Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 889 - 889: Stay

'Only that? Don't worry. I don't expect to die while saving them either. I have my own family to take care of, after all. My life will be my first priority. I promise—no matter who stands against me. My life isn't someone's property that will easily be allowed to be taken,' Long Chen answered softly as he gazed at Xun.

Xun felt like there was something wrong with his words, but she couldn't place her finger on it. 

"Good," She ultimately said as she nodded her head.

'Now that you're satisfied, tell me the way,' Long Chen asked Xun. 

"Yeah. The other way is something which mostly works only for you since it needs you to use the Law of Space," Xun answered.

"Oh? Are you trying to say that I need to use my Space Law to travel between worlds? Is there a shortcut that I don't know about? Because as far as I know, I'm only able to travel a few hundred kilometers at once using my Space Travel," Long Chen pointed out as he wondered how it was possible.

"Traveling between worlds with the amount of comprehension I have seems to be impossible," he continued.

"That's exactly it. Your bloodline had been awakened by the third trial. It is much more prominent now. You haven't actually been utilizing its full potential. You do have the potential to increase your comprehension of the Law of Space with your bloodline. It will also help your bloodline conversion speed increase," Xun pointed out. 

Hearing her words, Long Chen nodded his head. He made sure that Xun couldn't listen to what he thought next as he cut the connection temporarily.

'So she is helping me while trying to increase my bloodline. Most probably to make me completely awaken. Don't worry, Xun, you might be a pawn in the bigger schemes of Tian Shen, but I won't become your prey. Keep thinking you control me. When the right time comes, you'll understand,' he thought as he gazed into Xun's eyes. 

He kept calm expressions on his face even though his thoughts were completely contrary to the looks that were on his face.

"So how can I increase my comprehension using my bloodline?" He asked her.

Even though Xun had ulterior motives, she wasn't as dangerous as long as he knew what she wanted. He also needed her face expertise in a few things.

"It is very simple now that you have had your third awakening. You must remember that you can only use this trick once on each of your laws," Xun answered. "This trick will make your law saplings grow faster in a short amount of time, but these things are more beneficial the later you use it to increase your comprehension since the gains are much more the later you use it."

"So I won't be able to use it again on Law of Space if I use it now. The rest of comprehension will have to be on my own," Long Chen wondered.

"Yeah. That's why it's better if you don't use it on Law of Space and Law of Illusion for now. You only need to boost your Law of Space for now. You don't need to waste this on the laws that you don't need to grow right now," Xun said.

"Alright. Tell me the method to do it," Long Chen told Xun, asking her how to do it.

"The method is simple. For this, you need to make yourself bleed and use your blood on the Law Sapling that's inside your Martial Space," Xun said.

'And how do I do that?' Long Chen asked, but he suddenly stopped as he saw an inn on the streets. 

It seemed like an accommodation they could stay at. He stopped Xun, who was about to explain, 'Wait a minute. Now that we are here and don't need to go to the Palace, let me get a peaceful place to stay.'

He looked to his side at Mingyu, who wasn't saying anything. Mingyu and Ming Lan could see that Long Chen was lost in deep thought, so they didn't disturb him. 

He asked her, "Mingyu, I don't think we need to go to the Royal Palace since we already know that it's not your home. How about we stay in the inn while I find a portal that will lead us to your world?" 

Mingyu nodded her head. She herself was overwhelmed at this point. Now that she was sure that this wasn't her home, there was no purpose for her to stay outside since it was Ming Lan's time with Long Chen. 

She looked at Ming Lan and apologized, "I'm sorry for being the third wheel in the time that was supposed to belong to you."

"You can send me back," she said to Long Chen. 

"Huh? What are you saying? This is such a minor thing. You don't need to go back. Stay with us for a few days. Having three people isn't bad," Ming Lan said softly as she held Mingyu's hand tightly.

She felt terrible for Mingyu. She knew full well how Ming Lan had been waiting to meet her family. All her hopes were crushed, and now it was even uncertain if she could ever reach her world and see her family. 

Ming Lan couldn't bear to send Mingyu back to the fake world at a time like this.

"Yeah. You don't have to go back. Stay with me," Long Chen also agreed. 

He knew that Mingyu might not agree to stay behind in times like this, so he even used an excuse as he said, "I might need more help in the forms of the answers to better understand a few things. It's better if you accompany me."

He reached out his hand and held her other hand.

"I've also been missing doing it with three of us," he whispered in her ears softly. "Let me see how much your Dual Cultivation Technique had grown compared to Lan'er."

Ming Lan couldn't hear what he was saying, but she had a General idea after she saw Mingyu's red face.

Mingyu nodded her head as she pretended not to hear Long Chen's words, but her red face betrayed her.

The three of them entered the inn where Long Chen booked a room for himself. He once again used artifacts to pay for the room since he actually didn't have the money that was used in the Empire.

They were immediately given the keys to the room after the payment was made. 

A servant also escorted them to the room that was assigned to them.