Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1084 - 1084: Four Emperors

Orion felt like he was getting stronger. Testing his strength, he once again wanted to attack but stopped as he saw Emperor Lu appearing right before him. 

Orion quickly jumped back to create some distance before he fired another dark ball of energy towards the arm of Emperor Lu which was getting increasingly closer. 

The hand which was reaching out towards Orion's throat to crush it was attacked by the ball of darkness which disintegrated his entire hand while also taking out some part of his shoulder. 

"This idiot. That's why I don't like reviving the beings that had their bodies destroyed beyond repair. He came back to life and had his strength, but his head is a mess. Whatever, I don't need him to delay anyone anymore. He has already fallen, and now I can take part. In any case, the formation is useless now."

There was disappointment in the face of the half masked man as he appeared on top of the Royal Palace from where he had the perfect view of the battle between Long Chen and Orion. 

He couldn't help but shake his head in disappointment as he saw the scene ahead. 

It had only taken him a few moments to get here, but that much time was already enough for Long Chen to take out Wu Lia. 

The dark eyed Long Chen was so enraged that as soon as he woke up while tossing Wu Lia back, he appeared near him and thrust his open hand inside Wu Lia's throat, the same way he wanted to kill Long Chen. 

Wu Lia didn't even have the time to stand as he watched Long Chen's hand entering his throat. How was this guy? It was as if Long Chen was teleporting, which was surprising. How could this guy Teleport? The formation was still intact. 

He didn't realize that the formation had become inactive despite still running since the space had gotten so unstable suddenly. 

The dark element of Long Chen was too strong after the Dark Sacrifice; it was basically as if he was actually a Heavenly Demon since they had similar features. 

Long Chen didn't know that the Dark Sacrifice which he used had originated from Heavenly Demons themselves. They couldn't be stopped with such basic formations, and the same was now true for Long Chen. 

The only difference was that Heavenly Demons still had their heads in control when they used that. Because of being a Mortal, Long Chen didn't have as many advantages as them. 

Long Chen could neither escape the backlash of using this skill nor control how he used the skill. But now that he had used the skill, he didn't care. All he cared about was using his powers until he was satisfied. 


The Immortal World... It was a world where the strongest of the humans lived. The only way someone could go from Mortal World was if their Cultivation was higher than Saint Realm. That was why everyone who broke through to the realm above Saint realm chose to elevate and establish a life in the Immortal World.

The lure of the Immortal World was just too much to give up. 

The Immortal World was rich with Immortal Resources that could increase the strength of Cultivators because of which their Cultivation also had a better chance of growing.

The Qi of the Immortal World was also nourished by a small amount of Origin Energy which was what Heavenly Warriors used. Even though humans couldn't use that energy, even the Qi, which was nourished by it, was helpful for them. 

It was said that if someone broke through to the realm higher than Saint, their Cultivation was affected by place. 

If they stayed in the mortal realm, their Cultivation was at least a thousand times slower than living in the Immortal World. Moreover, they couldn't have the chance of getting treasures and establishing their families in the Immortal Realm if they stayed behind. 

Even though the Immortal Realm was a big world, it was divided into four major parts, all of which had an Emperor— the south, East, West, and North.

The four Emperors of these four parts were the rulers of this world. Even amongst the four, the Northern Emperor was said to be the strongest as he had achieved the peak Cultivation that was possible for a human. 

As for the rest, they were only a little behind from the Northern Emperor. 

The Heavenly Realm possessed controls of half the Empires. As for the rest, they were controlled by the Heavenly Demons. 

The Heavenly Warrior and Heavenly Demons ruled over all the mortal worlds in essence, but they didn't bother actually governing these places. 

Instead, they used the Immortal Realm as the mediators to control the words while they focused on more important things. 

The only thing the Heavenly Realms did was to give a certain set of rules through which the Immortal Realm was supposed to govern for them. 

The Northern and the southern Emperors worked with the Heavenly Warriors to control their side of the Immortal Realm. As for the Eastern and the Western Emperors, they worked for the Heavenly Demons, controlling their side of the world. 

The upper world hasn't established many rules. But amongst the ones that were established, the major one was that no one from their Enemy's bloodline was supposed to foot there. If that rule was violated and it was discovered, the punishment was really big. 

Since it was a potential Heavenly Demon who had appeared there, Emperor Lu knew how serious it was. If he kept it a secret and didn't tell them, their world had the potential to be destroyed by the Immortal World. 

And even if Immortal World supported them, the Heavenly Warriors were still at the top. A slight exposure would make everyone suffer. This was why everyone took his news seriously. 

As soon as the Northern Emperor received the message of Emperor Lu, he immediately convened a meeting with the Southern Emperor. 

"You think a Heavenly Demon is there? Why would the Heavenly Demons go down to that world? This sounds like a lie," Southern Emperor told the Northern Emperor, believing it to be a lie. 

He believed in his theory. 

"I believe that as well. It's certainly not a Heavenly Demon. If it were one, he wouldn't have run away from this pesky Saint Realm Emperor. Instead, it would be this Emperor who would have to run. The Entire Empire would have been destroyed when a Heavenly Demon is enraged," the Northern Emperor agreed. 

"Why is he lying then? To get some credit from us?"