Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1145 - 1145: Marry Me

"Only you can find the solution to your bottleneck now," Long Chen said as he started walking towards the exit. 

"Wait, where are you going? You shouldn't be seen outside if you're hiding here. The supreme Sects..."

"Don't worry about the Supreme Sects. I handled that matter. No one will come after me. And all the posters about me should be removed soon as well," Long Chen responded lazily as he stepped out of the Yu Clan. Ling also followed behind him. 

"You mean they forgave you?" Ling asked Long Chen. 

"They forgave me?" Long Chen muttered as he looked at the ground. "I forgot to ask them if they forgave me before I sent them away. But I am sure they forgave me."

"Amazing. What did you do to get them to forgive you? Did you find them some treasure or something?" Ling asked Long Chen. 

"Ahmm... That's right. I gave them my sword," Long Chen replied as he chuckled. When I gave them my sword, they were so excited that they were screaming as they received my sword," Long Chen answered, chuckling. 

"Your sword must be a great treasure for them to act like that. Where did you find that? Is that what they were after when they came to kill you last time? You know, you should've given your sword to them last time itself," Ling told Long Chen. 

"I couldn't. Last time I wasn't strong enough to give my sword to the sect masters. But it's all over now. They can rest in peace after getting my sword, and I can work in peace," Long Chen explained. 

" I'm glad it's all over too. Why are you back then? Could it be that... Ah, you..." Ling tried speaking something as her face turned red. 

She couldn't help but wonder if Long Chen was back for her.

"I'm here to do something important. My father wanted me to do something, and I came here for that," Long Chen answered.

Hearing his words, Ling misunderstood him even more. She didn't know that Long Jun was still alive. All she knew was that he had died long ago, and he wanted Long Chen and her to be married. So it was true. 

Long Chen was here to marry her! That was why he went to meet her father as well! That's why he was talking so nicely with her despite all the mistakes she had made.

"A-are you sure about this?" Ling asked Long Chen. 

"Of Course, I'm sure. What's there to be unsure about it?" Long Chen asked Ling, rolling his eyes. He talked normally to her as he genuinely didn't have any hate for her since she was just stupid and not truly evil. 

" What was father's response?" She asked Long Chen as she clenched her fist.

"Uncle Tianhao? His reaction was just as I expected. At first, he was shocked and couldn't believe it. But he soon understood that it was true. He was so excited," Long Chen answered, still not understanding that the two of them were talking about entirely different things altogether. 

"S-so it's really true?" Ling asked Long Chen. Her voice was barely audible at this point, but Long Chen was able to hear her. 

"Of course, it's true. Why are you acting so strange with this?" Long Chen asked Ling, finally realizing that something seemed wrong here. 

"N-nothing. I was just a bit taken aback. I thought you would be hating me after what I did. Thank you for giving me another chance," Ling told Long Chen. 

"Hating you? You mean for breaking the engagement? Didn't I tell you before? It was nothing wrong. I would have done the same if you hadn't. I never took that thing seriously. You did nothing wrong. Forget that thing and don't worry. I've long forgotten that," Long Chen answered Ling. 

"Oh right, are you married yet or not?" Long Chen asked Ling. 

"I'm not," Ling answered, confused. Why was he asking that? If he talked to her father to marry her, shouldn't he know that she was single? 

"Ah, I forgot. You wanted to be free and cultivate. Is that why you're not marrying?" Long Chen asked Ling. "I think that might be the reason for your bottleneck. Want my advice?"

Ling was getting more and more confused as she heard Long Chen. 

"What advice do you have for me?" She asked Long Chen. 

"My advice is that you should find the right guy for you and get married. You know, we often think that isolation and loneliness are needed to become something strong in the path of cultivation, but that's wrong."

"We don't need isolation, but we need support when we're at our lowest point. That's the secret of not hitting a bottleneck ever, having someone's shoulders to fall back onto. Just look at my wives. I don't even know where I would be without them. They supported me at my lowest and were always so considerate."

"It was partly because of them that I was able to grow so much. You should try this as well. Find a guy you like, fall in love. Make great memories and walk the path of cultivation together. See the difference after that," Long Chen told Ling. 

Hearing his words, Ling was mostly sure that she had misunderstood before. He wasn't here to marry her. If he wanted to marry her, he wouldn't be telling her to find another guy. She didn't help but laugh at herself for misunderstanding so much. 

"Why are you laughing?" Long Chen asked Ling. 

"Nothing. I just remembered something funny. Anyway, thanks for your advice. You're right. I really should change my mind and start looking for my happiness again. I was arrogant and close-minded once, and I lost so much. I shouldn't make the same mistake again," Ling replied. 

"Anyway, you know, I do have a guy in my mind that I like. But I don't think he likes me. Should I tell him the truth?" She inquired. 

"Of course. Go and tell him the truth. Who knows, he could very well say yes. And even if he says no, that just means he wasn't made for you and that your destiny has an even better guy for you. So don't worry, be brave and tell him the truth," Long Chen answered. 

Ling nodded her head as she laughed. "You're right. Let me try then."

She ran two steps before she appeared before Long Chen. 

As Long Chen was confused as to what was happening, Ling got down on her one knew as she raised her hand. 

"I know that a guy should do this, but here I go. Long Chen, I think I love you. Please marry me and make me your wife."