Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1044 - 1044: Father Like Son

Not only that, before his death, the Ancestor was already at the Peak of Saint Realm. So he was already very strong. 

The Ancestor of the Meng Clan had died while trying to break through to the next realm so he could pass to the Immortal World. Unfortunately, that was when some scheming bastard attacked him, killing him in the process. 

Ancestor Meng became a Dark Spirit because of his strong will, unfulfilled desire, and negative thoughts of rage. 

Unfortunately, despite being a Dark Spirit, he found himself trapped until the day his Descendant, who happened to be the current Emperor Meng, found him. 


"Come on. Let's start again. Even if you're a Dark Spirit, I'll destroy you to your core. You're a being of the past week don't deserve to exist in this world anymore," Emperor Du said as he attacked Ji Shan again, this time, not holding back in the least. 

Now that he knew that Ji Shan had a Dark spirit of a Saint Realm Cultivator, he didn't have to go easy. No, he couldn't afford to go easy. 

He directly brought out his Saint Grade weapon, which was one of the strongest weapons that were possessed by any Emperor present here. 

"I hope you don't mind me using my weapon. It wasn't against the rules either," he told Emperor Meng. 

Emperor Meng only smiled in response. 

"Is that it?"

The mostly mute Ji Shan finally opened his lips as he gazed at the weapon of Emperor Du. 

"I have one of my own," Ji Shan said as he gently waved his hand. 

A weapon appeared in Ji Shan's hand, which seemed to be a dark Scythe with silver markings. 

"A Saint Grade weapon? Emperor Meng, did you give him your weapon?" One of the Emperors asked Emperor Meng as he watched the weapon in Ji Shan's hand. 

"I gave him? Nope. That's the weapon that belonged to him even before I was born. He used the Silver Shattering Scythe that became associated with his name. 

"It's the weapon of that Dark Spirit when it was alive? A Saint grade weapon? Interesting..."

"That's right. It's the weapon of our ancestor Meng. I didn't even know it existed and where it was hiding. But as he came back, he also found his scythe," Emperor Meng muttered as he smiled. 

"Ancestor Meng? So he is your Ancestor?"

The shocking revelation came as a surprise to everyone. They knew that it was a strong Dark Spirit, but for it to be a spirit of Emperor Meng's ancestor? That meant it was more threatening than any random Saint Realm Dark Spirit. 


"Ancestor Meng, it's good to meet you again. So, which ancestor were you? After the portal was opened between our world or before? Don't worry. I will treat you with as much of a respect as you deserve," Emperor Du said as he grinned. 

His eyes also started shining darkly.

"Wait a minute; he has the eyes of Du Liang? Special Physique?"

"How come we never knew about it?"

"Amazing! So he was hiding his skills!"

"Emperor Du has really hidden his secret well."

Seeing the eyes of Emperor Du, everyone was shocked. They knew about Du Liang's eyes and how it boosted his strength even further, but Emperor Du was already one of the strongest Emperors in this world. For him to have these eyes? He was basically a grown-up Du Liang?

While everyone was wondering about what Emperor Du revealed, Long Chen was thinking about a different thing. 

Du Liang had used that spatial displacement trick which made him impossible to be hit. When he used that, his eyes were shining. So whatever that skill was required these eyes. 

Didn't this mean Emperor Du was trying the same thing? Or was he going ahead with a different trick? If it was the previous, didn't it make him invincible? Even Long Chen had only assumed that the skill could be broken with his Sword of Time; he wasn't sure. But for Ji Shan, breaking that skill was basically impossible. 

And now that it was revealed that Ji Shan had the Dark Spirit, Emperor Du was going to kill him, that too very easily. Ji Shan was going to die unless Ji Shan could find a skill to use to counter that mysterious spatial displacement skill. 

Emperor Du wasn't idle like Du Liang. He didn't stand and let the enemy hit him. Instead, he ran towards Ji Shan with his Sword. 

Ji Shan ran towards Emperor Du with his Scythe. 

Ji Shan raised his scythe and Swung it down, intending to cut Emperor Du in half. The Scythe started shining with mysterious light, making the atmosphere unstable. Even the sky was covered in clouds. 

Simultaneously Emperor Du attacked with the sword, intending to block the sword. 

Both Scythe and the Sword were about to touch each other, but the sword passed through the scythe like it didn't even exist. 

Emperor Du also passed through the scythe, similarly, without stopping. Not only that, he even passes through Ji Shan as if he was an illusion. 

Ji Shan hastily turned back, knowing he had messed up. But it was too late already. A sword slashed his back, cutting his back. A deep gash was left behind. Fortunately, Ji Shan was fast and stepped forward hastily, saving himself from being cut in half. 

His back was bleeding, but he wasn't heavily injured. It did seem painful, though. Long Chen couldn't help but clench his fist as he saw Ji Shan hurt. 

Even though it was a battle between Ancestor Meng and Emperor Du, the one who was getting injured here was Ji Shan. 

That poor guy... He had lost so many things already. He lost the woman he loved who was killed right before his eyes. He was kept imprisoned for a long time, tortured. 

Then he found another girl, who was also killed before his eyes, partially because he was associated with Long Chen. And that all wasn't enough; he was again tortured. And now, he even lost his body. It happened right before his eyes, and Long Chen couldn't do anything but feel bad. 

He was feeling a strange urge inside him to do something, but he couldn't do anything. This battle was going to end. He was helpless to bring that Dark Spirit out and help Long Chen. And the way this fight went, Ji Shan was clearly on the losing end. 

He couldn't even hit Emperor Du, becoming only a target practice. 

Even Emperor Meng was frowning now. Why does this guy have the same annoying ability as his son? This cockroach!