Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1065 - 1065: Offending


Last time she had tried to keep the harmony on both sides and thought that no one was lying. But now that Mingyu knew that her brother was actually at fault, she especially felt bad for not believing when he had blamed her brother. 

She knew that Long Chen was innocent, and she believed that it was some outside force that was trying to get their family to fight. That's why she tried to play the middle person; as a result, hurting Long Chen. 

Now she had decided to stay with Long Chen even if it meant going against her family since her family was the one who hurt him. 

Seeing the determination of Mingyu and realizing that Long Chen had controlled himself and not killed her son, the Queen was also a bit relieved. 

She sighed in sadness that she'll never get to see her son, but at least he was alive. She was happy. And there was also a possibility of him returning on his own. 

She also sided with Long Chen and tried to convince her husband to let it go. Whatever happened has happened. Their son was safe and alive. 

Hearing all sides of the story, Emperor Lu didn't say anything. In any case, his whole purpose was to keep Long Chen here. So even if he was angry, he couldn't show it. 

He calmly smiled as he nodded his head. 

"Fine. I was in the wrong as well, so I can't complain. And our son deserved this punishment. Long Chen did nothing wrong. I forgive him."


Everything was settled as the Emperor forgave Long Chen. 

But Long Chen felt something was wrong. This was too simple. Something didn't feel right here.

"Little guy, is this old man scheming something? I find him creepy. Stay aware."

The Snake Monarch was still wrapped around Long Chen's neck like a scarf. He voiced his thoughts to let Long Chen know. 


Emperor Lu started coughing extensively as he heard the Snake Monarch's words, who hadn't kept his voice low.

"Sorry, father in law. This is my tamed beast. He's too suspicious of everyone. He is even suspicious of the little kids I meet along the way, saying they might be assassins. Don't take him seriously," Long Chen told his father in law, trying to do some damage control. 

The Snake Monarch was right. And he also felt the same way. But they couldn't say this out loud. If the enemy was going to use some deception, they needed to make a bigger deception to know the truth. That's why he couldn't let the Emperor know that they were suspicious. 

'This damn snake can never keep his mouth shut.'

Inside his head, Long Chen was already cursing. He was hoping that his words would be believed by the Emperor. Only by providing the Snake Monarch as crazy can he keep his suspicions a secret. 

"What the heck? Are you calling this Monarch crazy? Have you lost your mind?" The Snake Monarch called out, not understanding Long Chen. 

"Just stay silent and don't talk nonsense. Father-in- law has forgiven me, and the truth is out before everyone. Don't create any more misunderstanding now," Long Chen replied to the Snake Monarch, rolling his eyes. 

"Tsk, do what you want. Don't come to this supreme one crying after how proven wrong later," the Snake Monarch said lazily before he stopped caring. 

"Hah, you're right. This snake of yours is a truly unusual beast since it can talk. But it only talks nonsense. That's a pity," The Emperor started laughing as he nodded his head, satisfied that the snake was only a crazy snake who just coincidentally happened to be right this time. 

Fortunately, Long Chen didn't realize anything, he thought. 

"Who talks nonsense! This Snake is your father! How dare you mock this Monarch! Be glad that you're my right hand's father in law, or you wouldn't even know how you died in my hands!" The Snake Monarch declared arrogantly. 

It was fine if Long Chen was mocking him, but he was angered when it was someone else. 

'Die in hands? This guy doesn't even have hands. Does he even think before saying these cringy lines?' Long Chen wondered, hearing the insults of the Snake Monarch. 

"What! How dare this little beast talk to us like that! I'll kill it!"

The Emperor was enraged at this insult which was done in front of his entire family and all the Ministers. 

"Come try to kill me if you dare, you pesky human! Even your grandpa would cry before me if he had existed now, let alone you! Come if you dare!" The Snake Monarch declared as well. 

Seeing things getting out of hand, Long Chen decided to chime in as he sent the Snake Monarch back to the Beast World. 

"I apologize from his side. I sent him back to my beast bag. That crazy snake will never annoy you again," Long Chen said, sighing. 

Emperor Lu wanted to force Long Chen to bring that snake out so he could kill that beast, but he controlled himself. He knew Long Chen had the ability to run away. He had to calm down here. If he made Long Chen upset, that guy was probably going to run away. No matter what, he had to keep him here for a month. 

As for the snake, he could handle that bastard later as well. 

"Sigh, fine. Since it's a lowly beast, I won't make a big deal out of it. Keep that crazy beast of yours in control in the future," the Emperor said as his expressions returned to normal. 

Even his ministers were surprised at how fast the Emperor had calmed down now. They gave the credit to him caring about Long Chen, but they didn't know the reason was much darker. 

"I understand, father in law. Now that we are done here, can I leave with Mingyu?" Long Chen asked. 

"Leave? Leave where? What do you mean leave? Why do you want to leave our Empire? Everything just calmed down. Stay here with us. You can't leave. I lost a son already. Don't want to lose you and my daughter as well. I can't allow you to leave," Emperor Lu stood up, shocked as he heard Long Chen talk about leaving. 

His whole purpose here was to keep Long Chen behind. How could he allow that guy to leave? Impossible. 

His sudden outburst made Long Chen even more suspicious. Just what was this guy up to? Why was he so strange now? What actually was he scheming?