Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1130 - 1130: Ring Selection

"Death was written in my destiny as soon as I was stabbed with the knife. Then tell me why? Why did I run? Tell me if you want the inheritance, boy," the Saint King told Long Chen as he stared deep into his eyes.

"You would've died even if you had stayed there since most of your strength was gone. So instead of dying without being able to take revenge, you ran so you could find an heir to do it? Isn't this right?" Long Chen asked the Saint King, rolling his eyes. 

He had read a lot of stories like those, so he knew the gist by now. 

"H-how did you guess so easily?" Saint King asked, stunned. 

"Just call it my special ability. I'm pretty good at guessing things like that. Anyway, you want me to take your revenge, don't you?" Long Chen asked. 

"I, ah," the Saint King didn't know how to react. That's what he wanted, but to be put right on the spot like that, it was awkward. 

"Don't be shy; I know the trick by now. Be straight. Do you want me to take revenge for you?" Long Chen asked the Saint King. 

"Yes," the Saint King answered. 

"I won't," Long Chen straight away refused.

"I already have a hard life of my own. I have enemies of my own that might be bigger than your Northern Emperor. I can't be trapped in someone else's revenge. I have many things to do," he said. 

"If you want to have some other request, I'll do it," He further added. 

"I have no other request. This is my only request. If you can't do it, you can leave," Saint King answered.

"If you say so," Long Chen lazily said as he turned back to leave. To take enmity with the Northern Emperor was suicidal. He was the strongest in the Immortal World at one time. And he could only be stronger now.

He needed to cultivate and get stronger, not fall in the battles of others. 

"Fine, leave. But just remember, if you left today, you wouldn't be able to return. You won't get the inheritance. You won't get my Martial Skill and the Purified Origin Flowers," Saint King said to Long Chen, who had only taken one step. 

"Purified Origin Flowers? What's that?" Long Chen asked, turning back. 

"Little Spirit, from the looks on your face, it seems like you know. Go ahead and tell him," the Saint King told Xun, who seemed to be shocked at the name. 

"Purified Origin Flowers are rare flowers that contain the purified form of origin energy, but it's something that's also mixed with pure Qi so that Origin Energy from those flowers can easily be absorbed into the body, helping you breakthrough," Xun told Long Chen. 

"Think of it as the Qi Stones from where you get Qi to break through but even rarer," she further said.

"Long Chen, I don't think you should miss this chance. Only the Royalty in the Immortal World can have something like that. And it can help you break through a lot. Do what he says! Just the flowers themselves are worth it!" Xun told Long Chen, impleading him to take the offer. 

"But the Northern Emperor... The whole Immortal World will become my enemy," Long Chen muttered. 

"You're misunderstanding, boy. Not just the Northern Emperor but the other three Emperors too. They all schemed against me. Only if you promise to kill them all can I give you the inheritance. Or you can leave," Saint King chimed in, clarifying. 

Long Chen stared at the Northern Emperor, sighing. "Can't you first let me say yes for one before throwing the other three?"

"Whatever, I'll do it, but only when I'm strong enough. If you agree, then I agree as well," He said. 

"Alright. I accept, but you must take the heavenly oath. If you break it, you'll die. Take the oath that within a hundred years, you'll kill the four Emperors of the Immortal World!" Saint King told Long Chen. 

"Hundred years? Hundred years to become the Strongest in the Immortal World? Should be possible," Long Chen muttered as he folded his arms. 

"Within years, I grew so much. Hundred years should be enough but to take the Heavenly Oath..."

Long Chen had agreed, but he was still a bit hesitant about the Heavenly Oath. 

Just as he was trying to think if he could do it, he heard Xun's voice in his head. 

"Don't worry; a hundred years are enough for your bloodline to wake up completely. You can do it. Say yes," Xun told Long Chen, finally giving him the last bit of push he needed. 

"Alright, I accept," Long Chen told the Saint King.

"Good. Take the heavenly oath, and then we can start," Saint King told Long Chen, smiling. "The crystal is in my coffin too. Hold that in your hand when you take the oath."

Long Chen walked towards the coffin and picked up the red stone, which he kept in his hand as he started taking the oath. 

"I, Long Chen, take the Heavenly Oath that I will kill the Northern Emperor, Southern Emperor, Eastern Emperor, and Western Emperor within the next hundred years!" He declared. 

As soon as his oath was finished, the Crystal started shining momentarily before it turned to dust inside Long Chen's hand. 

"Good. Now we can start, go and pull out the ring from my fingers," Saint King told Long Chen.

"Which one? There are two," Long Chen asked as he noticed two storage rings, one in each hand. 

"The red one on the left hand..." Saint King told Long Chen.

Long Chen reached out his hand to take the ring when the Saint King continued, "... is something you shouldn't touch or you'll burn to death."

"What the heck?" Shouting, Long Chen retracted his hand, fortunately before touching the ring. 

"Can't you say that at the start? You almost had me killed!" Long Chen told the Saint King, who rubbed his head in embarrassment. 

"It's not my fault that you're so excited to take my treasures. You didn't even listen to me," Saint King replied. 

Snake Monarch also nodded his head as he chimed in, "Even though I don't like the guy, he's right. You should've listened properly."

"So I should take the gold one in your left hand? Or that will burn me too?" Long Chen asked, making sure if it was safe now or not. 

"You can take that. It's safe," Saint King said, smiling. 

"You sure?"

"They are my rings. Who will be sure if not me?"