Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 885 - 885: Reality

Long Chen was walking away. Without looking back, he waved his hand as if talking to someone behind him. "You can keep their bodies in your storage ring. We need to leave this place clean. We can throw them away somewhere else."

"Yes," Mingyu and Ming Lan affirmed as they stood near the bodies with two bloody swords. They kept the bodies in their storage ring before they started running after Long Chen.

The two girls caught up to Long Chen and started walking beside him.

"So, where are we now?" Mingyu asked Long Chen.

She had just come out when they were disturbed by the guys. She didn't get time to ask Long Chen anything.

"Mingyu, do you recognize this place?" Long Chen asked her without answering her question.

"I don't," Mingyu answered as she shook her head. "Have we come here before? I thought we would be in the Royal City by now."

"This is the Royal City of the Esteria Empire," Long Chen answered, stunning Mingyu.

Mingyu grew stunned as she replied, "Hmm? Did the city really change so much in a few years? I can't even recognize it."

Even though she didn't remember having a city like this, she didn't think that it was impossible. It had been a long time, so that she might have forgotten. 

"Mingyu, we found out something. It might be a little shocking to you, but we have confirmed it already," Long Chen said as he started telling her about everything that had happened after they came here.

"The two Empires don't exist? How could it be true?" She let out, not believing it.

"You can ask them if you think I'm lying," Long Chen told Mingyu.

"N-no, that's not what I meant. Of course, I believe you," Mingyu let out, waving her hand as if she didn't want this misunderstanding.

"Didn't you notice it? Many guards saw us, but I saw no change in their expressions. It's obvious that they don't even recognize you. It would have been impossible since the guards of your Empire must have seen you. Since you went missing, there should have been posters of you all around."

"There should have been no one who hadn't seen your poster at this point if you were missing, but there's nothing like that. It's obvious this Esteria Empire isn't the same that you knew," Long Chen answered.

" Previously, I thought they were all lying about the history of this Empire but seeing their indifference to you; it seems like that possibility is as good as proven false. That only leaves three other possibilities. The most prominent one of which is that you came from the past," he continued, ignoring the already stunned look of the girl.

"I came from the past? You mean when the Empires existed?" Mingyu muttered as she fell in deep thought.

"Wait, tell me the year where you came from. That should be able to answer us," Long Chen said.

"It was the Xenxi Calendar, Nine hundred Thirty-five," Mingyu answered Long Chen.

"Good. Let me ask others what calendar they use here and how long it has been since the year you have me," Long Chen said, nodding his head.

He found another person that seemed somewhat knowledgeable before he ran up to him. Mingyu and Ming Lan followed him.

"Do you need something?" It happened to be an old mortal man who was stopped by Long Chen. The man didn't seem happy at being stopped, but he didn't create a fuss over it. 

"Can you tell me what year it is? And how long has it been since the year Nine hundred Thirty five of Xenxi Calendar?" Long Chen asked the old man.

"Xenxi Calender? What's that? Since this Empire was established, we have been using the Dream Calendar. It's Second Millennia, Year Two Hundred Twelve. You don't even know that? Did you not go to sect or schools and study?" The Old Man let out sarcastically as he shook his head.

"Go home and study, so you don't need to ask such basic things to others," he continued before he started walking away.

Even when the man left, his voice echoed behind. "Sigh, the younger generation is really going downhill fast."

"That crosses out the possibility of you coming to the future. The calendar you said hasn't been used in this continent ever. So you couldn't have come from the past either," Long Chen muttered as he frowned. 

"So that only leaves one possibility worth believing. She is from a different mortal plane," he let out as he frowned.

"This..." Mingyu was more stunned as she heard of this possibility. Ming Lan, on the other hand, seemed a little less stunned since she had already heard of this possibility.

Mingyu's legs froze, refusing to move. She had thought that she would be at home very soon; however, it all came crashing down. Let alone being home; her home wasn't even on this planet?

"If it's that, doesn't this mean she can't go back to her Empire?" Ming Lan asked as she stopped beside Mingyu. She rubbed Mingyu's back to calm her down.

"Don't worry. It's not the time to lose hope. I believe we can still find your home. It might take longer, but I will find your home," Long Chen answered. 

"How? We don't even know which world it is in?" Ming Lan asked Long Chen, seemingly confused.

"We don't know the world, but Mingyu would. Previously, I thought that it was obvious she was from our world. So I didn't ask her the name of her world, but it makes sense to ask her now. There might be thousands of mortal worlds, but only a few of them share a name. If her world isn't one which shares a name with this world, we might be able to find it," Long Chen suggested, thinking of a plan.

Mingyu also raised her head, just realizing it now. Neither she asked the name of this planet, nor he asked the name of her planet. Both of them thought they were from the same planet but different continents, but only now did they understood that they might be wrong.

"The name of my planet is Fengshu," she told Long Chen.

Hearing the name, Long Chen fell in deep thought. That was indeed the name of a different planet since the name of this world was different.

'Xun, do you know if a planet called Fengshu?' he asked Xun using his thoughts since he didn't know where this world was. 

"Yeah. I do know of Fengshu. Tian Shen and I had been there as far as I can remember. The Qi of that world is awfully similar to this world," Xun answered.