Rise of the Demon God

Chapter 1279 - 1279: Restricted

Time kept trickling away, and soon, an hour passed. The formation started shining slowly. 

"It's ready now. Come with me to the center," Blood Dragon Emperor told Long Chen as he himself flew to the center of the formation. 

With the brush, he drew some strange characters on the formation, which also started shining. 

"That's the ancient name of Beast World?" Long Chen asked. 

"Yeah," Blood Dragon Emperor replied as the formation started shining brighter and brighter. 

Within seconds, Long Chen started feeling odd. The space around them started twisting and turning. 

"First time traveling through space like this?" Blood Dragon Emperor asked Long Chen, who nodded. 

"Not really. I traveled through space with the help of formations before, but it wasn't like this."

"This is just an old method. Don't worry. Your body is strong enough to survive this trip. I'm more concerned about myself, wondering if this weak body can survive or not,"  Blood Dragon Emperor said, closing eyes. 

"Don't worry; you don't have to go through it. You already did what I wanted you to do. Rest for a little," Long Chen replied, sending the Blood Dragon Emperor back to his inner world. 

He also closed his eyes didn't before he disappeared. 

The formation returned to normal and stopped shining. The name which was carved in the center of the formation also disappeared. Some crucial formation lines were also gone, making this formation useless. 


As the blinding light stopped, Long Chen slowly opened his eyes to find himself standing in empty green planes. 

The sky seemed slightly red. As for the clouds, they were dark blue instead. 

"This is certainly the Beast World. Their characteristics are the same. This formation did work, amazing," Long Chen muttered, smiling. 

He brought the Blood Dragon Emperor out of his inner world. 

"See? Benefits of being my tamed beast. You didn't have to go through the space in your weak body. Anyway, we're in the Beast World. Congrats," Long Chen told the Blood Dragon Emperor. 

"What congrats? We're not here to get my body. It's for you, not for me. I'm just unnecessarily dragged here," Blood Dragon Emperor retorted. 

"Isn't it for you too? When I get that stone, I can help you get your body, and then you can certainly rise to the top and be glorious again. So it's for you too," Long Chen replied, smiling. 

"Now tell me, where should we go? Where is that Dark Spirit Island?" he further asked, but having a single idea where to go. He couldn't find any settlements nearby either. 

Even if he could find them, he knew that it was of no use. There was no way he could find a human here. Only Beasts existed there, whose language he couldn't understand without taming them. 

That's why he looked towards his guide, who was the Blood Dragon Emperor. 

"What do you want me to do? It's not like I come here for a stroll daily. I just know a little bit about this place, that's all. I'm not someone who can tell you where we are right now. You'll need to find it yourself," Blood Dragon Emperor responded lazily. 

"You better search for yourself," He added. 

"Looks like we're going to be wasting a lot of our time here. Anyway, what do you think the reaction of the beasts would be if they found a human here?" Long Chen asked as he started flying in the air in search of someone who could tell them where they were and how far they were from the Dark Spirit Island. 

"Of course, they'll be shocked. They're more like ordinary beasts from other mortal worlds. Most of them are very clever who can use various treasures and formations. It's an intriguing civilization of beasts that exists here," Blood Dragon Emperor explained. 

"Before you even realize what's happening here, the information of your arrival would already be in the hands of the Royal Beasts who would come after you like hungry hounds. You understand?" he continued. 

" It'll happen as soon as one of them sees you. And you can understand the rest," he further added.

"You... Are really good at making me worry. But so what? The Beasts are from the Mortal World. I'm from the Immortal World. I am much stronger than them. I can easily defeat even the strongest of them. The Cultivation gap between us is too big," Long Chen retorted.

"Now, I'm completely sure that you were born in a mortal world. You don't even have the most basic knowledge," Blood Dragon Emperor sighed. 

"What do you mean?" Long Chen asked, not understanding. 

"Since the moment you came here, your cultivation has been restricted to the limit of Mortal World. That means you're comparable to only a Saint Realm expert now," Blood Dragon Emperor explained. 

"You can certainly use your full strength and break this restriction easily if needed, but then your strength would be higher than the strength that a mortal world can accommodate."

"The world would be destroyed when that limit is breached; that's why you'll be tossed out of this world by space, unable to do anything. That's why no one uses too much strength in the Beast World."

"If you face the Saint Realm beasts of this world, you can only didn't them with Saint Realm strength unless you want to be kicked out of this world."

"And you should know, a beast is always stronger in the same cultivation realm than a human. So you have no hope to dominate them with your cultivation restricted," the Blood Dragon Emperor explained. "So you need to be careful here."

"If that's the case, then how am I going to do anything here?" Long Chen asked, frowning. 

"Don't do anything. Just let me take the lead. You stay hidden and don't come out. I'll find the location. Can you do that?" Blood Dragon Emperor asked. 

"How about we kidnap some beast? I mean, he won't be able to inform anyone if we immobilize him before anything. Then we can interrogate him," Long Chen suggested. 

"If I had my real body at the moment, I wouldn't need to be so sneaky. All because you couldn't wait to get that stone, you dragged me here as well.  Now that I'm here, stay silent and let me deal with everything. No matter what happens, you're not to appear or do anything, alright?" Blood Dragon Emperor asked, belittling Long Chen. 

"Fine. Do it your way. No one would be able to see me," Long Chen didn't argue.. If this guy wanted to do it like this, then it was fine.