Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 914 - 914: Portraits

Long Chen turned back, his hair weaving against the wind that was flowing, making him seem even more handsome.

"Yeah?" He asked.

"It wasn't your fault. You don't need to apologize," the green-haired woman answered with a gentle smile on her face.

"Oh, thanks," Long Chen casually answered before he started leaving. 

"Who is that guy?" The girl asked the Royal Guard who was accompanying her.

"I am not sure. There are many people in this city. He must be one that I don't know," The Royal Guard answered.

"How can you not know about someone so handsome. He should have been famous already with his looks, and yet you say that you don't know? Are you really fit enough to be our guide?" The girl let out as she rolled her eyes, seemingly annoyed at the response.

She was habitual of always getting the answers since she was a princess as well. She had always been accompanied by competent people who knew everything. That was why she found it fascinating that such incompetent people were provided to them as guards when they came here.

"I..." The Royal Guard wanted to respond harshly, saying that he was a Royal Guard and not a registrar in this city to know about every single person, but he controlled himself. These were his guests. He shouldn't create trouble for them, he thought.

He took a deep breath to calm himself before he answered respectfully, "It might be because he wears that mask when he goes out. People wouldn't know about him or his looks since he keeps himself hidden. That might be why he isn't famous."

The blue-haired woman understood this theory and agreed with it, " That's true. If it weren't for him hitting me accidentally  and losing his mask in the process, even I wouldn't have known about him."

"Exactly." The Royal Guard nodded his head, feeling happy that she understood. 

"It doesn't matter. He is your citizen. It's your responsibility to know about him. I want him to be our second guide. His company would be more fun, I believe," the girl alluded as she rolled her eyes.

"Sigh," The Royal Guard felt like facepalming himself. How was he so unlucky to be stuck with such kids who were so stubborn.

The Guardian that had come with the kids wasn't saying anything either; instead, he looked around at the shops as if these shenanigans of these kids weren't his problem.

"You should go as she says. Bing Lui is a pretty stubborn girl. She wouldn't get off your head until you agree," The red-haired guy of the team said, smiling.

"Why didn't Young Miss ask him yourself when he was here?" The man asked, gazing at the girl.

"It's because I can't be seen as desperate to be with him. It's completely different when I ask him compared to when you ask him," the girl answered. "Oh, right. That reminds me. You shouldn't tell him that I asked you to approach him. Think of an excuse yourself to make him our guide."

"Sigh, fine. I'll approach him myself. Wait right here," the man answered before he started running after Long Chen while leaving the guards behind. 

The Royal Guard could see the back of Long Chen from a distance. "Hey, wait!" he called out, however Long Chen didn't stop as if he couldn't hear.

The man saw Long Chen turning left into an alleyway. He also reached that Place and walked inside the empty alleyway where he again saw Long Chen turn left to get into an even more obsolete alley.

Even though the man found it strange, he didn't take time to think. He didn't want to lose Long Chen. From what he understood so far, the blue-haired girl was a stubborn mess. If he lost Long Chen and failed to bring him back to her, he was going to be in big trouble.

He also took a left, entering the empty alley. The other end of the alley was blocked. There was a wall there. He could see Long Chen gazing at the wall like he was in a daze. Only Long Chen's back was visible to him.

"Excuse me, I need to talk to you," the man called out as he stepped closer to Long Chen.

He noticed that Long Chen didn't respond even after he called out. He had already traveled half the distance, leaving only a few meters between them. 

He didn't step closer since he had a feeling that something was wrong. Why wasn't Long Chen replying? Why did he stand there, still? Something was definitely not right. 

"As the Royal Guard, I command you to turn back. Show me your face!" The guard called out.

He waited for an answer, but he still didn't get an answer. He placed his hand on the hilt of his sword, but just as he was about to pull it out the Sword, he heard a response.

Long Chen didn't turn back, but he did answer, "You're already running all around with portraits of mine. Why do you still need to see my face? Shouldn't you all have it memorized by now?"

An amused smile was on his face, which unfortunately couldn't be seen by the man. 

Even though the man still couldn't see Long Chen's face, the answer of Long Chen was enough to give him an idea as to what was happening.

The portraits they all supposedly had? Didn't they have the portrait of the Saint Killer's heir, who was apparently a master in disguise.

Didn't that mean he...

The drop of sweat appeared on the man's face as he took a step back before he pulled out his sword!

"You finally decided to stop hiding! Good! Now be a good boy and die!" The man called out as he got into a sword stances and swung his sword. The sword shone briefly as the man swung it before it released a powerful arc of light that left the sword and zoomed towards Long Chen.

The arc of light hit Long Chen, slicing his body in half. A scream finally left Long Chen's mouth as his body was cut in half. The top half of his body slid sideways and dropped to the ground.

Blood spilled everywhere, covering the grey ground in red.

"Hah, I was scared for no reason. You were nothing but an insect!" The man laughed out loud as he watched Long Chen die so easily.

He walked towards the body of Long Chen that was lying on the ground in two pieces. The bottom half of his face was still covered with the mask.