Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1110 - 1110: Testing God Tier Ability

Long Chen and the Snake Monarch reached the end of the continent where they had to sneakily enter the last time. However, this time, things were different. 

Today was the day where Long Chen believed that he was finally completely healed. 

In his excitement, he had told the Snake Monarch to stop flying and land on the ground even though they were only a short distance away from the barrier of entry. 

Landing on the ground, Long Chen sent his consciousness inside his Inner World after he told the Snake Monarch to guard him.

As he entered the Inner World, he appeared inside the new Long Clan. 

The Long Clan had settled down inside this city, and his grandfather had even formed a friendship with the King here, who respected him a lot after seeing his incredible strength and his charitable nature. 

The King had given many freedoms to the Long Clan since he didn't want to antagonize them. In any case, it was evident that these people didn't want to take over the clan. If they wanted that, they could have easily taken over the Kingdom with their incredible strength. 

That placed the mind of the King at ease, helping him sweeten his relationship with the Long Clan patriarch. 

The Long Clan was even allowed to recruit people from the Kingdom into their clan. 

The reputation of the new and strong clan had reached far and wide; thus, many talented people were coming to join the clan. 

As Long Chen entered the clan, he couldn't help but smile. The clan was flourishing. New people could be seen all around the clan. They were the people who had become the Long Clan members. 

Long Chen walked into the room of his Grandfather. 

As he entered the room, he found that a meeting was taking place there. 

"Sorry for barging in. Continue your meeting," Long Chen said as he closed the door again.

"Wait, Chen'er!"

Long Chen and Long Jun told everyone in the room to leave for a little while as the meeting regarding the expansion was canceled for the day. 

Long Chen again entered as he heard himself being called. 

"Come on in! Do you even need to leave? We're never busy for you," Long Ren told his grandson as he laughed heartily. 

The others in the room, leaving only Long Ren, his son, and his grandson inside. 

"Grandfather, how are things progressing with the clan? And are there any problems that I can help with?' Long Chen asked.

"Hahaha, none at all. Life is as perfect as it can be. The people of this city are so nice," Long Ren answered. 

"That's better. That's all I wanted to ask. I'll go meet mother. If you have anything you want me to go here, just think about it and tell me when I'm here tomorrow," Long Chen for his Grandfather before he turned to leave.

"You only wanted to say this?" Long Ren asked, surprised. 

"That's right. That's why I didn't want to disturb your meeting. You should have thought before canceling the meeting," Long Chen said as he laughed while leaving. 

He walked to his mother's room and greeted her as well, but he didn't spend much time there since he was in a hurry. 

He only spent a few minutes with his family inside the mansion before he finally got to Mingyu and Zhiqing, who were practicing their battle. 

"You're here. Come join us in training," the girls told Long Chen, aiming their swords at him. 

"That's what I'm here for. I want to bring you out to test the theory of the Sword of Time if it can absorb the attacks of enemies or not. And how it does that. Now that I am perfectly healthy, it seems like the best time. If it works, it would be god tier ability," Long Chen told the girls.

"Alright. Let's go outside then," Mingyu and Zhiqing agreed. 

Long Chen brought the two ladies out of the Inner World. You're here as well? That's good. I was starting to get bored," the Snake Monarch said as he noticed Mingyu and Zhiqing. "This guy has been so boring throughout this journey. Not even talking to me."

"Hahaha, we missed you too," Zhiqing burst into laughter as she heard the Snake Monarch's words. 

As Zhiqing and Snake Monarch talked, Long Chen walked back and stood firm with the Sword of Time in his hand. 

"Mingyu, first you attack with your stronger attack. I'll see if it works," Long Chen told Mingyu as he braced himself for the attack. 

"Alright," Mingyu nodded. "On the count of three."

"One... Two... Three!"

At the count of three, Mingyu attacked Long Chen with the strongest attack that she had mastered yet. 

Long Chen repeated the same process as last time and sliced the attack with his. God Grade Sword. The attack was destroyed; however, Long Chen didn't feel like it was absorbed by the Sword. He didn't feel any change in his strength either. 

"Strange. It didn't work. The Sword also didn't shine like last time. If it's not this simple, then something must have triggered it last time. What could it be?" He thought as he frowned. 

"Zhiqing, you attack this time," he told Zhiqing.

Zhiqing stepped forward as she attacked Long Chen. The same thing happened again as Long Chen defended himself with the attack. Unfortunately, this time also, it didn't work. 

"What could it be then? Why isn't it working? The only difference between last time and now that I can think of is that my life was in danger last time, and without the sword acting, I might have been dead. Nothing else seems to be different," Long Chen gazed at his sword, wondering what might have happened.

"Does it only work when I'm in danger then? If that's the case, I can't cheat," he said, sighing. "No other explanation exists."

Just as Long Chen was wondering, Xun appeared near him. 

"You're not entirely correct. I can think of a few things that you're missing. That's also different from last time and now," Xun said. 

"Then what am I missing?" Long Chen asked. 

"Two things actually. The first is that you're in a different world. Unlike that world, this place has almost non-existent Origin Energy. That was why this sword had started affecting you so much in that world. So it could be possible that it's why this doesn't work," Xun told Long Chen. 

"Interesting. That explanation makes sense actually," Long Chen said, agreeing before he further asked. "What is the other possibility you were talking about?"