as he saw her score.

"I can't say that I didn't see that coming." Yue Luan shook his head lightly as he gazed at the back of his own badge.

His badge had a score of 90 points as for hers ...