Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1129 - 1129: Fall After Rise

"Hey, what do you mean? Are you saying that my whole species talk nonsense? That's a lie! We're the most humble and honest species! You accuse us falsely! Come out and fight me to death!" Snake Monarch challenged the Saint King as if he was hurt by this accusation. 

"Little guy, I'm much older than you. Don't think I don't know about it," the Saint King replied as he smiled. 

"Anyway, leaving that aside, where were we?" He asked Long Chen, trying to get back to the topic. 

"You were giving me your inheritance," Long Chen replied.

"Not that. I remember now, I was telling you my story," Saint King let out, remembering. 

"Anyway, since you already went to Esteria, I'm sure you already know what I did there, right?"  Saint King asked. 

"Yeah. I know how you turned their continent upside down. You know, they call you Saint Killer," Long Chen answered. "Moreover, the only reason I had to fight their Emperor was because of you. I didn't even know that guy before."

"Why because of me? What did I do?" The Saint King exclaimed, feeling accused. 

"I used your Sword in that continent in a battle, and everyone started chasing after me, calling me Saint Killer Heir. And that was when I had just stepped on that continent. I was hunted throughout," Long Chen complained. 

"Ah, for that. Strange. Those kids had promised me that they wouldn't hurt anyone from my continent in the future when I was thrashing them. I guess they aren't keeping their promise."

"I would love to go back there to remind them of their promise, but I guess there's no need now," the Saint King acknowledged as he nodded in praise. "You already taught them a lesson, it seems."

"Anyway, leaving that aside, I went to the Immortal World after handling all the matters of this world. I made sure that my continent won't be hurt. In the Immortal World, I continued getting stronger, and after what seemed like an eternity, I was one of the strongest Cultivators of the Immortal World."

"During those days, there seemed to be only one Emperor of the Immortal World. I caught his eye, and I guess he liked me. He invited me to work in his Royal Palace as the General of Immortal World."

"My reputation kept increasing far and wide. Moreover, something else had happened. I fell in love with the Immortal Emperor's daughter," Saint King exclaimed.

"Let me guess; the Immortal Emperor didn't like this news?" Long Chen asked. 

"Hahaha, you think too much. Not all love stories are like that. The Immortal Emperor was ecstatic to know about this. Soon, I was married to his daughter. And I became the Prince Consort of the Immortal World," Saint King said, reminiscing about the past. 

"What happened later?" Long Chen inquired. 

"Years passed, and everything was fine when one day, the Immortal Emperor died. I became the new Emperor and the new ruler of the world, and then I had a stupid idea. I really should have listened to my wife. I shouldn't have done that," Saint King answered, sighing.

"What stupid idea? What did you do?" Long Chen asked. 

"I decided to make four Emperors and divide the Immortal World into four parts," Saint King answered. 

"The Immortal World was too big, and I wanted the entire world to have someone to care for them. With one Emperor, it wasn't possible to listen to all the people, so I did it. Really a stupid idea."

"I made my four trusted people as the four Emperors. Northern Emperor, Southern Emperor, Eastern Emperor, and Western Emperor who ruled over the four parts. Even though these four were Emperors, I was still the Supreme Emperor."

"But honestly, I left all decision-making to them, and only the decisions that weren't of low significance came to me," Saint King answered. 

" Ah, so you were like a supreme court, and you decided to make a few High Courts," Long Chen muttered as he nodded his head. 

"Supreme Court? High Court? What's that?" The Saint King asked, not understanding those words.

"Ah, forget those words. Tell me, what happened after that?" Long Chen asked, changing the topic. 

"After that, hundreds of years passed. The system seemed to be working. And then one day, this happened. The Four Emperors that I made went against me. There was an uprising, and they all came to kill me."

"My wife died, my son was killed, and I was left with that curse on my chest, which not only took most of my strength but also forced me to my eventual death with no way out," Saint King answered. Extreme pain was visible on his face as he talked about the deaths of his wife and his son. 

"I couldn't save my family as this betrayal came so out of the blue. My wife and my son weren't even in the Palace when the uprising was announced. You want to know where they were?" He asked Long Chen. 

"Where?" Long Chen inquired. 

"They were at that bastard Northern Emperor's palace. He had called my family there on dinner while the other Emperors occupied me with idle talk. I told my wife to go ahead and participate in the feast since I was busy," he said, clenching his teeth as he punched a wall. 

"My family went there, and I was in my palace, talking to the other three Emperors. I didn't know they had such darkness in their hearts. This was an elaborate plan."

"After my family went there, the Northern Emperor kept them hostage, announced the Uprising against me, and forced me to come to him while my palace fell."

"Want to know something more? My wife and my son were already dead when I reached there, but they told me otherwise. They said if I wanted them alive, I shouldn't resist. I watched as that bastard stabbed my heart, and I couldn't even resist, for the sake of my family."

"Only after he injured me did he tell me that my family was already dead. I tried to kill him, but that wound from that Knife took away my strength. I... For the first time in my life, I ran away," he said. 

Long Chen didn't know how to react. This whole story, it sounded so bad. This guy really went through a lot. From being at the top of the world, he fell to the bottom while losing everything.

"Now I have a question for you. My family was already dead. And I knew that I wouldn't live for long because of this wound, then why did I run? Why didn't I fight to the death? If you want the inheritance, you need to answer correctly," Saint King told Long Chen.