Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1076 - 1076: Formation Point Destroyed

Wu Lia had sliced the right arm of Long Chen, which was lying on the ground in more than a thousand pieces.

Blood was constantly dripping from his shoulder, falling on the ground. The Sword of Time was also lying on the ground. 

Long Chen was still unable to move even an inch. 

"Let's see if we can break the record with the right arm," Wu Lia said, grinning. He raised his sword once again, ready to slice down. 

Seeing the sword come closer, Long Chen realized that he couldn't think anymore. His life was more important at this point. There was no other way left. 

If this meant sacrificing himself, he had to do it. At Least he could hope to be lucky and lose a bad emotion?

Wu Lia's Sword moved closer to Long Chen's left wrist, ready to strike it. In his mind, Long Chen had already started the count to use Dark Sacrifice. 

"Wait a minute!"

Wu Lia stopped his sword midway as a grin formed on his lips. Long Chen also stopped the count, wondering why this guy had stopped. No matter the reason, at least he had more time now. 

"I have a better idea," Wu Lia exclaimed as his grin widened. 

"Last time, that ancient soul inside you had attacked me when I tried picking up that Dark Sword. The Sword should be pretty dear to him. Let me cut you up with your own Sword," he added as the Golden Sword in his hand again changed to a few specks of lights and disappeared. 

He shifted his focus to the pitch-black rusted sword that was lying on the ground near Long Chen's feet. 

Long Chen watched Wu Lia bend forward and reach his hand towards the sword of time. 

'Come on Orion! Be fast! Reach the Formation Point! At Least destroy one! Maybe it'll work!'

Through his thoughts, Long Chen was telling Orion to go as fast as he could. 

Orion was already going the fastest and had almost reached the first formation point that was shining brightly. It wasn't tough to find this one for him. 

Long Chen also realized that Orion had found it. 

'Good boy! Destroy that right now!'

Orion opened his mouth, fired a dark Qi Wave that was filled with his Dark Qi to destroy the formation. 

As the Wave landed on the formation point, the formation was destroyed. A deep crater was left on the ground where the formation happened to be.

Long Chen gazed at the sky, which seemed to have changed a bit. The formation lines that were denser previously were lighter now. A few of the formation lines had disappeared, but the rest were still there. 

Seeing that the large-scale formation had disappeared, Long Chen wondered if this was enough to use the Law of Space. Most of the formation was still active. 

"Oh? The formation weakened?"

Wu Lia also noticed the change in the sky. 

"Hahaha, I wonder who it is that's messing with my formation. Someone who is willing to help you, it seems?" Wu Lia asked Long Chen as he stopped reaching towards the Sword of Time. 

Long Chen ignored his words and started to test if this was going to work.

He started reaching out to his Law Sapling of Space to borrow some of its power to Teleport out to another location. 

Time passed, but Long Chen didn't move. He was still there, unable to move. It was a failure. His Law of Space was still restricted. No matter how Long Chen's frustration increased, it didn't matter. The law of space didn't work. 

"Looking at your disappointment, I guess you realized. Even though one formation point is destroyed, you can't Teleport out. You know why?" Wu Lia asked Long Chen, grinning. 

Long Chen glared at him but didn't reply. 

"Hahaha, you won't ask, but it's fine. Let me tell you the secret," Wu Lia said without Long Chen asking. 

"The formation needs five formation points to be made to activate. But that's all. After that, it can even run if four of them are destroyed. Just like I needed to make five to get the formation working, your partner needed to destroy five to stop the formation."

"But I'm sure you understand as well. You won't live that long."

Finishing with the explanation, Wu Lia again extended his hand towards the sword. He picked up the sword of time. 

His fingers were only a few inches away from the Sword of Time which a little bit more of its rust disappeared, revealing what seemed like a small part of a strange pattern that was supposedly on the blade of the Sword. 

Finally, Wu Lia's finger touched the hilt of the Sword. 

As soon as his fingers touched the Sword, the symbol shone even brighter as if something strange had happened. 


Wu Lia couldn't even pick up the Sword of Time as a scream left his mouth. He hastily released the sword of time as he moved a few steps back.

"Just what is this sword? I felt like I was going to lose my entire soul just because I touched that thing. Just what is it?" He exclaimed in shock as he looked at the Sword of Time with wide eyes. 

"Tell me the truth. Where did you get this sword from! Just what is this sword?" he asked Long Chen. 

"Where did I get it from? That's easy to answer. Your mother gave it to me the night I helped her," Long Chen replied as he scoffed at Wu Lia, mocking him. 

It wasn't a good idea to mock the one that had your life in his hand, but he didn't care. 

"You bastard! Fine! I'll uncover the mystery after killing you!' Wu Lia said, enraged as he again made the golden sword appear from the speck of lights. 

"Wait! I'll tell you the truth! This time for real!" Long Chen said again. 

He had realized that delaying things was impossible. Wu Lia wasn't going to let him live as he watch four of the formation points being destroyed. He'll end the job at once. So delaying was useless. 

He decided to just have fun for as long as he could since using the Dark Sacrifice was already confirmed for him. And since he wasn't going to remember much after he used that, he wanted to get the things in his heart out right now. 

"Alright, tell," Wu Lia commanded. 

"This Sword, I got it from your ass when I pulled it out some time ago. I'm amazed you were able to take the whole sword in. You're really very talented," Long Chen declared. 

"You bastard! Die!" Wu Lia raged as he slashed the sword down.