Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 673 - 673: Bloodline Temple Interference

"If you had chosen the second door, your starting would be as the son of Dragon Squad Leader," Xun said to Long Chen.

"Dragon Squad? Isn't that the equivalent of the Phoenix Organization in the Enemy Kingdom? It's the leading force of the Kingdom of Sunai. It's the main pillar of strength there, just like the Phoenix Organization of the Kingdom of Aksha? So the Leader of the Dragon Squad should be equivalent or even stronger than Vermilion of the Phoenix Organization," Long Chen let out with a surprised look on his face.

" Being his son would have given me a lot of power and authority. Even more than being the Son of Ru Clan would have given me, but then again, the troubles would be just as much. For real. How can I even become the King of Aksha Kingdom while being the Son of Dragon Squad Leader of the Enemy Kingdom?" he muttered as he fell in deep thought.b

"The only choice I would have had was to create a war and win it and hopefully get the King of Sunai Kingdom to give the Aksha Kingdom to me as a reward for my achievements," Long Chen muttered as he frowned.

"There are more ways than one to get to a destination," Xun chuckled as she glanced at Long Chen.

"Ah, right. I could achieve that by becoming the King of the Sunai Kingdom instead. If I was the son of a Dragon Squad Leader, I could have schemed against the king to make my father the king, then to kill the Dragon Squad Leader to become the King myself. After that, I would have declared war on the Kingdom of Aksha and won the Kingdom as well. It would've been an indirect way, but it would've worked more effectively," Long Chen muttered as he thought of another possibility.

"Overall, I think that being the son of a Dragon Squad member would have been a good option," Long Chen muttered as he sighed.

"The door you chose gave you a similar task. You had to be the son of the Phoenix Organization Leader. It's just your bad luck that the Phoenix Organization Leader is missing, and everyone blames him for their defeat and thinks of him as a betrayer," Xun muttered as she sighed.

'Really? Demon was the leader of the Phoenix Organization? I thought he was only the top member. So Vermilion became the leader of the Phoenix Organization after Demon's so-called betrayal. Interesting. This Vermilion guy definitely got a good benefit from Demon's so-called betrayal. He could be the suspect as well; the only problem is that he has an alibi that he was defending the west at that time. If he did it, he did it with proper planning," Long Chen sighed as thought more about it.

" You have your work cut out for you. You're just a nobody now. Even with the perfect body, you still wouldn't have an easy time completing this Trial. Things are more complicated than they seem," Xun told Long Chen.

"Sigh, I know. I chose the toughest door, after all. Don't worry. I will not fail. I haven't failed yet, and I don't expect to fail in the future either. This trial will be completed, and I'll do it within a few months at maximum," Long Chen confidently let out as he smiled.

" Anyway, what did the other doors held? Let me know about the others," He asked again.

"The next one had the best path to Kingship in a normal situation, but in this situation, it was the second-toughest door. If you had selected the Third Door, you would have been the Eldest Son of the King of Aksha," Xun told Long Chen without creating any suspense.

"What the heck?! That! That! That's like literally just handing over the victory of the Third Trial in a Silver Plate! If I were the son of the King, it would've been so easy. Kill all the other Princes and then kill the King, trial over! When you said I'd feel jealous if you told me what the other doors help, I never expected it would be so bad! I could have finished the Trial in Two weeks if I had selected that door!" Long Chen was shocked as he heard Xun's answer. He couldn't believe that he missed out on such an opportunity.

"You're missing my point! Didn't you hear that it was the second Hardest Trial door you could have heard? Don't you want to hear why before making assumptions about how fast you would have finished it?" Xun asked with an amused smile on her face.

"Hmm? What is tough about it? Don't tell me that guy is also living a misery filled life like the son of Phoenix Organization Leader was living?" Long Chen inquired as he looked at her suspiciously.

"Sigh, something similar. The Elder Son of the King was born from a concubine. In this Kingdom, only a son born from the main wife has the right of succession," Xun told Long Chen.

"So what? I already told you that I would have killed all other Princes. If there were no successor, naturally, I would have received the crown," Long Chen let out as he rolled his eyes.

"Hah, that's exactly what happened," Xun let out as she rolled her eyes.

"What do you mean that's what happened? Don't tell me that the Eldest Prince killed his brothers, and he was five out?" Long Chen inquired with a frown as he understood her hidden meaning.

"No. The Eldest Prince didn't kill anyone, but he was accused of trying to scheme to kill the Crown Prince. The King, in his anger, banished the Eldest Prince. The Eldest Prince lives in the outskirts of the Kingdom, as a normal general, defending the outskirts," Xun told Long Chen.

"So he is dead as well, or he would have died if I had selected that door?" Long Chen inquired.

"He's still alive, but he would be dead if you had selected that door. Your starting would have been similar. You would have arrived besides the dead body of that guy," Xun explained.

"Interesting. From your words, it seems like the Bloodline Temple would be responsible for their deaths so that this trial would happen. Did Fu Chen die because I chose the specific door?" Long Chen asked Xun as he put the pieces together.

"Yeah. The Bloodline Temple didn't interfere with the events directly. It didn't do anything to kill the guy, but you could say that it had a hand in Fu Chen's death. If you had chosen another door, he might have been alive," Xun told Long Chen.