Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 732 - 732: Fake Robe?

Long Chen walked up to Wu Lan as everyone looked at him in amazement.

"Let's go home, big guy," he muttered as he helped Wu Lan up.

"Stay away from me!" Wu Lan let out as he pushed Long Chen away, but that's when he himself fell down on the ground.

"I didn't ask for any help! I wanted to win on my own! Why did you have to interfere," Wu Lan said as he looked at Long Chen. His lips were still bleeding.

" I didn't help you. I helped a fellow Squad Member. As for leaving you on your own, I'm sorry, but I couldn't do that. You know why?" Long Chen said as he walked closer to Wu Lan.

Wu Lan looked back in confusion.

"Why?" He asked Long Chen.

"Because you're an Idiot!" Long Chen replied in a stern tone. His words were heard by everyone who was nearby. People wondered if they were going to see another fight, but this time between two Dragon Squad Members. 

"You're one of the biggest idiots I have seen. Do you really think what you were doing was brave? No, it wasn't! You were not an opponent for them. You were just a punching bag, and you knew that yourself. You don't have the strength to win, and you know that as well! Still, you keep looking for a fight. It's not to get stronger, but it's because you're looking to die. You don't want to live this life at a weakling, and you keep looking for death! It's obvious!" Long Chen said in an annoyed tone.

"I-" Wu Lan was about to say something, but his words were cut mid-sentence by Long Chen, who continued speaking.

"Shut up! I'm talking right now! Don't even think about giving any excuses. You're really an Idiot! You should stay in Dragon Tower, train, and find ways to wake up your War Spirit. If you can't wake your War Spirit, you can still be productive to the Dragon Squad in many ways. You don't need to be a warrior to be worthy of the Dragon Squad member title. Anything is better than simply looking for death when you don't have any strength!" Long Chen said.

"I didn't have any option! I had to fight and get stronger to live, but I had resources as well. You, on the other hand, have many better options. You can live your life comfortably, yet you look for death. I don't know who would be a bigger idiot if not you," he continued.

"Now, do you want me to take you back, or you want to drag your body yourself and show everyone how stupid you were?" He inquired sarcastically, but he didn't wait for answers as he stepped forward and helped Wu Lan up.

Wu Lan didn't push him away this time. Instead, it seemed like he was lost in some deep thought. 

Long Chen held one of Wu Lan's hands over his shoulders and started walking towards the Dragon Tower.


They were on the way when Wu Lan finally said something.

"You were called Long Chen, right?" Wu Lan asked. He remembered his father introducing Long Chen as Wu Lan.

"Yeah," Long Chen replied casually.

" I'm sorry for being rude, and thank you for saving me," Wu Lan said as he sighed.

"It's nothing. I can understand what you were feeling," Long Chen answered.

"I just wanted to make my father proud at least once by winning in a battle against the people that beat me before. I didn't want to look useless. I wanted to make everyone proud, albeit I was a little too ignorant of my own abilities. I am a trash. There was nothing wrong with what those people called me. The better I realize that, the easier it'll be," Wu Lan said as he sighed.

"You're not a trash. Do you think the mortals are trash? The people that bring information? The Ministers in the Royal Court? There are many important positions of authority and responsibility. As I said, you don't have to look at things from a Spirit Warrior's perspective," Long Chen replied.

" Look at things from a mortal's perspective. You're still lucky that you have such a powerful dad. Make him proud in other ways. If you awaken your War Spirit, that's good, but if you don't , you can still be a scholar and help the Dragon Squad. You can be the Dragon Squad's personal Artificer and make treasures for them. There are many ways for you to achieve success. It all depends on you being able to see the bigger picture," he continued.

It seemed as if Wu Lan was taking his words seriously and understanding them.

Soon, they reached the Dragon Tower.

"Where is your room?" Long Chen asked Wu Lan as he entered the Dragon Tower.

Wu Lan told Long Chen the direction. 

Long Chen had only walked for a few minutes inside the Dragon Tower when he saw Wu Lan's father, Wu Xun. 

"What happened to him?" Wu Xun said as he came running.

"Nothing. Just some guys and some fighting," Long Chen replied.

" Once again, you came all bruised! That's it! I don't care what promise you took from me! I'm going to the kids. Let's see how they like when their own bones are broken," Wu Xun said in a gritty time as he cracked his knuckles. 

"Wait, father."

Wu Xun was about to leave when he was stopped by Wu Lan.

"You don't have to go. Long Chen already beat them up for me when he saved me," Wu Lan explained to Wu Lan.

"He saved you?" Wu Xun exclaimed in surprise.

"Yeah. I was being thrashed when he came to help me," Wu Lan explained.

"What about this robe? It didn't protect you?" Wu Xun inquired.

"Protect me? Isn't this a normal robe? Why would it protect me? It did nothing," Wu Lan exclaimed as he shook his head. 

'Ah, so he didn't tell his son that this was a defensive artifact. He probably said that it was a normal robe. That does make sense. I was wondering why Wu Lan would agree to use a defensive artifact after all this stupidity,' Long Chen thought as he realized a few things.

"It did nothing? That's strange," Wu Xun muttered as he frowned.

"Give that robe back to me," He said to Wu Lan. He wanted to test the robe himself

"Right. I was about to give you the robe as well. I don't think it suits me. Also, I've decided not to go outside for some time. I want to train and study in the Dragon Tower and be a better person," Wu Lan said as he took off the robe and gave it to Wu Xun.

"It's fine. I can walk now," He told Long Chen as he took his hands off of Long Chen's shoulder.

"You talk to my father; I'll go rest. Thanks for the help," Wu Lan said to Long Chen before he continued walking away.

"How can this be? It's the robe of Aksha Royal Tutor. According to legends, it should offer an impeccable defense. Why didn't it help my son?" Wu Xun muttered.

"Maybe it was just a rumor that this robe is actually not that special?" Long Chen threw out an assumption.

"This..." His words managed to stun Wu Xun.

He looked at the robe for a few seconds before he wore it.

"Try hitting me," He told Long Chen.

"What?" Long Chen let out with a confused look on his face.

"Don't worry. I just want to see how effective this robe is. Try hitting me with all you got," Wu Xun told Long Chen.

"Sure. If that's what you want," Long Chen muttered as he packed his fist, ready to attack Wu Xun.