Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1292 - 1292: Defeated

Zhi Chang killed the Snow Beast King, taking his sweet time as he didn't forget to beat him properly while scolding him for misunderstanding their positions. 

It was only after a long time that Zhu Chang killed the Snow Beast King. 

"He really thought a mortal was my boss? Hmph!" Finished killing the Snow Beast, Zhu Chang turned back, only to remember that he was a part of a competition. 

In this mess, he had completely forgotten about it, but he wasn't worried even now. He could simply kill all the beasts in the city. He didn't believe that Long Chen was capable of killing everyone in such a short time. 

He flew back to Long Chen, who was standing with his arms behind his back. A subtle smile remained on Long Chen's lips as he observed Zhu Chang, who had just returned. 

Zhu Chang was also surprised, noticing all the beasts here were dead. They were all killed by Long Chen.. It didn't take him long to understand why Long Chen was smirking. He was apparently happy that he won. 

Zhu Chang also chuckled. "You think you won? There are more beasts in the city. The beasts in this arena can't compare to their sheer number. It's not over yet."

Long Chen didn't react. He simply started floating in the air with a cheeky smile plastered on his face. "Go ahead and kill them then."

Zhu Chang felt a bit suspicious. Still, he flew back to get back the lead he had lost. 

After twenty minutes, he returned to Long Chen, frowning. How did you do it so fast?" He asked Long Chen grimly. 

No matter where in the city he went, he couldn't find an alive beast. They were all dead. Apparently Long Chen had killed all the beasts, not only in the arena but in the entire city.

There was no way for Zhu Chang to defeat him now. Everyone here was dead. He couldn't believe how fast Long Chen had killed them all. 

It should have been impossible with the speed and skills he had shown. Then how did he do it? Many questions floated in his head as he stared at Long Chen. 

"How did you do it? What skill were you hiding?" he asked again. 

"Does it even matter now?" Long Chen asked, smiling. "You were distracted while I wasn't. That's the only secret to it. I didn't waste a single second of my time. It was hard work, but I managed to successfully achieve it."

"Now, time for my rewards. I wonder what they were again. Ah, right. I got ten wishes from you. No matter what ten things I ask for, you'll do that for me as long as it doesn't involve killing yourself. Isn't that right?" Long Chen asked, smirking. 

"Hmph, that's right! You were lucky that I was distracted. But I won't back off. I'll keep my word. Tell me your ten wishes," Zhu Chang told Long Chen. 

"Wait, that wasn't all. I think you promised me something else too, right? What was that? My memory is a bit weak. I can't seem to remember," Long Chen muttered, rubbing his chin. 

Zhu Chang remained silent. He didn't wish for Long Chen to remember about the other thing since that was embarrassing for him. 

"If you can't remember, then it mustn't be anything important. Forget it. Let's talk about your ten wishes. Tell me what they are? Let me get it done with," he said, changing the topic. He didn't wish for Long Chen to remember. 

"You have such a weak memory. It happened only recently. How could you forget? The other thing was about him calling you boss." A voice came from the distance, belonging to Blood Dragon Emperor who chimed in, angering the Zhu Chang. 

Zhu Chang doesn't want Long Chen to know, but not he had no other choice. Long Chen knew about it now. 

"Ah, that's right. It was for him to call me boss," Long Chen let out, nodding. 

He glanced in the direction of Zhu Chang, noticing a weird expressions on his face. 

"Fine! I'll do that too!" Zhu Chang let out, rolling his eyes. 

"Don't worry. I won't have you do that. This competition was fun. That itself was enough. Moreover, the ten wishes are a good add-on. I don't need to make you do anything that would hurt your self esteem," Long Chen told Zhu Chang, smiling. 

"No matter what you think of me, but the trip with you has been fun for me. I don't want to put you on the spot. Instead of having you call me boss, I would much rather you call me a friend," he added, reaching out his hand towards Zhu Chang. 

"Friend?" Zhu Chang asked, stunned. 

He observed the hand of Long Chen, surprised. 

Ultimately, he shook his hand as he smiled. "It was fun for me too. And thank you for not making me go through the whole boss thing. Even though I don't consider humans as an equal, for you, I'll make an exception."

He also reached out his hand, shaking Long Chen's hands. "Friends."

An odd friendship took place between a Heavenly Beast and a young man who was being chased by the Heavenly Beast Kings for his tamed beast, a friendship that would have been unlikely, but now it became a reality. 

"Now tell me. What are your ten wishes?" Zhu Chang asked Long Chen. "Let me finish them."

"I don't have any wishes at the moment. Can I tell you later when I do?" Long Chen asked. 

"Hmm? Alright. If that's what you want, then tell me later," Zhu Chang nodded. 

"Shall we get going now?" Long Chen asked, looking around at the destruction that was caused here.

"Yeah. We still need to find what you're looking for. We also have the game to complete. If I win, I can get one wish too. Then I can cancel one of your ten wishes with one of mine. You'll only have nine left. Maybe I can slowly trickle down other wishes too," Zhu Chang let out, smiling. 

"For that, you'll need to defeat me. Who knows, instead of becoming nine, it might become eleven," Long Chen smirked as he started flying away. 

"Nope! I won't let you win a second time," Zhu Chang replied, following after Long Chen. 

Blood Dragon Emperor also followed the two of them, lost in thought of his own. Surprisingly, Long Chen had made friends with a Heavenly Beast. His position was very high now. 

Previously, he was thinking of killing Long Chen after getting his body, but now he dropped the plan.