Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1069 - 1069: Two Travelers

"I didn't think of it like that, but you're right. This has its advantages as well," Wu Lia seemed like he was agreeing with the man. 

"Exactly. If you do this, all problems will be solved. And she would be able to come out," the masked man said. Finally, the time is drawing near. 

"Sigh, that's right. As soon as we take that guy out, it will be solved," Wu Lia said. 

"But I still doubt that prophecy. This all seems impossible. A prophecy that was made a millennia ago about the appearance of a man who will be out of control of destiny. The man who will slaughter her..."

"Because of that single prophecy; she, who ruled over the immortal world and thousands of mortal worlds, went to sleep. She who brought us here to take care of the man in the prophecy as she went into a deep slumber in a mysterious place. The only hint about that man, in the book in your hand."

"How can it be that this man can even kill her? Are we taking something more serious than we should?" Wu Lia asked, sighing. 

"It's not our place to ask questions. This has been our whole purpose. This was what we were waiting for, for thousands of years. There only stands that guy between our goal and us. I don't care if the prophecy is the truth or not. All I care about is freedom," the masked man said, sighing. 

In his calm yet sad tone, he continued, "After that Long Chen is killed, that girl will awaken and come to us. She will free us and send us back to earth from where she brought us here. Finally, I'll be able to see my daughter and my wife again. I don't care what; we need to do it."

"Sigh, yeah. Even though that world didn't have this Cultivation thing and incredible strength, but it had our families. That witch transmigrated our soul here thousands of years ago. Since then, we've been stuck here. Fortunately, she promised that she would send us back to that exact time from where we came," Wu Lia added. 

"That's right. I can't help but imagine seeing the shock on my daughter's face when I show her about Cultivation and everything," the masked man muttered. 

"For thousands of years, we've lived without any purpose, waiting for this man from the prophecy to appear. Finally, we're so close. Please don't screw this up. Go ahead and kill him. Or at least make him be swallowed by Darkness so I can join without being weakened," he further said. 

"Fine. I'll do it," Wu Lia agreed as he clenched his fist, determination filling up his head.

"But we need to do something about his Teleportation. Let's make him a trapped beast, ready to be slaughtered." He added. 

And thus, a plan was formed. The plan for a direct assault. A direct assault that had the potential to have far reaching consequences on the history of this universe. 


Long Chen was finally prepared to leave, unaware of all the planning that was taking place behind his back. He realized that whoever his enemy was, planned to use schemes. They always used indirect methods. 

The first time they used the letter which informed the top sects about his crimes while putting his family in danger. Next, they used Xu Liang. And lastly, they used Prince Wu. 

He had a feeling that a single enemy was behind all this. He didn't know who that person was, but he was sure that the person didn't want to face him directly, instead opting for schemes. 

Albeit he had misunderstood. The enemy was finally going above schemes and stepping in the place of taking action themselves.  

Mingyu had also gotten ready. Zhiqing was the last person to get off the bed, so she was still wearing her clothes. 

"Alright, I am ready," she told Long Chen as she finished up.

Long Chen stepped closer to Zhiqing and held her hand, prepared to send her back. 

"Alright. Tell the family not to worry. And soon, we'll be out of here."

"Understood. Enjoy the feast."

"As soon as my inner world is ready, I can finally be with you all whenever I want. It will be ready really soon.  It won't have the limitations of the Fake World. Look forward to it," Long Chen told Zhiqing before he sent her back. 

"I can't believe you're already a Heaven Realm Cultivator that has formed his own inner world. I'm so behind," Mingyu told Long Chen, sighing. 

"Just keep trying to comprehend the Law I told you about. Sometimes Laws are more powerful than Cultivation. As for cultivation, I'm sure you'll soon reach Heaven Realm as well," Long Chen told Mingyu, smiling. 

"Shall we leave now?" He said as he reached out his hand towards her. 

"Yes," Mingyu agreed, holding his hand as they both walked towards the door. 

Opening the door, the two of them stepped out. 

"Sorry for making you wait for so long," Mingyu respectfully said to the General. 

The new general noticed a few shades of red on her face and realized that they took so much time. It wasn't hard to realize that she had been busy with her husband. But he acted ignorant. 

"It's nothing, Your Highness. It wasn't that long. Anyway, let me take you to the dining hall," the General told them as he started walking towards the Dining Hall. 

The young couple followed behind. 


Wu Lia had left the proximity of the masked man as he finally got to action. Now that he realized that he didn't need to wait or control himself, he was a bit happy. 

Even though he was a bit weaker without the protection of Destiny and his laws, he believed that he had enough strength to take Long Chen out now that the chances of that Ancient Soul interfering were close to none. 

As he got to action, he started flying around the border of the Royal City, making some strength formations at strange locations. 

Through the spots he had chosen for his formation, it seemed like he was making a pentagram. He carved five formations, each at five spots around the Royal City of Esteria, planning for something big. 

In total, he carved twenty-five formations, each of which took an hour for him to make since they were sucking his energy, and he needed to replenish it as well. 

As he finished carving the formations, all formations started shining in a mystical light, creating a strange pentagram shaped pattern all over the Royal City.