Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 849 - 849: 3-way

Long Chen felt as if the boy was behind everything that was happening, and he was challenging him.

He didn't know who the boy was. Why was he here? Why did he wish to create trouble? So many questions were floating in his head; however, at the moment, he noticed the necklace that he was wearing.

"Divine Heaven Sect token?" he muttered as he recognized that coin-like object that was used as a necklace.

There were twenty tokens of appreciations of the Divine Heaven Sect that allowed people to enter the sect and pass through its barrier when it appeared. One of the twenty tokens had been missing for centuries while nineteen were used. 

Long Chen had used the token that he possessed to enter the sect and when he was a part of the Dark Soul Sect team. From what he knew, the tokens disappeared once they were used and appeared in different parts of the Continents, which were again found by the sects for future use. 

This was what happened every time the Divine Heaven Sect appeared. Could it be that the boy was wearing one of the nineteen tokens that had disappeared when Long Chen entered with the teams from other sects? Or was it the twentieth token that had always been missing. He had so many questions but barely any answers.

His wings disappeared as he stopped using them since they used his Qi. He didn't wish to waste it unnecessarily.

"I need to get the answers first. I can't waste any time. Xu Liang can be dealt with later. If he's in a similar condition as last time, he will only keep giving out the energy waves without moving. I don't need to get close to him urgently. This boy is a bigger target," Long Chen muttered as he jumped off the roof.

Since he was a Sky Realm Cultivator and he was not falling headfirst like last time, he could walk on air. 

He ran down through the air towards the boy who stood amidst the crowd with a smirk on his face.

"Have fun, little friend," Wu Lia said as a Sandstorm appeared out of thin air and surrounded him. By the time the Sandstorm disappeared, the boy was nowhere to be found. 

Long Chen landed on the ground. 

"He escaped." Even after looking around, he couldn't find the boy. 

"You shall suffer!" 

While Long Chen was trying to find Wu Lia, he heard a grim voice from behind.

He looked in the direction of the voice and saw Xu Liang standing there.

A confused look covered his face as he lamented, "He can move? It looks like the problem this time isn't the same as last time. It's going to be troublesome."

He was still holding onto the Sword of Time, which only protected him from the energy waves when he attacked Xu Liang. 

When he didn't wish, he could still be affected and injured. That's why he was hurt when he was hit because he didn't wish to be in a different time-space as that would have meant that he would be safe, but Ming Lan would have been hurt. 

"You think your attacks can hurt me? Show me your strength then! You want to kill, let me do the same!" Long Chen let out as he looked deep into the eyes of Xu Liang that had turned red. 

Xu Liang was looking at him without any emotions. It was as if he wasn't in the right state of mind. It was like the last time when Xu Liang was hallucinating enemies, but this time, he was moving more freely. 

Long Chen took a deep breath as he got ready to move.

Right as he was about to Teleport, another energy wave came out of Xu Liang's body, which broke the walls that were around him. The energy wave continued spreading outwards as it was more powerful than the last one. 

Seeing the destruction caused by the semi-transparent bubble that spread outwards with Xu Liang at the origin, the citizens started running. They saw how it was able to destroy walls in the surroundings. They were aware that they would be killed if they were touched by it. 

The normal people started running, but Long Chen was different.

Long Chen didn't run. He let the attack approach him. Instead, he stepped closer to the energy wave. 

The Sword of Time was his best defense against these attacks as it not only acted as a weapon but as protection from attacks as well.

The energy barrier touched the Sword of Time first before it touched Long Chen and passed through.

It didn't harm Long Chen, but it did kill the other citizens along the way. 

"You have anything else?" Long Chen asked, smilingly.

He started walking through the air towards Xu Liang since he wasn't worried about such attacks. Another energy wave similar but bigger in intensity left Xu Liang's body once more. 

"Hmm? Long Chen, what's happening?" 

Right at that moment, a confused voice fell on Long Chen's ears.

Looking down, he saw Ji Shan, who had just stepped out of the hotel. 

Ji Shan had only recently gotten free of the freeze in time. He walked out of the hotel, confused as he heard the commotion only to see people running everywhere. Heavily mutilated bodies were lying all around. Long Chen was running towards the sky, and Xu Liang was facing down like a warlord. 

"Ji Shan, fuck!" Long Chen exclaimed as he saw Ji Shan.

He knew that he wouldn't be harmed in Xu Liang's attack, but it wouldn't be the same for Ji Shan. Ji Shan was going to be killed instantly.

"Ji Shan, step inside the building again!" Long Chen yelled.

Ji Shan didn't know what was happening, but for Long Chen to scream like this, it was obvious that the threat was real. He decided to listen to him as he ran inside the hotel.

"There he is!"

As the commotion was ensuing, another shout occurred.

Five people had arrived on the spot who were the envoys of the Empire that were assigned to catch Long Chen.

They saw Long Chen in the sky. A satisfied look was on their faces as they found the person they were looking for. 

"There are so many dead. Is the Saint Killer Heir going on a rampage?" Bo Xo asked, confused.

"Why isn't he using the Saint Killer Sword? What's with the black rusted sword?" Lim Yi let out with a disgusted look on her face as she saw Long Chen's Sword. 

"It isn't him who caused this, but someone else," Fu Min muttered as he looked towards Xu Liang.