Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1312 - 1312: Forever

"That's right! Xun! He must know where we are! She is the most knowledgeable person I know. She has the knowledge of above and beyond! She should be able to give me some insight," he muttered as he sat down. 

He decided to go inside his Inner world to take Xun's help, leaving his body behind. 

"What is this? I can't even access my inner world? This is sheer Nonsense!"

As Long Chen tried to go inside his Inner World, he realized that he wasn't able to do that either. It was as if something was stopping him from accessing his own Inner World!

It was only at this point that he realized how grave his situation was. For something to prevent his access to the Inner World, it should have been impossible! Especially when he still had his cultivation.

He laid on the ground, stressing his head, trying to think of a way. 

He knew that it was all related to that Spatial device of that old man. Moreover, the device belonged to the Heaven. 

"Where could that device have sent me? I don't understand. The Qi in this place is also really bad. It's much worse than the Qi, which was in the. Mortal world. Am I in one of the Mortal Worlds? But what could this place be? And how can I get out of it?" he let out, frowning.

"There is only one way; it seems," he muttered, sighing. 

He lowered his gaze to look at his ancient ring. That was his last hope, but it was also risky. 

'No matter how strong these bars are, the Sword of Time should be able to cut them. That can help me escape, but it's also problematic. If someone found out about that sword, I would be in a mess,' he thought, glancing at his ring. 

He knew that the only hope of escape was that Sword which now rested in his Ancient Ring. But that sword was also the most powerful weapon in this world. Could he really bring the Sword of Time without knowing where he was?

"No, I can't be in a hurry. First, I need to know where I am! Only after that can I decide what to do!" he exclaimed as he sat up, determined to give it another try. 

He had decided to change his plan a little bit and try a different approach. First, he needed to collect some information before he could think about escaping.

He once again stood up as he walked to the doors. 

"Excuse me! Is there anyone here? Can anyone hear me?!"

"Come on! I know someone must be here! Answer me!"


Long Chen kept screaming at the top of his lungs, even boosting his voice with his Qi so it could go far and wide.

For the first five minutes, he didn't get any response. He was just on the verge of giving up, thinking no one was here when he received a response. 

"Shut up! Some people are trying to sleep here!" An old sounding voice came in response. 

"Ah, thank you for replying! I was just wondering if you could tell me where we are! My enemy sent me here through a small box. I don't know where this place is!"

"Huh? Your enemy sent you here? Haha, kid. What did you do to mess with a Heavenly Warrior?" The old voice asked, laughing.

"Heavenly Warrior? I didn't mess with any Heavenly Warrior! I was in the Beast World, where I met with a strange clan who was staying there. Because of a conflict, that clan master brought the golden box out, and I ended up here," Long Chen replied.

"Though he did claim that there was a time when he worked as a servant of the Heavenly Warriors before being freed!" he further added. 

"Huh? That's an interesting story. So you're saying that it was a Heavenly Warrior servant who sent you here? That would explain why you didn't know about this place. If you were sent here by Heavenly Warriors, you would have known about this place!" The old voice replied, laughing even louder. 

"Young man, I think someone did you really dirty! You are in the Heavenly Prison in the Heavenly Realm! And this is the place where you'll spend the rest of your life! This is the place where Heavenly Warriors keep their prisoners, and those boxes are what they used to send those criminals here!" The old voice continued. 

"B-but I'm not supposed to be here! I'm not a criminal! I was sent here by a petty man! I can't spend my life here! Where can I contact the Heavenly Warriors to inform them about this mistake?"  Long Chen asked.

"The Heavenly Warriors will come in the morning. But even then, they won't free you. Once a person comes here, he never leaves! Even if you came here by mistake, they wouldn't trust you since they have no way to verify who sent you here! So you'll be spending the rest of your life here!" the old voice answered. 

"Impossible! I can't stay here for all my life for the crime I didn't commit!" Long Chen responded. 

"There is nothing you can do, young man. The best you can do is adjust to this life! Because this is going to be your future! I'm just telling you as it is. But you can try talking to the Heavenly Warriors in the morning. You'll understand!"

"Fine! I will! But may I ask who you are?" Long Chen asked. 

"I? Let's just say I'm also a fellow prisoner. You're lucky that I turned off the silence chamber in my cell and was able to hear you. Otherwise, you would've been screaming all night without any response."

"Silence chamber? What's that?"

"It's the thing which turns off the light of your room and blocks all noise from outside. Most of the prisoners sleep with that on. That's why they didn't hear you. I am the only person here who doesn't sleep with that turned on! So you're lucky!"

"Ah, so that darkness and the silence which was in the room? That disappeared after I touched the wall? That was the thing you're talking about?"

"That's right.  To turn it back on, you can touch any wall with both of your hands. It'll turn on. Now go to sleep and let me sleep too. Also, don't scream anymore! Rest for the night and talk in the morning. If you want, I'm going to personally explain everything to you then!"

"Thank you!"

"Kekeke, No need to thank me, old man. You're also a fellow prisoner who will stay here for an eternity. So you're a part of the suffering family now!" the old man laughed.