Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 990 - 990: Take Him

"Hahaha, Don't worry. This robe might be a bit of a low-grade treasure, but it's special. Its grade can't define how special it is," the Emperor replied as he noticed the carefree look on Long Chen's face. 

He has assumed that Long Chen was only acting strong, but on the inside, he was regretting. So he didn't try to bully the boy anymore. 

"It's special? What's special in it?" Long Chen asked the Emperor, confused. 

"This is a robe that's called Peak Potential Robe. You do know how the Potential of a Cultivator is set at the birth, right? They can increase their Cultivation, but it all depends on their potential too," The Emperor told Long Chen. 

"This is the robe that can help a Cultivator reach their potential to the peak. Don't look at its grade; at its core, its use is very special. There are not many treasures that can increase potential," he added as he gazed at Long Chen's hand.

"You were right. This robe is useless for you," Xun's voice appeared beside Long Chen after hearing the Emperor's explanation. 

'I know. With my Bloodline, my potential is already at its peak. This robe is as useless for me as it can get,' Long Chen let out as he smiled wryly. 

"Why do you look so disappointed? Don't you like it?" The Emperor asked Long Chen after noticing his disappointed expression. 

"It's nothing. I would like to thank Father in law for such a gracious reward. I love it," Long Chen replied as he nodded his head respectfully.

The Emperor found it somewhat suspicious, but he still nodded. 

As Long Chen was disappointed, he suddenly thought of something as his eyes lit up. 

"Oh right! It can increase potential!" he suddenly exclaimed. "Why didn't I think of it?"

A wry smile appeared on the Emperor's face as he saw the shock on Long Chen's face now. "You just understood what I said?" 

"You're slow sometimes," he muttered as he shook his head. 

He thought that Long Chen hadn't understood what the Emperor had said, and only now he understood the significance of potential increase. 

Long Chen, on the other hand, had different thoughts. The robe was still useless for himself personally. 

'But It isn't useless for Mingyu and the others. If I give it to one of them, they can use it to its fullest before giving it to others. It's useful. I'm really slow to not think of it before," he thought. 

"Thank you a lot for this amazing gift. It's very useful,' Long Chen replied. 

The Emperor nodded his head. "Oh right, one more thing."

"The reason we only pass these inheritance items to sons is because of a limitation. It doesn't work on girls. So keep that in mind," he told Long Chen, stunning him. 

Long Chen blankly looked at the Emperor, wondering if it was right to curse him at this moment. He gave him an inheritance item. That was not only useless for him but others as well. 

'This guy... He really just had to have an item that's truly useless for me," he thought as he smiled wryly. 

'Oh right, My Father! He and grandfather can still use it. At Least it's not truly useless,' Long Chen thought as he found a way to use it. 

"Oh, one more thing,' the emperor said. 'It's only effective as long as you aren't older than 30. So use it faster before it becomes useless for you."

Hearing these words, Long Chen's face twitched. He felt like Lu Junwei was intentionally messing with him. Just what the heck was it? Whatever use he could think of was denied by this guy. 

'He's really an enemy of my happiness, isn't he?' he thought as he frowned. 

"Alright. I'll keep that in mind," Long Chen nodded. 

Even though it was a useless item, it was still a gift. He couldn't get angry for getting a useless thing because it was free and showed the Emperor's good intentions. 

He could only blame himself for not successfully choosing the right box. It was his luck that was to be blamed, not Lu Junwei. 

Even though the reward was useless, he could still take the help from the Emperor, who was the highest authority here. 

He gazed at the dignified face of the Emperor as he said, "Oh, Father in law, I wanted to ask you about something."

"Sure, what is it?" Lu Junwei asked calmly. 

Long Chen raised his right hand in which a half-destroyed sword appeared. 

"This is my Spirit Sword. It was destroyed in a battle with someone. I was wondering if you could ask one of the Artificers in this Empire to heal the Sword and make it stronger. Is it possible?" Long Chen asked. "I'm willing to pay any cost you might incur in it."

"Don't talk about paying. You're family now. How shameful will it be if I ask you to pay for something as minor as this?" The Emperor asked Long Chen. 

"Anyway, give me the sword. I'll ask the best Artificer in our Empire to improve the sword. It should be done within a day," he added as he raised his hand towards Long Chen lightly.

Long Chen strode forward and placed the Sword in the hand of Emperor Lu Junwei, who in turn placed it inside his storage ring. 

"Is there anything else you need?" the Emperor asked Long Chen. 

Long Chen lowered his head as he thought of something. He knew that he had something important to talk about, but he just couldn't remember it now. 

He couldn't help but rub his chin as he tried to remember what it was. 

'Oh right! About leaving,' he thought as he remembered what it was. 

He raised his head to look at the Emperor, who was looking at him with an interested look on his face. "Father-in-law, I wanted to go outside for a little while tomorrow to see the city."

"Since I came here, I was in such a hurry to get to the Royal Palace; I didn't see anything. Now that it's somewhere peaceful, I want to see the city. Can I leave for a bit tomorrow?" He asked. 

"Of course. There's nothing wrong with it. But you should take someone with you. You're new here, and you don't know the places. You need someone to show you around," the Emperor nodded as he rubbed his chin that didn't have any beard, trying to think of a person to send. 

'That's right. Take Lu Wang with you," he said as he smiled.