Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1141 - 1141: Immortal World Limitation?


Long Chen tried explaining, but before he could even finish, a slap landed on his face. 

Without even letting him finish, Yue Fei slapped Long Chen as tears started flooding her eyes. 

"You! You snake! You destroyed the city that fed you! You killed my father! You killed my brother! You destroyed everything! How could you!" Yue Fei thundered as she slapped Long Chen again, this time using all her strength. 

She didn't bother to think about the consequences. She didn't care if Long Chen would hit her or kill her in anger. She didn't care about anything. 

"You Bastard! We should have killed you when we saw you in the forest! We should have killed you right then! We let a snake live!" She said as she tried to punch Long Chen this time.

Long Chen didn't even flinch as her attacks were too weak. His body was too strong now as he was a peak Saint Realm expert. The attacks of Yue Fei didn't even feel. 

"Yue Fei, listen to me. That day I..."

"Shut up! You murderer! You killed so many innocents! You wiped. An entire city, and you want to explain?! You're nothing but a demon! You destroyed my home and my city before running away? And now you think you can just come back and make everything alright by helping me?" Yue Fei roared. 

She knew that Long Chen was too strong, and it was possible for him to destroy her City. So she didn't doubt her words. Now she even understood why Long Chen wanted to help her! He wanted redemption for his actions?

"Saving one life after taking millions? You think you'll get redemption like that? You won't! You'll rot in hell!" Yue Fei yelled again as she became tired of hitting Long Chen. 

She knew it wasn't going to affect him. He was too strong for her. 

"You are too strong but don't forget; there are mountains beyond mountains! One day, someone will come into your life and punish you for all your crimes! Karma won't let you live in peace! Heaven will strike you down!" she said as she dropped down to her knees, sobbing. 

Her tears didn't stop as she kept crying. Even her eyes had turned red by now. 

"I know nothing I say will make up for what I did. But please listen to me. I was under the effect of a skill. My consciousness was asleep as that skill controlled my body. As for why I had to use that skill, it was because the Supreme Sect Elders wanted to destroy my clan and kill everyone!" Long Chen finally started explaining slowly. 

Amidst the sobbing sound of Yue Fei, he didn't even know if she was hearing him or not, but he still continued.

"And when I used that skill, I didn't know that it was going to have an effect like that! I swear to god. Only after the effects of the skill ran out did I realize what I had done. I know that won't make my sins go away."

" I'll have to live with this forever, but I still wanted to do as much as I could to make up for it. Now it's up to you if you decide to forgive me or not."

"I know that I most probably won't get forgiveness, but hopefully, one day, you'll understand my plight. I hope that day comes soon. Until then, I wish you the best," Long Chen said as he sighed deeply. 

His sigh filled up the entire hall before the room returned to silence. 

Yue Fei looked up after five minutes of silence. Her curious eyes looked around the room, unable to catch sight of Long Chen. 

It looked like he really left. 

"I hope you never return," Yue Fei muttered and kept crying. 

King Zhu and the others waited outside, wondering what was happening inside the hall. 

Three hours passed, but Yue Fei didn't come out. Long Chen also didn't come.

'Hahaha, So that's why he wanted a silent place. As I expected, he wanted to have fun with that girl. No matter how strong a person gets, their carnal desires are always supreme. Hahaha,' he thought as he smirked. 

'But seriously, this girl Yue Fei is the lover of that Supreme Being, it seems. I must really take care of her with everything I can, or I won't even know how I died,' he thought, rubbing his chin. 


Far away from the Royal City of Zhu, Long Chen appeared in empty fields. 

Xun also appeared behind him. 

"It didn't go as I planned. Are you alright?" She asked Long Chen.

Long Chen took a deep breath before he replied, "I'm fine. At Least I told her the truth. Now I feel a little lighter. I guess it wasn't all a failure. I'm at much more peace than I was before. I helped her, I told her the truth, and I arranged everything. Now the Kingdom of Zhu will return again, and it will rise."

"I'll also tell the Dark Soul Sect to take care of Shui, and it'll be all set. The Shui Kingdom will keep rising slowly, and things will slowly return to normal. And maybe one day, the wounds of Shui will heal," he further said as he smiled while looking at the distant sun. 

"Is there anything else you want to do before you think you don't have anything to do here? If you're done, we can start the preparation of your Heavenly Tribulation. After that, you'll rise to the Earthly Saint Realm," Xun told Long Chen. "So, prepared?"

Long Chen glanced at Xun as he shook his head. 

"I'm not done yet. I have a few more things to do before I'm ready to put everything behind," Long Chen answered.

"What things?" Xun asked, curious.

"I want to help Zhiqing meet her family. Her Kingdom is also on this continent. Moreover, Ji Shan is also up. I think he would also love to meet his family, right?" Long Chen asked. 

"By the way, I had a question," he suddenly said. 

"What question?" Xun inquired.

"My family... I mean, I will break through to the Earthly Saint Realm, right? But they won't. Would I not be able to bring them out of the Inner World then?"

"I mean Immortal World only allowed Earthly Saint Realm experts to elevate to that place only, right? What will happen if I bring them out there? Will they be hurt?"

"I wanted to know if I must keep them inside the inner world always or I can have them see the Immortal World too? And what about my beasts?" Long Chen asked. "They seem to be in the same boat."