Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1096 - 1096: Useless Ring

"As you said, we will leave tomorrow." Zhiqing agreed to Long Chen's demand before she placed a place of sliced fruits before Long Chen. 

"Now eat something. It will help your natural healing more," she said. 

Long Chen picked up a piece of fruit and placed it inside his mouth. 

"You talked about the completion of your Inner World. How is it going?" Zhiqing asked as Long Chen swallowed the fruit. 

"It has slowed down a bit, but that's only because we're at the final stages. I'm really excited about the completion of that place. I'm sure you'll like it. And I can come and go wherever I want, unlike in the fake world," Long Chen replied as he smiled. 

He was pretty excited about his inner world. Moreover, there was one more thing he was excited about. The Sword of Time which was able to boost his Cultivation by absorbing the attacks of the enemy. 

He knew that it was an amazing ability. And he wanted to test it as well, to see if he could repeat that same thing. 

He wanted to make Zhiqing and Mingyu attack him so that he could try to absorb the attack. He believed that if the trick worked, he was going to have an infinite supply of cultivation boosting energy. 

He could just make Mingyu and Zhiqing attack daily which he absorbed and boosted his Cultivation. In any case, he was sure that it wasn't as if he was absorbing the Cultivation of the enemy. 

He was only absorbing the energy of the attack, which had no effect on the Cultivation of the enemies. 

In that case, he could boost his Cultivation without worrying about the Cultivation of Mingyu and Zhiqing taking a hit. It had the potential to be a great cheat, only if it worked. 

Unfortunately, he wasn't healed enough even to raise the Sword of Time. He could barely walk for a short distance and pick up light things with his hands. As for the Sword of Time, it was actually much much heavier. 

He realized that if he tried to pick it up and wield it against an attack, then he held the risk of worsening his injury. That, in turn, affected his healing, making it longer. 

Thus, no matter how much he wanted to test his theory, he didn't use the Sword of Time. He had decided to wait until he was fully healed. 

He continued eating his fruit. 

"Where is Mingyu?" He suddenly asked as he noticed the sudden absence of Mingyu. 

"She went outside to bring the healing liquid used by normal humans. We're running out of that. Apparently, a village is right outside the village. She went with the old lady to get a few," Zhiqing answered. 

"You should've let her leave alone. That thing isn't that important. It's not the time to take risks, you know, right?" Long Chen asked, concerned.

"Don't worry. Nothing will happen. This isn't a Cultivator village. There are no Cultivators here. And even if there were, Mingyu is strong enough to come back safely while breaking a few teeth of the enemies. You worry for no reason," Zhiqing said as she burst into laughter. 

"She isn't a kid. You already protected us for long enough. It's our turn now. We didn't chase after strength for no reason. We wanted to become strong to be able to help you. And after a long time, we finally have the opportunity to be of help to you. Don't worry," she added as she stood up with the empty plate and placed it on the side. 

As she was placing the plate to the side, she noticed the artifacts of Long Chen, including his Phoenix Blood Robe and the rest. 

"Since we'll leave tomorrow, do you want to get changed? The Phoenix Blood Robe and the other important artifacts?" She asked Long Chen. 

"That's right. Bring them here," Long Chen said as he raised his hand towards Zhiqing. "It's time I start getting back to the old me and get out of these patient like clothes."

He slid to the side of the bed and sat with his legs hanging down. 

Zhiqing picked up the artifacts and placed them beside Long Chen on the bed. 

Long Chen stood up and started taking his old clothes off. He placed the old clothes to the side before he wore his normal-looking clothes, which made him seem like a healthy Prince instead of the patient that he previously looked. 

He wore a dark green pant, a white shirt, and a royal grey robe on top. 

Looking to his side, he picked up the red phoenix blood robe and wore it on his back. 

"This...." As he wore the Phoenix Blood Robe, Long Chen noticed the thing which was previously lying under the Phoenix Blood Robe, hidden from his view. 

A frown appeared on his face as he noticed the black gloves that were lying on the bed.

These were the gloves he had received from the destroyed Divine Heaven Sect after going through a trial. 

He had thought that these gloves were something special at that time, and he had worn them. Since then, he always wore these gloves and never took them off. In fact, these gloves became so normal that he even forgot about the fact that he was wearing them. 

Now that he saw them lying on the bed, he remembered about them and how he had received them. 

"These gloves, I see you always wearing them. I know about most of your artifacts but not about them. What's so special about these gloves?" Zhiqing asked Long Chen as she saw him staring at the gloves. 

"Sigh." A deep sigh left Long Chen's tired lips before he continued, "I wish I knew the answer to this question. These gloves are supposedly a treasure and a high grade treasure at that. But to me, they seem absolutely useless. Until now, I haven't been able to understand what they do."

"I received them from the Divine Heaven Sect, though. So they should be special. At least that's what I thought, but I'm starting to doubt my assumption. I feel like the Divine Heaven Sect trolled me," Long Chen answered, sighing.  

"Whatever, even if it's trolling, I've become habitual to these gloves. It doesn't matter anymore," he said as he picked up the gloves and wore them as well. 

Fortunately, the Ancient Ring and the Fake World Ring weren't taken off by the old lady. He wasn't sure if she could even take the ring off since it was bound to his soul, but he was glad.