Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1001 - 1001: World Future

The men were caught off-guard as Long Chen attacked them. They hadn't expected to be attacked, so they didn't even take any precaution. They could only watch as the bright arc of light came flying to cut them in half. 

Their half bodies dropped to the ground. Their eyes remained open even after they had died.  

"You talk too much," Long Chen muttered as he sighed while keeping the sword back in his storage ring. 

Dealing with these men only took him a second. Now that he was finished and free, he glanced back to see if the woman was still running. 

Glancing back, he realized that she was still running. Probably she didn't realize that the men chasing after her were already dead. In any case, he didn't need to stop her either. She herself told him to stay out of it. So he wasn't going to stop her. In any case, she was probably going to turn back soon. 

Instead of waiting for her, he started walking away. He had his own thing to do. 

The woman finally turned back, but she did so after five minutes. As she turned back, wondering why the men weren't shouting for her to stop and to see how much distance she had on them, she realized that she was no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't find the men. 

She had come too far even to be able to see their bodies. Let alone seeing them, she also couldn't see Long Chen. 

"What happened? Did they stop chasing after me?" She wondered as she looked out in shock. " Did they stop to kill that youngster first?"

She started thinking that Long Chen was the reason for those men not to chase her. Unfortunately, she was only half right. It wasn't because those men were focusing on Long Chen but because Long Chen had already killed them. 

Long Chen wondered as she frowned. 

"By now, he should already be dead. Even if I go back, I can't save him. The most I can do is use the opportunity I've been given to escape," she said as she again started running away. 


"I guess this mountain isn't really a good choice as it is. There are no caves here. And I can't stay in the open. It's not as isolated as I thought. If the sect members can come here once, they can come here again. I shouldn't leave myself vulnerable," Long Chen thought as he frowned. 

He had searched a lot but didn't manage to find any suitable place inside the mountain. 

"Fine. If there's none, I can make one on my own," He mumbled as he thought of an idea. He was going to use the same trick he had used when he had broken through to the Heaven Realm in the last trial of worlds. 

He was going to create a cave inside the ground, which he was going to cover. 

"I'll need someone to help me too. In case someone found me, I need protection. The people here aren't this strong, so Zhiqing should be a good option. She's pretty strong now. I can have Xia for her help too," he tried to think of a plan as he rubbed his chin. 

"Oh right. That reminds me! Xia! I had sent her inside the ocean to find the exit of the Fake World. I don't need that now. I should really call her back. Did she even finish? Can't believe I forget her!"

A wry smile formed on Long Chen's face as he realized that he had messed up. 

"The inner world is controlled by me. I can make it, so the time moves much faster there. That will facilitate the growth of new life there. It would become just like a normal world with humans. I'll also throw some Cultivation knowledge there to make it progress even more."

" Within months, it should be comparable at least to the backwater kingdom where the highest Cultivation was Earth Realm. That would make it as close to home as it can be. My family will also be strongest there, and because of the population, they won't feel lonely. With time, I can make the world even better," he added as if he was talking to himself. 

As he talked in the open, Xun was able to hear him. She had known that he had formed an inner world with the breakthrough to heaven realm, but even she hadn't known that he had actually formed two inner worlds. 

"Do you really want to make those changes to your inner world?" she asked Long Chen. 

"Yeah, is there something wrong?" Long Chen asked, not understanding her. 

"You used the inner world as a weapon to kill people stronger than you last time. If you make it a populated world, you can't do that without having the people of that world die. In short, you can only choose one of the two. Keep it as a weapon or keep it as a world for your family," Xun explained. 

"Your family is already pretty comfortable in the Fake World. It's no different than the real world anyway. The only difference might be that you can't control it as much as you want and the population is less. But other than that, you don't need to shift them. Keeping your inner world as a weapon will be much better in the long run," she further explained. 

Long Chen nodded his head. Her words did make sense. Using a world as a weapon was indeed good. 

Unfortunately, he could easily do that. Moreover, he had already thought about it. What Xun didn't know was that he had two inner worlds and not one. He could easily do both things. 

He had already decided to make one of his inner worlds as a normal world while simultaneously adjusting his other inner world to make it more effective of a weapon. 

"Don't worry. I know what I'm doing," he told Xun. 

"It was my duty to inform you. If you take my suggestion or not, that's on you," Xun snorted as she stopped talking. She already understood from Long Chen's tone that he wasn't going to listen to her. 

"Xun, come out for a moment. There's something important. I didn't want to tell you this since you yourself are unaware of it. So it's not entirely your fault, but I still think I should tell you now. It's been too long anyway," Long Chen said gravely. 

Xun wondered why he was so serious. Did something happen?

She appeared right in front of him. " What is it?"