Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 730 - 730: Secret Of Phoenix Blood Robe

"I'll tell my men to start preparing," Wu Xun said as he nodded his head.

"Tell the Eunuch to call all ministers here. I'll tell them to prepare as well. You can leave," The King said, nodding his head.

Wu Xun bowed his head a little before he turned back and left.

He met up with the Eunuch outside and told him the orders of the King before he started walking towards Long Chen's room.

After some time, he reached the room of Long Chen. 

He knocked on the door.

'I guess he's here to take the robe,' Long Chen thought as he sighed. 

He didn't want the Blood Phoenix Robe to be away from him, but he couldn't put everything at risk for the robe which he was about to take in the end himself.

He stood up and walked towards the door.

Opening the door, he found Wu Xun standing outside just as he had predicted.

"You need something?" Long Chen asked as if he was unaware as to why Wu Xun was here.

"I need something? Yes. I am here for the robe. Give that to me and rest here. I'll come to meet you later," Wu Xun said to Long Chen as he reached out his hand.

Long Chen took off the robe and gave it to Wu Xun without hesitating since he didn't want to bring suspicions to his intention.

Wu Xun took the Phoenix Blood Robe and nodded his head in appreciation.

"Oh, right. I told his Majesty about your crucial role in our success. He is really happy. You now have full freedom. You can leave the Palace at any time as long as you come back at the end of the day. As for your rewards, that will be given to you in a few days," Wu Xun informed Long Chen before he waved his hand and left. 

Long Chen closed the door and laid on the bed.

"I'm free now. What should I do? I want to go meet the King, but if I'm not wrong, he should be preparing for the upcoming war. I'll let him prepare before I barge in with my idea," He muttered as he smiled.

"As for using the rest of the day, I wish the Border Town could not be that far. Then I would have been able to use Spatial Travel to bring Mi Liayi here and settle her in some safe place, but it'll take a few days of flying back to get within the range," he let out as he sighed.

He sat up and stretched his arms.

"Whatever, I can't stay inside the room. If I have time, I should go outside and try my luck. I still need to find the Law Orb somehow," he let out as he walked towards the door after wearing the Dragon Squad Robe.

He opened the door and left the palace. Just as Wu Xun had said, no one stopped him.

After walking for some time, Long Chen reached the Dragon Tower that was near the Palace. It was the place where Dragon Squad members trained and had all their resources. As he was a Dragon Squad Member as well, he wanted to go inside and see, but just as he was walking towards the entrance, he saw Wu Xun's son leave.

Wu Xun's son, Wu Lan, was wearing the Phoenix Blood robe that Wu Xun had taken from Long Chen.

"I wonder if his father told him how special that robe is. It didn't seem like Wu Lan is a person that would take help to win his fights. Let's see how he does," Long Chen muttered as he changed his direction and started following after Wu Lan.

He felt like Wu Lan was going to fight his enemies, and he wanted to see how that went and what the effects of the robe were if the person using it was someone like Wu Lan.

" He should be able to protect himself at least with the robe," Long Chen muttered as he followed Wu Lan.

"He can't," Xun suddenly said as she appeared beside him.

"Why? He's wearing a Saint Grade Artifact. Whoever he's fighting can't be stronger than a Saint Grade Artifact. It's not like he'll be fighting someone like his father," Long Chen replied, not believing her words.

"That's because you don't know what kind of Artifact it is. The Phoenix Blood Robe is not a simple artifact. As long as you're a Cultivator, you can use it easily, but the ones that are not Cultivators, it's not that easy to use," Xun explained.

"What do you mean?" Long Chen inquired.

" If you're not a Cultivator, you can't utilize the powers of the Blood Phoenix Robe without making a special gesture. You need to form a special pattern on the robe with your blood that would disappear,' Xun replied.

"Tian Shen taught it to the person he gave the robe to. Since the person wasn't a Cultivator, he taught them about this. I'm sure this was taught to whoever inherited the Phoenix Blood Robe, including the Royal Tutor, but this Blood Phoenix Robe wasn't passed by the Royal Tutor to you or to Wu Xun. None of you knew about that," Xun explained.

"Ahh, so it's that. I could use it without doing that since I'm a Cultivator, but Wu Xun is a Spirit Warrior, and Wu Lan is just a martial artist. None of them can activate the effects of the Blood Phoenix Robe for them. It'll be really useless," Long Chen muttered as he frowned.

"I guess it's going to be an interesting fight then," he let out as he glanced at Wu Lan's distant back.

He walked through the streets of the Royal City as he followed after Xun.

"Xun, keep your focus. You said you could feel the Law Orb when we're nearby. Tell me if you feel something as I'm walking through the city," Long Chen said as he smiled.

He was walking towards the crowded streets of the city. There were lavishly built shops on both sides of the streets. He didn't bother going inside and checking, but he did note in his head above the shops that seemed interesting so he could check them on his way back. The shop that attracted his attention the most was the weapons shop. He wondered what amazing weapons the shops here are going to have.

After following Wu Lan around the city, Long Chen finally saw the boy enter a building.

Long Chen didn't know what this place was, but he could see people going in and out of the place.

He also walked towards the place and pushed the door open as he entered inside.

As Long Chen entered the place, he finally realized what this place was. He saw crudely built wooden tables everywhere. People were sitting around them, drinking beer

"It's a bar," Long Chen muttered as he shook his head.

Suddenly, he heard a loud noise from nearby.

"Wu Lan, you're here again? Was the beating of last time not enough? You came to get thrashed again?" 

Long Chen looked straight ahead and saw Wu Lan standing in front of the table, glaring at the people that were sitting. There were over ten young men sitting there who seemed to be from the same place as they were wearing the same green robes that seemed to have a Snake Symbol. 

"Hahaha, I wonder if he's a masochist who enjoys getting beaten by us," Another person said as he pointed towards Wu Lan and laughed.

"Hahaha, He's really a trash. I used to think that the Dragon Squad had brave soldiers that were unbeatable heroes, but after looking at this guy, I think their reputation might be a lie. People overestimate them," Another guy said, laughing mockingly.