Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 891 - 891: The Special Event

Ming Lan stepped out of the bathroom as she heard Long Chen's voice.

"It's nothing. I was just thinking about something. You girls continue," Long Chen answered, shaking his head as he slowly opened his eyes.

He wasn't looking towards Ming Lan.

Ming Lan said, "I'm missing you a lot here. How about you come in?"

"You girls continue. I need to check some things outside. Don't leave the room unless absolutely necessary," Long Chen refused as he shook his head.

Waving his head, he left the room.

"Hmph," Ming Lan rolled her eyes as she pouted. She walked back into the room.

"Where are you going now?" Xun asked Long Chen as he stepped out of the room. 

"I still need to check the city and its security. I also need to meet the Prince to try to get the necklace from him," Long Chen answered as he stepped down the stairs.

"Do you really think you will find something worth the effort you're putting in the tomb of Saint King?" Xun asked, seemingly curious. "From what I understand, the rewards inside the Bloodline Temple seem to be much more valuable."

"That's not for certain. Think for yourself. How was it possible that a man was able to achieve so much? Saint King Xianwu had no resources. He only received the most crappiest of Cultivation skills that the humans of that time had."

" How could someone achieve so much and grow so strong that he is able to threaten the Strongest Emperor of this world who had all the resources and Cultivation skills?" He asked. 

"Didn't you say yourself that he was talented at understanding the Cultivation Skills and making them stronger?" Xun asked.

"That is the story, but still, it's impossible to achieve all that without added help. Even after all the help from the Bloodline Temple, I'm nothing. I'm still not strong enough to fight the Emperor, let alone threaten him."

"How was it that under all that restriction, he was able to pass through? There is definitely something inside the Tomb. It might be very useful for me," Long Chen answered. He stepped out of the hotel and started walking towards the Royal Palace.

" No amount of treasures can match up to you when you fully awaken your bloodline. You don't have to bother about finding such measly things. Don't bother with them and focus on your bloodline. After fully awakening, you can focus on getting stronger. You don't have to be in such a hurry and waste time in places while taking risks," Xun suggested.

'Of Course, I have to get stronger faster than my bloodline can catch up. Fully awakening my bloodline would mean facing Tian Shen. I can't do that without having confidence in my own strength. No matter who he is. If he comes to kill me, I'll at least kill him in return. I'm not becoming food for his ambitions by dying first,' Long Chen thought as a subtle smile appears on his face. He didn't react. 

"Sigh, I've noticed that you have stopped listening to me for quite some time. Do you think you can even meet the Prince and take his necklace? You're going to the Palace of the Strongest Being in this world, and he is the person who will most probably search heaven and hell to have you killed if he realizes who you are." 

Xun seemed to be upset that Long Chen was once again ignoring her kind suggestion. Not only that, he was even smiling like she was a fool for saying such things. 

She continued, "Fine. Continue in your arrogance. Don't come to me to save your ass if you are in trouble."

She soon disappeared without saying anything else.

"It's not that I don't hear your words, Xun. It's just that I always have a plan in my head. And explaining that always is too much effort. Just know that I have a way to protect myself while achieving my goals. I might fail at times, but I won't let myself perish," he continued. 

"As for the Prince, you're right. He should be in the Royal Palace. I can't meet him like a normal person by going there, but I can go to meet him as Prince of Fengshu. It would be a good way to meet him. Even though Kingdoms are nothing compared to Empires, as a Prince, I should be allowed to meet him. And getting close to him is the only way of succeeding," Long Chen muttered as he gazed towards the Royal palace that was standing tall in the distance.

The Royal Palace seemed to be a kilometer wide from where he was seeing. It was made of ice blue material that was making it appear like it was actually made of ice. 

"Not bad. That's what you can get when you rule the world, huh," Long Chen muttered with a thoughtful look on his face.

The crowd of people could be seen walking here and there on the streets. 

Many carriages were also moving on the roads as if they seemed to be going towards the Palace. The Carriages seemed luxurious, but they didn't seem to have the symbol of the Royal family. They did have different symbols carved on them. 

"They must belong to the Noble Families of the Empire. Are all these families established near the Royal Place? I've seen over twenty such carriages go towards the Royal Palace. Or could it be that today is some special gathering in the Royal Palace?" Long Chen wondered as he observed the Carriages.

All carriages had their windows covered with curtains that were preventing him from seeing inside.

He decided to take some time to finally ask a passerby.

He looks around to see who would be more suitable to ask.

There were many people on the footpath around him, but they all seemed to be in a hurry. Stopping them and talking to them seemed like a tough job.

"There's one," he let out as he soon found a person who seemed to be casually walking. It was a young man who appeared to be just as old as Long Chen. 

It seemed as if the person was casually strolling around, and he hadn't come for any specific work.

He paced towards the boy. "Excuse me, Brother. Can you help me a little?"

The young boy looked at Long Chen from top to bottom before he opened his lips and spoke, "What will I get if I help you?"

"I'll be extremely grateful if you just answer me one thing. I don't need any other help," Long Chen replied.